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Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide - Best Teams & Rewards
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Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide - Best Teams & Rewards

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Check Hypostatic Symphony Guide for Genshin Impact. See rewards, how to get highscore, variations, best teams, bonuses, event duration, defeat pure hypostasis & is resin needed.

Table of Contents

Hypostatic Symphony Event Articles

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Hypostatic Symphony - Variation & Difficulty Settings

Boss Level Depends On Difficulty Level

Difficulty Boss Level Score Multiplier
Easy 20 x1
Normal 40 x1.5
Hard 60 x2.5
Expert 80x4.5

Select From Different Variation To Increase & Decrease Your Difficulty


You can do different variations that will increase the difficulty of the boss which will also increase the score that you will receive.

Score More Than 2860 Everyday To Get All Rewards

To be able to claim all the rewards, you need to get a score of 2860 or more for every challenge faced.

Hypostatic Symphony - Violet Lightning Concerto

More About Violet Lightning Concerto Here!

Recommended Characters & Teams

Boosted Characters (+20% DMG)

Recommended Teams

DPSReactionSupport Resonance
DPSReactionSupport Resonance

These team maximizes the damage that the bonus characters can already produce. The DPS will deal all the damage and the other members serves as additional support and reactors to increase the total damage output.

Violet Lightning Concerto Recommended Boss Variation

Violet Lightning Concerto (Day 1)

Click To Reveal Text Version

Pattern 1

Time・Challenge time may not exceed 300 seconds.
HP・Opponent's HP Increased by 50%
Boss Buffs・Opponent's Cryo RES Increased by 50%.
・Opponents' ATK increased by 50%
Party Debuff・All party member's Healing Effectiveness decreased by 40%.
・Switching characters increases the DMG taken by all characters in the player's party by 25%. Stacks up to 4 times.
・When active character's HP is lower than 50%, ATK is decreased by 25%
・All party member's CRIT DMG dereased by 50%
・All party's movement SPD decreased by 20%.
・After sprinting, all characters in your own party take 75% increased DMG for 10s.

Pattern 2

Time・Challenge time may not exceed 180 seconds.
HP・Opponent's HP Increased by 50%
Boss Buffs・Opponent's Cryo RES Increased by 50%.
・Opponents' ATK increased by 50%
Party Debuff・All party member's Healing Effectiveness decreased by 40%.
・Switching characters increases the DMG taken by all characters in the player's party by 25%. Stacks up to 4 times.
・When active character's HP is lower than 50%, ATK is decreased by 25%
・All party's movement SPD decreased by 20%.
・After sprinting, all characters in your own party take 75% increased DMG for 10s.

Violet Lightning Concerto II (Day 4)

Violet Lightning Concerto Day 4
Click to Enlarge

Accomplish This For More Than 2800 Points!

How To Defeat

By defeating the boss under these specification, you will earn enough points that is required to claim all the rewards for the whole event.

Pyro DPS Is Recommended

Since this variation increases the CRYO resistance of the boss, rather than a Cryo DPS, a pyro like Klee and Xiangling is recommended.

Coop Is Highly Recommended

Coop is availabe in Violet Lightning Concerto. For those who are having a difficulty accomplishing the challenges, ask for help with friends or check the forum below!

>> Check Multiplayer Forum Here!

Fighting Pure Electro Hypostasis - Tips

Beware Of The New Attacks Of The Boss

Boss Pattern
Click to Enlarge

The "Pure Electro Hypostasis" will be a stronger version of the normal Electro Hypostasis. Especially the tracking bullets which deals intense damage once and also difficult to defeat.

Use Elemental Attacks To Destroy The Cores

Click to Enlarge

To quickly destroy the cores, it is recommended to use elemental attacks that are highly effective to electro such as Cryo and Pyro. While other elements work, they destroy the core at a slower rate. Take note however that physical and electro does not deal damage. It is also recommended to save your burst for destroying cores.

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Hypostatic Symphony - Storm Butterfly Intermezzo

Recommended Characters & Teams

Boosted Characters (+20% DMG)

Recommended Teams

DPSReactionSupportHeal & Support

This team utilizes the boosted characters to deal maximum damage to the enemies. Xingqiu will provide extra damage while Albedo's skill is useful for dodging the different gimmicks this boss has.

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo Recommended Boss Variation

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo (Day 2)

Variation 1 Anemo
Click to Enlarge

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo (Day 5)

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo (Day 5)
Click to Enlarge

Gain More Than 3000 Points By Finishing This Boss

3015 points

You will gain enough points for the daily needed score by completing this challenge at this variation. You an opt to challenge for more points!

More Time Is Given Focused

There is a lot of moments in this boss wherein it is not affected by attacks. This is the reason why maximum amount of time was selected. You can also opt for a shorter time for higher points.

Fighting Pure Anemo Hypostasis - Tips

Destroy The Cores To Summon An Wind Pillar

The boss will start of by summoning small anemo cores which can be destroyed by any non-anemo attacks. Destroying this will summon a rising wind pillar that will help you dodge most of the gimmicks.

Stay Close To The Summoned Core

Summoned Core Close

It is pretty difficult to predict when a certain gimmick would start. Staying close to cores while fighting would be ideal to avoid dying though gimmicks. However, since the wind pillar only appears for a certain amount of time make sure to not do not destroy all of them.

More About Storm Butterfly Intermezzo Here!

Hypostatic Symphony - Stone Heart Sonata

Recommended Characters

Boosted Characters (+20% DMG)

Recommended Teams

DPSSupport & HealSupport & ShieldResonance & Shield
DPSResonanceHealHeal & Shield

Shield & DPS Strength Focused

Similar to previously recommended team, this teams focused on upping the damage output of the DPS. However, shields has a crucial role in this boss so it is highly recommended to have at least one shield producing character in the team.

Klee If The Boss Has No Pyro RES Buff

Klee is the preferred DPS if you opt to not pick the variation that increases the Pyro resistance of the boss. In this case, increasing Physical

Stone Heart Sonata Recommended Boss Variation

Stone Heart Sonata I (Day 3)

Stone Heart Sonata Variation
Click to Enlarge

Stone Heart Sonata II (Day 6)

Stone Heart Sonata (Day 6)
Click to Enlarge

More Time Prioritized In Variations

For solo players, it will take a lot of time destroying the pillars that will enable you to damage the boss. Increasing the time would give you an easier time in this challenge.

Fighting Pure Geo Hypostasis - Tips

Focus On Destroying The Pillar Where The Hypostasis Is Standing On

Click to Enlarge

Like the normal Geo Hypostasis, you need to focus on the pillar where the boss is at. Destroying the pillar will enable you to damage the boss. You can also use the bullets from other pillars to quickly destroy them.

Destroying All The Pillars Would Release AOE That Covers The Whole Field


This can be stopped by destroying all the cores shown in the photo above. However, it is ideal to defeat the boss before this attack occurs.

More About Stone Heart Sonata Here!

Hypostatic Symphony - Waltz Of Earth, Wind & Thunder

Recommended Characters

Boosted Characters (+20% DMG)

Recommended Teams


Waltz Of Earth, Wind & Thunder Recommended Boss Variation

Final Variation
Click to Enlarge

Remove Pyro & Physical RES If You Plan To DPS With Diluc

The role of Diluc in this variation as a DPS will be severely affected because of the boost. If you want to DPS using Diluc, it is recommended to remove the Pyro and Physical Res in exchange for Cryo RES.

Waltz Of Earth, Wind & Thunder Boss Battle Tips

Prepare To Battle 3 Bosses

In this stage, you will battle all the previous bosses one by one starting from Anemo then Electro and finally Geo.

Use Previous Strategy

All of their moves are the same as the previous days so it is recommended to use the strategies from previous bosses.

More About Waltz Of Earth, Wind & Thunder Here!

Hypostatic Symphony - Reward List

Primogems For First Time Clears

First Clear Rewards

Players will be rewarded with Primogems upon defeating the Pure Hypostasis bosses. By completing all challenges, you will receive a total of 420 primogems!

Receive Rewards Upon Reaching A Certain Score

Score Rewards

New Name Card: Celebration Hypostasis

Getting a score of 14000 or higher at this event will award you with a new Name-card Style.

Event-Limited Battlepass Challenge

Event-Limited Battlepass Challenge

An event-limited battlepass challenge is also available for the duration of this event. For accruing 10,00 points for the event, you'll get 1500 BP points towards this season.

Check out Battle Pass Guide here!

Other Rewards

What Is Hypostatic Symphony?

New Challenge Everyday For 7 Days

Every day a new boss challenge will be unlocked. Prepare different teams to fight difficult and different kind of bosses!

Can Be Played Solo Or Coop

You will be fighting with 7 powered up bosses which can be difficult alone but you can ask for your friend's help through multiplayer.

Check Out Multiplayer Forum Here!

Challenge Pure Hypostasis For Points

Battle Hypostasis with additional and more powerful moves to collect points. These points can be exchanged for rewards and bounties.

Difficulty Can Be Changed

The player can choose the difficulty of the boss. However, the higher the difficulty you choose the higher points you get.

Change Boss Settings / Variation To Make The Boss Easier / More Challenging


You get a score depending on how well you performed in the battle and the settings of the boss when you challenged it.

Is Resin Needed In Hypostatic Symphony?

Since Mihoyo announced that events starting from Version 1.2 will no longer need resin, there is a huge chance that this event will not require any use of resin!

Hypostatic Symphony - Release Date & How To Unlock

Hypostatic Symphony

Releases On January 16th

Event Duration
2021/01/16 10:00 ~ 2021/01/31 03:59
(Server Time)

Hypostatic Symphony is an event that will start on the 16th of January as announced by Official Genshin's Twitter. Build your characters and prepare to fight stronger Hypostasis!

Adventure Rank 20 and Above Needed

To be able to join the event, you need to be at least Adventure Rank 20 and above. Check the link below to learn how to level up fast.

Check Adventure Rank Exp Farming Guide Here!

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