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Parametric Transformer - How To Get & Quest Rewards
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Parametric Transformer - How To Get & Quest Rewards

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Parametric Transformer is a Gadget material in Genshin Impact. Guide includes locations of Parametric Transformer, how to get quest rewards, transform item and recommended items!

Table of Contents

All Materials / Items List & How To Get

Parametric Transformer - Basic Info

Parametric Transformer
DetailA device that can transmute materials placed within and covert it into some other material.
- During the transmutation process, you must use Elemental Attacks to generate enough energy for the transmutation to take place
- After obtaining the transmuted materials, you must wait seven days to use it once again

Transmute Materials With Parametric Transformer

Transmute Materials With Parametric Transformer

Unwanted items in your inventory can now be transmuted into another material with the use of the Parametric Transformer. So far, what can be transmuted and what they turn into has not been revealed yet.

Check Out The Materials / Items List

Generate Energy By Using Elemental Attacks

Generate Energy By Using Elemental Attacks

In order to complete the transmutation process, players must use Elemental Attacks to generate energy for the device. Once enough energy is accumulated, the transmutation will be completed.

Has a 7 Day Cooldown

Has a 7 Day Cooldown

The Parametric Transformer has a 7-day cooldown after obtaining the transmuted materials. It's best to collect and transmute every 7 days to make the best out of this gadget.

Parametric Transformer - Quest Rewards & How To Get

How To Get
Unlocked by completing Tianqiu Treasure Trail

Complete Tianqiu Treasure Trail To Unlock Gadget

Complete Tianqiu Treasure Trail To Unlock Gadget

After completing the Tianqui Treasure Trail, players will gain access to the new gadget called the Parametric Transformer. The item will be given to you so no need to craft it!

Check Out The Tianqiu Treasure Trail World Quest

No Need To Craft Parametric Transformer

No Need To Craft Parametric Transformer

Once you completed Tianqiu Treasure Trail, Parametric Transformer will be given to you for free. You do not need to craft this item like other gadgets.

Parametric Transformer - Best Transmutation Items

〜Information Wanted〜
We're in the process of investigating the details of this rewards. Tell us your drops and items used in the ▼Comments below!

Results May be Random

While it is possible that the grade of items used for the Transmutation may affect the quality of your returns, there is way too much variable for a reasonable best combination at this moment. Thus, We recommend only using items you can spare for Transmutation.

Use Pinecone, Sunsettia As Fodder If In Doubt

As the Parametric Transformer do provide some valuable materials, we recommend using it once the cooldown is up. We recommend Sunsettia & pinecone for use as fodder as these items don't see too much use yet is plentiful in the field.

Check out How To Farm Sunsettia Here!

Can Also Buy Bulk Materials In General Goods Store

If you don't want to gather materials in the world, you can buy materials from the General Goods Store in bulk (100 per day). You will need Mora to pull this off regularly however.

Case 1 - 150 Sunsettia

 150 Sunsettia

We added 150 to the Transformer & used only Diluc's Pyro ability to trigger the Transmutation.

Conversion Results

Case 2 - 150 Pinecone

Case 2 - 150 Pinecone

150 Pinecone was added to the Transformer & Pyro, Cryo, Hydro Electro was used to trigger the Transmutation.

Notable Results

Case 3 - 150 Sunsettias (With Sucrose)

  • Hero’s wit x4
  • 40,000 Mora
  • Some fine and mystic enhancement ore
  • and probably others.

Case 4 - 150 Fragile Bone Shards

  • 20000 Mora
  • Heros wits x2
  • Adventure exp x4
  • Piece of aerodsiderite x2
  • Teachings of resistance x2
  • Teachings of gold x1
  • Tile of decarabians x2
  • Boreal wolf milk tooth x1
  • Fetters of the dandelion gladiator x3
  • Mist veiled lead elixir x3
  • Grain of aerosiderite x3

Case 5 - Random Character Level Up Materals

  • 40000 Mora
  • Random talent level up materials
  • Random weapon ascencion materials

Case 6 - 150 Apples

  • 20000 Mora
  • Hero wits x2
  • Adventure exp x4
  • Guide to resistance x1
  • Teachings of freedom x1
  • Teachings of ballad x2
  • Teachings of prosperity x1
  • Teachings of gold x4
  • Tile of decarabian x1
  • Boreal wolf's milktooth x1
  • Fetters of the dandelion x2
  • Grain of aerosiderite x2

Case 7 - 150 Mint With Geo, Cryo, Anemo and Hydro

  • 6 hero's wit
  • Adventure experience x11
  • Chains x1
  • Electro shard x1
  • Cryo shard x1
  • boreal tooth x3
  • Luminous sands x2
  • Mist veiled lead elixir x1

Case 8 - 150 Mint With Ganyu (Cryo)

  • 20000 Mora
  • Hero's Wit x4
  • Adventures Experience x8
  • Guide to Ballad x1
  • Agnidus Agate Silver x2
  • Teachings of Freedom x1
  • Teachings of Resistance x2
  • Teachings of Diligence x1

Case 9 - 150 Sweet Flowers With Diluc Pyro

  • Hero's Wit x4
  • Adventures Experience x8
  • Guide to freedom x1
  • Guide to diligence x1
  • Guide to gold x1
  • Teachings to resistence x4
  • Teachings to freedom x1
  • Teachings to diligence x2
  • Teachings to gold x1

Case 10 - 150 Mint With Razor, Ganyu, Xinqiu, & Bennet

  • Hero's Wit x2
  • Adventurer's Experience x3
  • Guide to Gold x1
  • Shivada Jade Sliver x1
  • Prithiva Topaz Sliver x1
  • Teaching of Freedom x4
  • Teaching of Resistance x2
  • Teaching of ??? x2
  • Teaching of ??? x2

Case 11 - 150 Lotus Head With Childe & Ningguang

  • 20000 Mora
  • Hero's wit x2
  • Adventure experience x2
  • Blue guyun x1
  • Green freedom book x3
  • Green resist & dili book x2
  • Green ballad book x1
  • Green decara x3
  • Greenboreal x1
  • Green Fetters Dandelion x1
  • Mist elixir x1

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Dale 19

150 x mint.

Venti, Zhongli, Ganyu, Mona

Laggingkiller 18

150 Mist gr*** pollen, used fischl

Anonymous 17

150 mist gr*** pollen, used fischl

Anonymous 16

Used Diluc, Childe, Xiao

I don't recommend using all Purple rarity materials

Shalom 15

150 Mint (Razor E, Kaeya E, Diona Hold E, Zhongli Hold E [Stele charges bar]):
40k Mora
1 Guide to Freedom (3*)
1 Agnidus Agate Silver (Pyro 2*)
1 Vayuda Turquoise Silver (Anemo 2*)
2 Teachings of Freedom (2*)
1 Teachings of Ballad (2)
2 Teachings of Diligence (2*)
3 Teachings of Gold (2*)

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