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Star Of Destiny - Co-op Event & Rewards

Genshin | Star Of Destiny - Co-op Event & Rewards

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See Star Of Destiny (Unreconciled Star Event) Guide for Genshin Impact. Learn the rewards, how to unlock (world level), how to co-op, start time, & which items you should exchange.

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Star Of Destiny - Event Details

Event Basic Information

Duration2020/11/23 04:00
2020/11/30 03:59
Requirement &
How To Unlock
World Level 1
Adventure 20
(Check out how to level up Adventure Rank)
Resin Required For Reward40 (Fallen Star)
Main RewardFading Star's Essence

Phase 3 Of Unreconciled Star Event


Star Of Destiny is the third part of a n event called Unreconciled Star. Investigate the fallen stars that causes trouble all around Mondstadt and Liyue.

Learn More About Unreconciled Star Event Here!

Challenge "Fallen Star” To Receive Rewards

Fallen Star

Inspect the Fallen Star and accomplish the challenge alone or with friends to receive Adventure Exp, Companion Exp and Fading Star's Essence.

Exchange Fading Star's Essence For Talent Materials


You can exchange Fading Star's Essence for various Talent upgrade materials at the Event Shop.

Joins Co-op Mode Upon Starting

Regardless if you choose coop or single player, when doing the "Fallen Star" challenge, you will be in a multiplayer state which makes you unable to interact with NPCs. Exiting the multiplayer mode will solve this issue.

More Info About This Coop Issue Here!

Is It Worth Doing Fallen Star (Star Of Destiny?)

It is definitely recommended to spend 40 resins over and over to get Event Shop Rewards. You can get the exclusive talent-level up material called Crown Of Sagehood, and the many of talent level-up materials more efficiently than daily domain activities and material farming on the map.

World Rank & Recommended Times To Go Fallen Star

World RankRecommended TimesNeeded Resin
616640 Resin
518720 Resin

What About World Rank 4 & Lower?

Though we can make assumptions only, it is recommended to go Fallen Star 20 times (800 Resin) for World Rank4, 22 times (880 Resin) for World Rank 3 based on the chart we made for higher ranks.

Star Of Destiny - Rewards

Rewards List

- Adventurer's Exp
- Companionship XP
- Fading Star's Essence x 50
(depends on World Rank)

The amount of Fading Star's Essence depends on your World Rank. In case of WR5, the amount of Fading Star's Essence was 44.

Shop Rewards

You can exchange the Fading Star's Essence you've collected for the following prizes.

Item Name No. of Essence Needed
Guide To Freedom Guide To Freedom 4 pcs.
(Up To 12)
Philosophies of Freedom Philosophies of Freedom12 pcs.
(Up to 4)
Guide To Resistance Guide To Resistance 4 pcs.
(Up To 12)
Philosophies of ResistancePhilosophies of Resistance 12 pcs.
(Up to 4)
Guide To BalladGuide To Ballad 4 pcs.
(Up To 12)
Philosophies of BalladPhilosophies of Ballad 12 pcs.
(Up to 4)
Guide To ProsperityGuide To Prosperity 4 pcs.
(Up To 12)
Philosophies of ProsperityPhilosophies of Prosperity 12 pcs.
(Up to 4)
Guide To DiligenceGuide To Diligence4 pcs.
(Up To 12)
Philosophies of DiligencePhilosophies of Diligence 12pcs.
(Up to 4)
Guide To GoldGuide To Gold 4 pcs.
(Up To 12)
Philosophies of GoldPhilosophies of Gold 12 pcs.
(Up to 4)
Crown of SagehoodCrown of Sagehood 110 pcs.
(Up to 1)
Mystic Enhancement OreMystic Enhancement Ore 1 pc.
(Up to 100)
Fine Enhancement OreFine Enhancement Ore 2pcs.

Star Of Destiny - Walkthrough

Star Of Destiny Walkthrough

Procedure Map

1Chat With Mona near Thousand Winds Temple
2Head to Qingce Village and chat with Jinglun
3Dispose of the meteorites in the fields
4Examine the nearby victims and bring Gao the Sixth some Qingce Stir Fry
5Head Back to Mona and chat with her
6Head to the spot where the giant meteorite made landfall (Fallen Star Event)
7Repeat Fallen Star to collect Fading Star's Essence

3. Dispose Of The Meteorites In The Fields - Tips

Same As The Star Of Deceitful Dreams

This part is similar to the previous phase of Unreconciled Stars Event wherein you salvage Meteorites.

Check Out Star of Deceitful Dreams Event Guide Here!

4. Bring Gao the Sixth Some Qingce Stir Fry - Tips

Buy The Recipe For Qingce Stir Fry To Ms. Bai

Ms. Bai

Ms. Bai is close to the cooking area at the Quince Village. Buy it for 5000 mora.

More Info On Qingce Stir Fry Here!

Fallen Star - Challenge Tips

Defeat Monsters To Gather Energy

Defeat Monsters

To gather energy, you need to defeat the monsters that will appear around the meteor.

Make Use Of Elemental Reaction For Faster Clearing

Elemental slimes and other monsters that gives elemental status will appear a lot in this event. Make use of their elements to increase the damage that you give.

Monsters Marked By Glowing Light Has Huge Amount Of Energy


As you do the Fallen Star challenge, you will receive a popup saying that there is a monster with lots of energy that will appear. This refers to the monster with the glowing light on the top of their head. Defeat and send their energy as soon as possible.

Stand On The Light To Send Energy


Once the energy is gathered, you can send it to the meteor by standing to the shining place around the area.

The Energy Will Be Lost Once Hit By Enemies

While sending energy you are unable to move for 5 seconds. If you are hit the energy will be lost so make sure to defeat all enemies or render them unmovable.

Some Characters Are Boosted

The following Characters will get their DMG boosted by 60%.

Ningguang & Mona Is Highly Recommended

Characters that can block and stop enemies movements will help you a lot when you are sending energy to the Star.

Coop When Having A Difficult Time

If you are having a difficult time on the challenge, do coop with other players. This is also recommended for faster clearing. Use the forum below to find other players and friends to coop with!

Check Multiplayer Forum (UID Exchange) Here!

Which Items To Exchange With Fading Star's Essence?

You might wonder which items you should exchange first with Fading Star's Essence. Here is our thoughts!

1Crown of Sagehood
2Guide & Philosophies depending on your roster

Why Should You Get Crown Of Sagehood First?

Crown Of Sagehood

As far as we observe in-game rewards, we can get Crown of Sagehood only through the event shop so far. The item should be one of the end-game contents which allows you to level up talents of characters.

Likely Crown Of Sagehood Is The Rarest Talent Level Up Material

There are big boss drops which are used as Talent level up materials such as Ring of Boreas, Shard of a Foul Legacy, however, Crown of Sagehood might be rather important than those materials though the usage is still to be confirmed.

Check Out Talent Upgrade Guide Here

Why Talent Level Up Books?

With World Rank 6, you can get 3-7 Guide (Book) equvalent rewards when you challenge domains with 20 resins. In this event, with 40 resins you can stably get 12 Guide (Book) and it's recommended to get all talent level up books.

Why Mystic Enhancement Ore?

Though you probablly get 300,000 equivalent weapon XP ore from the blacksmith, it is still recommended to get all the Mystic Enhancement from the event shop as you will anyway need much of Weapon XP.

Don't Exchange Fine Enhancement Ore

Unless you have too extra Fading Star's Essence, it is NOT recommended to get Fine Enhancement Ore from the event shop this time.

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