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1.1 Updates Summary - New Characters & System

Genshin Impact | 1.1 Updates Summary - New Characters & System

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Genshin Impact | 1.1 Updates Summary - New Characters & System - GameWith

Check this Genshin Impact 1.1 Update Summary guide! Find out about new characters & their gacha banners in 1.1 patches, release date, patch notes, update plans and more.

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Update Schedule

Version 1.1 Has Been Released

The maintenance held at November 11, 2020 for Ver. 1.1 ended and is now open for playing.

Total Of 600 Primogems For Compensation

Upon logging in, players will receive 2 batches of 300 Primogems as compensation for the maintenance and bugs version 1.0.

New Characters

Confirmed Chara

Version 1.1 saw two new characters added to the game. Check them out below!

> Check Out All New & Upcoming Characters Here

> Should You Roll Tartaglia Banner (Farewell of Snezhnaya)?

Tartaglia (Childe)

Rarity 5★Element Hydro
Weapon BowVoice Cast Kimura Ryouhei

A Hydro archer that serves as a strong DPS and hydro support. He is the first and only character who changes stance and has two kinds of Elemental Burst and skill.

Learn More About Tartaglia Here


Rarity 4★Element Cryo
Weapon BowVoice Cast Izawa Shiori

She is a Cryo user of relatively small stature who is able to heal and provide Cryo support for teammates. A great character that will fit into any teams.

Learn More About Diona Here

1.1 New Events

Fading Star Event (Battle Pass Second Season)

Fading Star

The second official Battle Pass period is also coming alongside Patch 1.1! If you couldn't get your 5000 resin achievement this period, you'll have another chance at it after 1.1 hits!

Check Out The Fading Star Event Here

Chapter 1: Act III- A New Star Approaches

New Star

The continuation of the main story quest was released in ver. 1.1. Find out more about the land of Liyue and accomplish the quest for various rewards.

New World Quests Available

Several world quests were added for Ver. 1.1. Complete them for various rewards!

Baptism of Song


After 1.1 hits, a new Event will be added to the game where you can obtain the Hydro using support character Barbara for free! If you already obtained Barbara during previous events, you can get her again and level up her Constellation!

Check Out The Baptism of Song Event Here

New Co-op Event: Unreconciled Stars

Unreconciled Stars

Unreconciled Stars is a new co-op event where you will travel alongside Mona and Fishcl. You'll be able to obtain a free Fischl from this, as well as other rewards, such as new Gliders!


This seems to be similar to a previous coop event, the Elemental Crucible, as you'll have to use resin to get rewards.

Check Out The Unreconciled Stars Event In Detail Here

New Systems

New Reputation System

Reputation System

A reward system wherein the player can do quests to raise their Reputation in different countries. As they level up their Reputation Rank, they will receive various rewards such as shop discounts and recipes.

More Info About Reputation System Here

New Quality Of Life Gadgets

The following gadgets were made available at 1.1. You can craft them after getting their recipes in the battle pass.

Gadget Name Function
Portable Waypoint Portable Waypoint Enables you to set a teleportation point wherever you want.
Wind Catcher Wind Catcher Lets you catch wind spirits to create upwinds that you can glide on.
Anemo Treasure CompassAnemo Treasure Compass Reveals the location of chests in Mondstadt.
Geo Treasure CompassGeo Treasure Compass Reveals the location of chests in Liyue.
Anemoculus Resonance StoneAnemoculus Resonance Stone Reveals the location of un-obtained Anemoculus in the map.
Geoculus Resonance StoneGeoculus Resonance Stone Reveals the location of un-obtained Geoculus in the map.

Exploration Progress System


You can now see the progress of your exploration in the in-game map.

Data Archives

There are two archive system that was added in version 1.1.

Character Archive System

Char Archive

You can view the Attributes, Constellation, Talents and Profile of characters regardless if you have them or not. This can be accessed by clicking the Character Archive from the Menu.

Archive System


You can view a list of the items you obtain and their details. Tutorials that was unlocked in-games can also be viewed.

Gameplay Changes

Resin System Changes

Resin Cap Increased To 160

The Original Resin cap will be increased from 120 to 160.

Battle Pass Changes

Weekly BP Mission Resin Quest Was Changed To 1200

Use a total of 1600 Original Resin is one of the hardest weekly mission. From ver 1.1, Original Resin that needs to be consumed will be reduced to 1200.

New Missions Added

New missions related to the new Reputation Systems was added in BP missions.

Inventory Changes


Item Lock System

You can now lock equipments so that they cannot be used for enhancement.

Sorting Function Available For Artifacts

With ver 1.1, sorting function became available for Artifacts which will give you a better overview on your artifact inventory.

Equipped Item Will Have A Character Icon

Before Ver 1.1, it is difficult to know who equip items as a common icon is used. From Ver 1.1, the common icon was replaced to character icons where you can easily know who equip the items in your inventory.

Limits Was Separated Per Item Category

The max amount of item is now separated per type of item.

Item Type Number Of Slots
Weapons 2000
Artifacts 1000

Adventure Book Changes

Adventure Book

Boss Is Now Sorted By Type

Instead of being sorted by location, enemies written in Adventurer's Book are now sorted via what type of monsters they are.

Monsters / Enemies Changes

Geovishap Hatchlings & Whopperflowers Tunneling Optimized

The way these monsters dive into the ground and appear somewhere else is changed. Especially when there is water nearby.

New Monster Added

A monster called "Unusual Hillchurl" has been added.

Unusual Hilichurls - Location & Drops

Bug Fixes

Quest Bug Fixes

1.1 fixed issues that makes the following quest not progress.

  • Master's Day Off
  • Sara's Worries
  • Venti's New Plan
  • Chasing Shadows
  • Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
  • After The Storm
  • Old Taste Die Hard
  • A Quiet Day In Liyue Harbor
  • Break The Sword Cemetery Seal
  • A Fine Opportunity
  • One Ships, Two Ships, Three Ships...
  • Pigeons Go AWOL
  • Dangerous Haui

Domain Bug Fixes

  • Fixed getting stuck at Stormterror Confrotation.
  • Fixed quest instructions for "The Reward for Courage is Flight"
  • Fixed bug wherein the character can't exit the domain.
  • Fixed bug wherein characters receive multiple Cryo damage in domains.

Co-Op Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevents players from changing characters.
  • Fixed Ruin Guard HP bug.
  • Fixed Leyline blossom bug.
  • Fixed bug when character gets kicked from team.
  • Fixed bug wherein if there is two Mona, only one Illusory Bubble can take place.
  • Fixed bug food duration bug.
  • Fixed talent bug in coops.

Monster Bug Fixes

Optimization and interaction fixes was done with monster and bosses. Drops not appearing after the defeating monsters are also fixed.

Venti's Wind Grand Ode

His Burst can no longer gather Whopperflowers hiding in the ground.

Weapon Bug Fixes

Descriptions of several weapons and optimization of other weapons were done.

Character Bugs

Fixed constellations not taking effect, revised some descriptions and fixed photoshooting bug.

Event & Wish Related Guides

Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

Character / Weapon
From Ashes Reborn
From Ashes Reborn

5/14/2024 - 6/4/2024

Immaculate Pulse
Immaculate Pulse

5/14/2024 - 6/4/2024

Epitome Of Invocation

5/14/2024 - 6/4/2024

JadefallJadefall's SplendorTulaytullahTulaytullah's Remembrance
ProspectorProspector's DrillRange GaugeRange GaugeFavonius SwordFavonius SwordRainslasherRainslasherSacrificial FragmentsSacrificial Fragments
beginnerBeginners' Wish


Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation


All Banner List - Character & Weapon Banner History

Version 4.6 Events

4.6 Events
Tour De Force Of Awesomeness Event GuideTour De Force Of Awesomeness

05/06/2024 - 05/27/2024

Join the rock tour band in Inazuma featuring various Inazuma characters!
Vibro-Crystal Applications Event Guide & Release DateVibro-Crystal Applications

04/28/2024 - 05/09/2024

Fight various enemies with special buffs.

Upcoming Version 4.6 Events

4.5 Events
Windtrace 2024 Event - 4.6 Rerun Gameplay GuideWindtrace 2024 Rerun

05/14/2024 - 05/27/2024

The hide and seek game event will be back for a rerun! Participate to obtain amazing rewards!
Specially-Shaped Saurian Search Event Guide - Release DateSpecially-Shaped Saurian Search

05/22/2024 - 06/03/2024

Participate in this event by defeating enemies and negotiating with them to complete the challenge conditions.

Other Events

Other Upcoming Events
Ludi Harpastum
Web Event List
Web Event ListWeb Event List
Event Tracking Tool
To Do List & Event Calendar
All Events List
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Anonymous 6

AR42 will most likely be Zhongli, because his banner is up next.

Anonymous 5

The "free character" at AR 42 seems to be wrong-- it's more likely to be a story quest. Makes sense when you consider how the story quests are spaced out: Klee at AR 32, Jean at 34, Venti at 36, Mona at 38, Childe at 40, this new one at 42 etc.

Anonymous 4

Reply to: User who claimed as "false content". clearly, info about Inazuma is listed under the title of "Ver. 1.2 & Other Future Confirmed Updates"

Anonymous 3

please read properly before accusing them. they did state the info is still unconfirmed and will change if confirmed.

Anonymous 2

*The snow region will be released in 1.2 alongside an event

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