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Five Flushes Of Fortune Guide - Purple Creatures & Brown Creatures
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Five Flushes Of Fortune Guide - Purple Creatures & Brown Creatures

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Five Flushes Of Fortune is a Camera event for Genshin Impact. Guide contains how to use Camera, how to take picture, rewards, purple creatures,brown creatures, & yellow items.

Subject Color List

Table of Contents

1.3 Update Details & Event Schedule

Purple Creatures - Recommended Locations

Purple Creatures For February 8's Photo Subject

Purple Creatures

February 8's photo subject are purple creatures. Purple monsters like electro slimes, cicin mages and cicin can be taken a photo of.

1. Electro Slimes

Electro Slimes
Click to Enlarge
Electro Slime 2
Click to Enlarge
Electro Slime 3
Click to Enlarge

There are plenty of Electro Slimes in Cape Oath. Look around the area and take their pic! It will be easier to take their picture while riding a platform.

2. Fatui Electro Cicin Mages

Fatui Electro Cicin Mage Locations
Click to Enlarge

Fatui Electro Cicin Mages are difficult to take a picture of so make sure to use the zoom function of the camera. They can also summon Cicins which will add the possible creatures you can take a photo of.

More About Electro Cicin Mage

Brown Creatures - Recommended Locations

Brown Creatures For February 7's Photo Subject

Brown Creature

February 7's photo subject are brown creatures. Brown monsters like hillichurls, geovishaps, ruin guards can be shot. Animals such as boars can also be taken.

Recommended Subjects & Locations

1. Frostboars

All Chilled Meat Locations In Dragonspine
Click to Enlarge

Since they do not move while inside the ice, this will be the easiest to take a photo of.

2. Geovishaps

Found West Of Liyue
Click to Enlarge

The new mini boss is one of the photo subject for this day.

More Geovishap Locations Here!

3. Geovishap Hatchlings

Geovishap Hatchling Locations
Click to Enlarge
More About Geovishap Hatchling Here!

Other Brown Creatures

Yellow Items - Recommended Locations

Yellow Items For February 6's Photo Subject

Yellow Item

Search for yellow items to take picture of all around Teyvat. You can take pictures of berries, sweet flowers, cor lapises and more!

Recommended Subjects & Locations

1. Berries

Click to Enlarge

You can find berry all over Teyvat and you can take up to 3 pictures of one plant making this task a lot easier. See the map above or the link bellow for berry locations!

More Berry Locations Here!

2. Sweet Flowers

All Sweet Flower Locations In Mondstadt
Click to Enlarge

Another yellow item that is easy to find are yellow flowers. You can spot many of them at the island near Mt. Aozang.

More Sweet Flower Locations Here!

3. Cor Lapis

mt hulao
Click to Enlarge

The Liyue Specialty, Cor Lapis, is another yellow item that is easy to find and take a picture of.

More Cor Lapis Locations Here!

Blue Items - Recommended Location

Blue Items For February 6's Photo Subject

Blue Item

Blue Items are the needed photo subject for February 6. This includes starconches, crystal chucks, mint, starsilver and more!

Recommended Subjects & Locations

1. Crystal Chunk & Magical Crystal Chunk

Magical Chystal Chunk Locations
Click to Enlarge

Crystal Chunks and Magical Crystal Chunks are found all over Teyvat. For easy photo taking, search for these!

2. Starconch

Found On The Shores Of Liyue
Click to Enlarge

Starconch are gathered up in the bays of Liyue. For more information check the link below!

More About Starconch Here!

3. Noctilucous Jade

Click to Enlarge

You can easily spot these blue rocks at Mingyun Village. Head to the location said above to easily find them!

More Noctilucous Jade Locations Here!

Other Blue Items

You can also take a picture of the following items:

Click Below To Share!

Red Creatures - Recommended Location

Red Creatures For February 5's Photo Subject

Red 2

The photo subject for the February 5 is Red Creatures. This includes crabs, red enemies like pyro slimes, hillichurls etc.

Recommended Subjects & Locations

1. Red Crabs

Crab Island
Click to Enlarge

There are a lot of red crabs in the island hidden in the north-east of Mondstadt. They run when you get close to them so make sure to keep distance when trying to take a photo.

2. Pyro Whopperflower

Pyro Whopperflower Locations
Click to Enlarge

Fire Whopperflower can also be taken as a photo subject. They move around making it diffucult to take a picture. However, there will be a time wherein they will charge pyro energy. Use that chance to take a picture.

3. Pyro Slimes & Hillichurls

Slime & Hillichurl
Click to Enlarge

Head to the beach area of Brightcrown Canyon to encounter several Pyro Slime and Hillichurl.

Blue Creatures - Recommended Locations (Five Flushes Of Fortune)

Blue Creatures For February 4's Photo Subject

Blue Feb 4

You can take a picture of blue insects, enemies, monsters, bosses or any other living creature.

Recommended Subjects & Locations

1. Dragonspine Enemies

Dragonspine Enemies

Dragonspine areas are all in the shade of blue and most will count towards this challenge. Head to Dragonspine and take their pictures. However, beware of the cold and note that if you get to close, they will attack you.

2. Hydro Slimes

Hydro Slimes
Click to Enlarge

You can get pictures of Hydro slimes for this event. Explore the shores of the area pointed above to find more than 10 slimes! Freeze the slimes or use shields so they could not stop you from taking a photo!

3. Butterfly And Anemo Crystalfly

You can also take a picture of insects such as Butterflies and Anemo Crystalfly. However, they run away pretty quickly if you get too close. You can take pictures from a distance when dealing with them.

Check Butterfly Locations Here!

Red Items - Recommended Locations (Five Flushes Of Fortune)

Red Photo Recommended Locations

Red Items Is The Photo Subject For February 03

Feb 3 Red

Red is the required color for photo subjects for February 3. Check the list below for the recommended locations

Recommended Subjects & Locations

1. Jueyun Chili

Red Photo Recommended Location - Jueyun Chili

We recommend taking photos of Jueyun Chili located near Quince Village to get Red photo fast. Each Jueyun Chili tree can have 3 photos taken, while the numerous Chili trees near the area almost guarantees a red photo.

Find Jueyun Chili Location here!

2. Valberry


Valberry is another recommended item for taking red photos as it allows for 4 photo shoot per stem.

Find Valberry Location here!

3. Silk Flowers

How To Get Red Photos

We took pictures of Silk Flowers near Wangshu Inn and got Crimson Photos. Try taking a photo like we did and you might get a red photo fast!

Find Silk Flower Location here!

Five Flushes Of Fortune (Camera Event) Guide - Photo Color & Items

Photo Color Is Random

Photo Color Is Random

The colors of the photos you receive by taking pictures is random. It is better to take photos of items that grant multiple photo opportunities so you can get more opportunities for less movement.

Trade The Colors You Don't Need!


You can trade the unneeded photos that you have to your friends. This will greatly help you in collecting your needed card type. Find friends to trade with in the forum below!

Go to Photo Exchange Forum here!

Trading Is Required For A Battle Pass Challenge

Trading Is Required For A Battle Pass Challenge
Click to Enlarge

A limited-time battle pass challenge will require you to participate in the event and trade photos. Trade with other players for a whopping 1200 battle pass points!

Check out Lantern-Lit Sky (Battle Pass) Guide here!

Five Flushes Of Fortune (Camera Event) Guide - Release Date & How To Unlock

 Five Flushes Of Fortune Event

Five Flushes Of Fortune Event Release Date

Event Duration After the Version 1.3 update to 2021/02/10 03:59:59 (Server Time)
Note: Photo taking & trading is unavailable for the last 3 days.

Take pictures and trade printed copies with friends as part of the upcoming Five Flushes Of Fortune event. Collect the required photos to get rewards, including primogems and materials.

Released As Part Of 1.3 Update

Five Flushes Of Fortune Event will be released on version 1.3 update of Genshin Impact. The update is slated to come on February 3, 2021.

Check Out The 1.3 Update Here

Claim Kurious Kamera From Ji Tong First

Claim Kurious Kamera From Ji Tong First

To start the event, first you need to do a quest "Kurious Kamera" in Liyue Harbor & get the Kurious Kamera from Ji Tong. Then, you can start taking the pictures needed.

Find The Kamera In The Gadget Tab

Find The Kamera In Gadget Tab

Kurious Kamera can be found in the Gadget tab of the menu. Remember to equip it first before being able to take pictures for the event!

Requires Adventure Rank 20 & Above

The event is locked behind an Adventure Rank wall. Only players who are Adventure Rank 20 or above can have access and play the event.

Check Out How To Level Up Fast

More Kamera Events Incoming!

More Kamera Events Incoming!

Official sources stated that there will be other tasks that require the Kurious Kamera after this event, so hang on to it even after Five Flushes Of Fortune ends!

Five Flushes Of Fortune (Camera Event) Guide - How To Use Camera?

How To Use Kurious Kamera?

1 Claim the Kurious Kamera From Ji Tong.
2 Equip the Kurious Kamera.
3 Search for a photo subject.
4 While standing in front of it, use the Kurious Kamera.
5 Wait for a few seconds and it shall scan and give you a photo.

Take Photos Of Different Subjects

Ji Tong Photo 1

In the Five Flushes Of Fortune Event, Ji Tong will ask you totake in-game photos of several subjects using the Kurious Kamera. Taking photos will reward you with a Photo color as shown in the picture above. You can only take a photo of a subject once.

10 Chances To Take Photos A Day

You receive 10 sheets of film a day, meaning that you can take up to 10 photos per day to collect different kinds of color.

Can only Take 70 Photos Max

As the photo taking & trading will become unavailable on the final 3 days of the event, the practical limit to your photos are 70 pieces. You may need to consider trading if you find your deck consisting too much of the same color.

Five Flushes Of Fortune Event Event Guide - Rewards

Fortune Trove Rewards

Travelers can claim the following treasure 8 times by turning in 5 kinds of photos.

Fortune Trove Rewards:

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abuchikik 16

Sweet flower (yellow item) seems to give more brown/purple photos

Anonymous 15

Ice flowers give purple and brown

abuchikik 14

Server: Asia
ID: 809123637
Looking for brown or purple
I have 5 red, 9 blue, 4 gold

Anonymous 13

I need red or brown. Have 8 blue, 5 gold, and 5 purple. Asia server 816580961. Thx.

PetrLol 12

I have a lot of red event photos, messege me on Twitter @PeterLol1337 if you need 'em (I need yellow, brown and purple photos in return)

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