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Unreconciled Stars Event - Free Fischl Event Guide

Genshin | Unreconciled Stars Event - Free Fischl Event Guide

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Genshin | Unreconciled Stars Event - Free Fischl Event Guide - GameWith

Check Unreconciled Stars Event Guide for Genshin Impact. Including Unknown Star & Star of Deceitful Dreams, location, start time, how to get Fischl, resin cost, reward & Event Shop Items.

Table of Contents

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New Story Quest Added On 11/26

A Story Quest "Where Ancient Stars Align" was added on 11/26 as a part of this event. By completing this quest, you can get a Fragile Resin which will help you grind the ongoing series of events. The context of the quest probably leads to the the next update.

Quest Reward
- Fragile Resin x 1
- Primogem x 60
- Mora x 30000

Unreconciled Stars - Start Time & End Time

Unreconciled Stars
Event Duration
2020/11/16 10:00 ~ 2020/11/30 03:59
(Server Time)
Event Shop Duration
2020/11/16 10:00 ~ 2020/12/06 03:59
(Server Time)
Required Adventure Rank
(Check out how to Level Up Adventure Rank Fast)

3 Phases Of The Event

This event will have three phases which will happen at different days. Accomplish events to get rewards such as Adventure Rank Exp and primogems. You need to accomplish Unknown Star and Star of Deceitful Dreams to be able to farm Fading Star's Essence at "Star Of Destiny" Challenge.

Schedule Of Each Phase Of Unreconciled Stars

PhaseEvent Duration
Phase 1:  Unknown StarPhase: 1 Unknown StarStart
2020/11/16 10:00 (Server Time)
2020/11/30 03:59 (Server Time)
Phase 2: Star of Deceitful DreamsPhase 2: Star of Deceitful DreamsStart
2020/11/18 04:00 (Server Time)
2020/11/30 03:59 (Server Time)
Phase 3: Star Of DestinyPhase 3: Star Of DestinyStart
2020/11/23 04:00 (Server Time)
2020/11/30 03:59 (Server Time)

A Chance To Get Fischl For Free

Unreconciled Stars

By accomplishing challenges in this event. You can claim the 4★ character Fischl in this event. Fischl is a powerful character that can contend with 5★ characters, so you won't want to miss this event! Players who don't own her will of course want to get her ASAP, but those that do own her will want to try to unlock more of her Constellations!

How To Get Fischl
Complete the quest "▼Star Of Destiny" (0/1)
Accumulate completion of the ▼Meteorite Remains Salvage Challenge (0/14)
Accumulate Completions of the ▼Fallen Star Challenge
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Unreconciled Stars - Event Details

Phase 1: Unknown Star - Event Procedure

1Katheryne In Mondstadt
2Check out the situation at Springvale & Examine the nearby victims
3Head to the hill to look for Allan and rescue him
4Look For Meteorite in specified Areas
Check All Meteorite Shard Location Here!

Dadaupa Gorge Meteorite Shards Locations (Starlit Cape Oath)

Dadaupa Gorge Meteorite Shards Locations

Jueyun Karst Meteorite Shards Locations (Stardust in Jueyun)

Jueyun Karst Meteorite Shards Locations

Yaoguang Shoal Meteorite Shards Locations (Yaoguang Algol)

Yaoguang Shoal Meteorite Shards Locations

Starfell Valley Meteorite Location

Starfell Map Meteorite location

Qingce Village Meteorite Location

Qingce Village Meteorite Locations

Guyun Stone Forest Meteorite Location

More Details On Unknown Stars Event Here!

Phase 2 Star of Deceitful Dreams - Event Procedure

Quest Map
1Talk to Draff in Springvale
2Go to Dawn Winery and look for Adelihnde
3Head for the Stone Gate and ask people nearby for information
4Look for the Dawn Winery's delivery staff
5Search for the winery employee, Fritz
6Go to Wanshu Inn and look for Fritz
7Search for 2 meteorites near Wangshu Inn
8Beat enemies around the meteorites
9Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt
10Go to Mona's Designated Location
11Head to Meteorite Strike Zone
12Choose levels and Salvage
13Spend 20 Original Resin to claim rewards

Step 8:Beat Enemies Around the Meteorites

Meteorites Tips

Don't get too far away from the meteorites as the progress will be decreased. Defeat enemies in the area of the effect of the meteorites.

Step 11: Head To Meteorite Strike Zone

Based on our experience, locations of Meteorite Strike Zones appear to be random. After finishing all displayed meteorites, talk to Mona again to display new new Meteorite Strike Zones.

More Info On Star Of Deceitful Dreams Event Here!

Phase 3 : Star Of Destiny - Event Procedure

Procedure Map

Star Of Destiny Walkthrough
1Chat With Mona near Thousand Winds Temple
2Head to Qingce Village and chat with Jinglun
3Dispose of the meteorites in the fields
4Examine the nearby victims and bring Gao the Sixth some Qingce Stir Fry
5Head Back to Mona and chat with her
6Head to the spot where the giant meteorite made landfall (Fallen Star Event)
7Repeat Fallen Star to collect Fading Star's Essence

Step 3: Dispose Of The Meteorites In The Fields - Tips

This part is similar to the previous phase of Unreconciled Stars Event wherein you salvage Meteorites.

Check Out Star of Deceitful Dreams Event Guide Here!

Step 4: Bring Gao the Sixth Some Qingce Stir Fry - Tips

Ms. Bai

Buy The Recipe For Qingce Stir Fry To Ms. Bai.

Ms. Bai is close to the cooking area at the Quince Village. Buy it for 5000 mora.

Step 7: Fallen Star Challenge - Single Or Co Op

Fallen Star Challenge - Single Or Co Op

You can choose whether to go solo play or Co Op Mode for the Fallen star challenge.

Step 7: Defeat monsters to accumulate celestial energy

When the challenge begins, one of the following astral anomalies will occur at random: Orbital Shift, Dark Omen, or Inauspicious Star. Press the T key or tap the submit icon within the celestial energy submission zone to submit accumulated celestial energy. There is a limit to the amount of celestial energy that can be carried, so be sure to promptly submit your energy.

Step 7: Fecund Starburst and Heroic Starburst

Fecund Starburst and Heroic Starburst

During the Fallen Star challenge, a certain character may randomly receive a special character effect. Possible special effects include Fecund Starburst and Heroic Starburst.

Step 7: Claim Rewards

After completing the Fallen Star challenge, you may spend 40 Original Resin to obtain Fading Star's Essence and other rewards. The corresponding rewards will vary depending on your World Level. Fading Star's Essence can be exchanged in the Event Shop for Talent Level-Up Materials and Weapon Enhancement Materials.

Unreconciled Stars Rewards & Event Shop Items


Fischl How To Get
How To Get Fischl
Complete the quest "▲Star Of Destiny" (0/1)
Accumulate completion of the ▲Meteorite Remains Salvage Challenge (0/14)
Accumulate Completions of the ▲Fallen Star Challenge
Check Out Fischl Stats & Best Build

Phase Completion Rewards

Mission Complete Rewards

There are 3 stages in this event. Each of stage has different quests to complete and each of them has different reward pools.

Meteoric Wave Rewards

Meteoric Wave Rewards

Three Meteoric Wave World Quests will unlock with each unlocked event phase of Unreconciled Stars. Complete these World Quests to obtain rewards such as Fading Star's Might, Fading Star's Essence, Primogems, and Mora.

Shop Item - Fading Star's Might

Fading Star

As you progress the event, you can collect number of Fading Star's Might. You may exchange these to other items in the Event Shop.

Might NeededItem
12Agnidus Agate Fragment (up to 3)
12Varunada Lazurite Fragment (up to 3)
12Vajrada Amethyst Fragment (up to 3)
12Vayuda Turqoise Fragment (up to 3)
12Shivada Jade Fragment (up to 3)
12Shivada Jade Fragment (up to 3)
12Prithiva Topaz Fragment (up to 3)
1Adventure's Experience (up to 150)
4Hero's Wit (up to 150)
4Mora x 10000 (up to 250)
1Mora x 500 (Unlimited)

Fading Stars - How To Get

How To Get
Mateorite Shard Reward
Mateorite Remains Salvage Challenge Reward

Shop Item - Fading Star's Essence

Fading Star

As you progress the event, you can collect number of Fading Star's Essence. You may exchange these to other items in the Event Shop.

Fading Star's Essence Shop Items

Essence NeededItem
4Guide to Freedom (Limited Item)
12Philosophies of Freedom (Limited Item)
4Guide to Resistance (Limited Item)
12Philosophies of Resistance (Limited Item)
4Guide to Ballad (Limited Item)
12Philosophies of Ballad (Limited Item)
4Guide to Diligence (Limited Item)
12Philosophies of Diligence (Limited Item)
4Guide to Gold (Limited Item)
12Philosophies of Gold (Limited Item)
110Crown Of Sagehood (Limited Item)
1Mystic Enhancement Ore (Limited Item)
2Fine Enhancement Ore x 3

Fading Star's Essence

How To Get
Fallen Star Challenge Reward

What Should You Buy With Fading Star's Might?

Fading Star

As you progress the event, you can collect number of Fading Star's Might. You may exchange these to other items in the Event Shop. The question is "what is the best items you should get first?".

What Should You Buy First?

1Mora x 10000
2Hero's Wit
3Adventure's Experience

Why Mora x 10000?

In the second event called Star of Deceitful Dreams Event, you can get 45 Meteorite Shards using 20 Resin, which can be converted to 110,000 Mora. To get this amount of Mora, you usually need to spend 40 to 60 Resin depending on your World Level.

Why Character EXP Materials?

45 Meteorites can be converted to 11 Hero's Wit worth EXP materials. You usually can get 4-9 Hero's Wit worth character EXP materials depending on your World Level.

Which Items To Exchange With Fading Star's Essence?

You might wonder which items you should exchange first with Fading Star's Essence. Here is our thoughts!

1Crown of Sagehood
2Guide & Philosophies depending on your roster

Why Should You Get Crown Of Sagehood First?

Crown Of Sagehood

As far as we observe in-game rewards, we can get Crown of Sagehood only through the event shop so far. The item should be one of the end-game contents which allows you to level up talents of characters.

Likely Crown Of Sagehood Is The Rarest Talent Level Up Material

There are big boss drops which are used as Talent level up materials such as Ring of Boreas, Shard of a Foul Legacy, however, Crown of Sagehood might be rather important than those materials though the usage is still to be confirmed.

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Anonymous 2

Can't start this Free Fischl event.

Anonymous 1

Crown of Insight is not an artifact, it is an item that allows you to raise a talent past the current cap (aka you can only fully level a talent with a Crown of Insight).

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