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Storm Butterfly Intermezzo - How To Defeat Pure Anemo Hypostasis
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Storm Butterfly Intermezzo - How To Defeat Pure Anemo Hypostasis

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Check Storm Butterfly Intermezzo Guide for Genshin Impact's Hypostatic Symphony event. See strategies, best team, challenge variations, coop, defeat Pure Anemo Hypostasis in 120 seconds, & expert mode.

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Storm Butterfly Intermezzo - How To Defeat Pure Anemo Hypostasis

Prepare Before Battle

Equip NRE (Menu30) for Faster Healing.
Use Essential Oil based on your Character's Element.
Use Windbarrier Potion for reduced damage.

Coop Is Available & Recommended

Coop is available in Storm Butterfly Intermezzo. For those who are having a difficulty gaining enough scores for the challenge, ask for help with friends or check the forum below!

Check Multiplayer Forum Here!

The Difficulty Does Not Change Even At Coop

The difficulty of the boss is based on the Variations set and it does not change even during Coop or single-player.

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo Recommended Boss Variation

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo (Day 2)

Variation 1 Anemo

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo (Day 5)

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo (Day 5)

Pure Anemo Hypostasis Attack Pattern & Countermeasures

Whirlwind The boss will go to the center of the field summoning wind that will cover the whole area dealing huge anemo damage.
Destroy orbs to summon wind and glide upward to dodge.
Anemo Blast Anemo Hypostasis rises and summons an anemo energy ball and launch it towards you.
Continuously walk to the side to dodge. Dash when needed.
Cyclone The boss will launch a beam to the ground and it will summon multiple Cyclones which will later turn into orbs of Anemo energy.
Head to the side of the field to dodge.
Ground Blast The boss will absorb the Anemo orb and releases 3 blast of wide Anemo Attacks.
Destroy orbs to summon wind and glide to dodge.

Do Not Destroy All The Summoned Orbs

Summoned Orb

The orbs or cores that is summoned by the Anemo Hypostasis plays a crucial part when dodging its attacks. Upon breaking, it summons a rising wind that you can ride to dodge attacks that covers the whole area.

Head To The Side During Cyclones


To dodge the cyclones, you just need to move to the side of the field. Once it is close to its end, approach the boss to continue dealing damage.

No Need To Gather The Anemo Orbs

Anemo Energy

Gathering all the orbs will take too much time. You can easily dodge the attacks from the absorption of those orbs by destroying the dropped orbs or using Albedo's skill.

Archers Can Deal Damage During The Vacuum Attack


The boss has a vacuum attack wherein it will drag everything near it and explode. Heading close to the boss during that time is suicide so stay from a far and attack with your archers.

Gather Wind Crystals Summoned By Boss When Near Death

Anemo Crystals

Not gathering this will heal the boss and will further extend the duration of the battle. Once the boss' HP is low, quickly glide using the wind it summons and gather all the orbs.

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo - Best Team Composition

Boosted Characters

Boosted Characters

There Are Characters With Bonus Buffs

The following characters will receive an additional 20% DMG during this challenge. These characters also works well together so making a team with them should be no challenge.

Recommended Team

DPSReactionSupportHeal & Support

A CRIT & Electro Focused Team

Keqing mainly relies on CRIT and electro to deal damage. This is further supported by Fischl and Bennett enabling strong damage to the boss.

Xingqiu For Higher Damage And Overall Faster Battle

Xingqiu greatly supports Keqing's damage with his elemental burst and skill. Enabling Keqing to deal devastating damage in a short period of time.

Use Albedo For Gimmicks

If you are not confident that you will be able to dodge the gimmicks of the boss, use Albedo for his Elemental skill does not only increase your damage output but also helps when dodging several attacks from the boss.

Recommended F2P Team


Fischl As A Carry

Fischl is a boosted character in this challenge. She can also deal strong damage. This can be further supported by Kaeya's burst. Noelle's shield can protect you when you can't dodge attacks with her shields and Barbara improves the teams overall longevity.

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo - Challenge Locations

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo Challenge Location

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo can be found on the location pointed above. You will enter a special domain just for this challenge event.

Replenishes All HP, Elemental Gauge upon Entering

Upon entering Storm Butterfly Intermezzo's challenge domain, All character will be revived, HP & Elemental Gauge will be fully replenished. You do not need to use food or Statues to replenish anything even if you were team wiped.

Boss Level Depends On Difficulty Level

Difficulty Boss Level Score Multiplier
Easy 20 x1
Normal 40 x1.5
Hard 60 x2.5
Expert 80x4.5

Select From Different Variation To Increase & Decrease Your Difficulty


You can do different variations that will increase the difficulty of the boss which will also increase the score that you will receive.

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo - Rewards

Earn Points For Rewards

Score Rewards

Aside from the 60 Primogems you get for completing any difficulty, you also get better rewards based on points you accumulated. Earn more points by choosing tougher conditions & difficulty.

Required To Score More Than 2860 Every Challenge To Get All Rewards

To be able to claim all the rewards, you need to get a score of 2860 or more for every challenge faced. This means that you must be playing in Expert mode to achieve this.

Storm Butterfly Intermezzo - Event Duration & How To Unlock

Unlocks At Hypostatic Symphony Event

Event Duration 2021/01/16 10:00 ~ 2021/01/31 03:59
(Server Time)
Condition AR 20 or up
Complete Archon Quest Chapter 1

This boss is an event only boss that you can challenge during the Hypostatic Symphony Event.

More About Hypostatic Symphony Event Here!

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ecp 4

No you don't need to destroy the anemo pillar. The boss regens once regardless. That's the same thing with regular anemo hypostasis as well.

Brzydzi 3

@Solcaihn: I had similar situation. The boss died only after I collected all orbs AND destroyed all crystals on ground. I think second part is a bug.

Anonymous 2

Don't listen to these monkeys, gathering the orbs in the air actually should worth of attention because each orb the boss ***orbs, his health gets regenerated as well, and since there is a time limit, you don't want that to happen.

Solcaihn 1

It might just be that I'm blind and am missing some Anemo orbs when the boss breaks apart near the end, but I could swear I've gotten to that point twice, gathered all the orbs I could see, and it just kept reviving itself. Anyone else with similar problems?

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