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Spices From The West 3.5 - Seasoning Recipes & Character Preference

Genshin | Spices From The West 3.5 - Seasoning Recipes & Character Preference

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Genshin | Spices From The West 3.5 - Seasoning Recipes & Character Preference - GameWith

Spices From The West is an event in Genshin Impact 3.5. See release date, location, how to unlock, dishes recipes, how to make fragrant dish, preferred dish, spices, & rewards.

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3.5 Version Update
Fungus MechanicusFaruzan Hangout
Dehya StoryHeated Battle Mode
Event List Rewards & Guide

Spices From The West: Northerly Search - Gameplay & Features

This part will be updated when other challenges have been unlocked.

Different Ingredients Per Challenge

Starting March 31, 2023, one challenge is unlocked daily for seven days. If you do not have the ingredient/s, you can click the icon above to see the efficient farming routes.

Mellow Fragrance

Collect The Ingredients

Collect The Ingredients

Each dish has a set of ingredients that you need to collect before you can cook it.

Press On The Right Timing

Press On The Right Timing

Once you got the ingredients, press when the needle points to the corresponding ingredient. Be precise as the number of tries is limited.

Spices From The West: Northerly Search - How To Make Fragrant Dish?

Make Fragrant Dishes

Make Fragrant Dishes

Use the seasoning to a delicious dish in your inventory to make a fragrant dish. Since you can only make 3 Fragrant Seasonings per challenge, you can only make a maximum of 21 Fragrant Dishes during the event.

Dishes Where You Can Use The Fragrant Seasoning

All dishes are hailing from Mondstadt. To use the fragrant seasoning, the dish needs to be 'delicious'.

Give Fragrant Dishes To Invited Characters In Teapot

Give Fragrant Dishes To Invited Characters In Teapot

Fragrant dishes can be given to invited characters in your teapot which can increase companionship EXP.

Serenitea Pot Location & How To Get

Character's Preferred Dish


Offering a Fragrant Dish does not necessarily mean that the character would automatically like it. Regardless if the character liked it or not, you can receive the friendship EXP.

Preferred Fragrant Dish

⬆ Offered 3 dishes to Mika and he likes the one with bold check mark more than the other 2

Since there are many characters, finding out a character's preferred dish is a trial & error. Share a character's favorite dish in our ▼comment section.

Fragrant Seasonings & Dishes Will Expire

When the event ends, the Fragrant Seasonings & Dishes in your inventory will expire and disappear so offer it to the invited characters in your teapot before the server reset on April 10, 2023.

Spices From The West: Northerly Search - Rewards

Rewards List

Spices From The West: Northerly Search - Release Date & How To Unlock

3.5 Cooking Event

3.5 Upcoming Event
Event Duration
March 31, 2023 10:00:00 - April 10, 2023 03:59:59
(Server Time)

Spices From the West is an event where you are going to create a seasoning for dishes that can be offered to the invited characters in your teapot. You can create 3 seasonings in each challenge and 1 challenge gets unlocked daily for a week.

3.5 Update Banners, Characters, & Events

How To Unlock

- Reach Adventure Rank 28 or above
- Complete the World Quest "Idle Teapot Talk"

One of the requirements included is that you need to reach AR20 for creating seasonings. However, you need to reach AR28 to cook the corresponding dishes and for inviting characters in your teapot for taste-testing.

Complete Event Quest

Starting Location
Good Hunter in Mondstadt
Good Hunter in Mondstadt
Sara & Nazafarin
Sara & Nazafarin

You have to complete the event quest initially to proceed with the event. If you have achieved all the requirements, the quest is automatically added to your quest list.

Spices From The West 2.6

Previous Spice From The West Event

Spices From The West 2.6

Part Of The 2.6 Update

How To Unlock
- Complete the quest Idle Teapot Talk
- Reach AR 20 or above to be able to create seasonings.
- Reach AR 28 or above

The Spices from the West has a requirement on its own to be able to play it. A required Adventure Rank level and a story quest completion must be needed to unlock the event.

Location & Where To Find


You can find Nazafarin at the wharf in Liyue Harbor. After speaking to her, you can now do the event quest by checking the event page in-game.

Spices From The West: Seasoning Recipes List

Seasoning Recipes

A new seasoning recipe will unlock on each of the first 7 days of the event. Follow the recipes to create "Fragrant Seasonings" and obtain corresponding rewards.

Seasoning Recipes List

Recipe NameIngredients
1. Where Earth and Water Meet HorsetailHorsetail x1
MintMint x1
PepperPepper x1
2. Scent of PinePineconePinecone x 2
Lotus HeadLotus Head x 1
MintMint x 1
3. The Secret of CoolSnapdragonSnapdragon x 1
MintMint x 2
SaltSalt x 1
4. Between the MountainsVioletgrassVioletgrass x 1
PineconePinecone x 2
MintMint x 1
5. The Bitter, Then the Sweet Lotus HeadLotus Head x 2
SaltSalt x 1
PepperPepper x 2
6. Aroma FreshSnapdragonSnapdragon x 2
PineconePinecone x 2
SaltSalt x 2

Spices From The West: Gameplay Walkthrough & Features

Gameplay Chart

1 Gather items needed to create the recipe.
2 Create the seasoning by playing the mini-game in the event page.
3 Cook Fragrant Dishes and give them to characters at your Serenitea Pot.

Test Out Spices & Recipes

Players will be helping out a new Sumeru character in researching spices. You'll need to also cook and taste test for the event.

New Recipes For The First 7 Days

For the first week of the event, a new spice recipe would be unlocked for you to create and try out. You can add these spices on foods and give them to characters. Some foods are favored by a specific character more than the other.

Mini-Game Occur When Creating Spices


▲The bar below will continuously swing left and right. Hit the ingredients in the box to create the spices.

You need to finish the mini-game to be able to craft the spices. This can be done by finishing the mini-game above. Selecting the wrong ingredient will lessen the spoon icon at the bottom most section of the photo. If all the spoon disappears, you fail the mini-game you need to start over.

Create A Fragrant Dish By Adding Seasonings To Food


You can create Fragrant Dishes by adding the Fragrant Seasonings that you obtained from the mini-game and add them to a Delicious Dish that you created.

All Food Recipe

Spices From The West: Preferred Fragrant Dishes Per Characters

Each Character Has A Favorite Fragrant Dish

▲ Characters will show hearts if they love the dish, sparkles if they like it, and black squiggles if they dislike it.

You can give the cooked Fragrant Dishes on characters stationed at your Serenitea Pot. Take note that you can only give up to two fragrant dishes per character.

Increase Companionship EXP By Giving Food To Characters

The number of times you can gain Companionship EXP will increase by 3 each time you unlock a new recipe.

Favorite Fragrant Dish Per Character

We will be adding more characters once we get more information. Thank you for all the comments regarding the favorite/liked Fragrant Dishes of the characters. We've added them to the chart based on your feedback!

Dish NameLikes Fragrant Dish
Dislikes Fragrant Dish
Grilled Tiger Fish
Grilled Tiger Fish
Likes Fragrant Dish:
KazuhaYun JIn Jean Keqing Xinyan Klee Xiao Venti Kazuha Itto Kaeya Razor Diona
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
ZhongliRaiden Shogun KokomiGanyu Qiqi
Crab Roe Tofu
Crab Roe Tofu
Likes Fragrant Dish:
Yae MikoKeqing Rosaria YanfeiXingqiu
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
Itto GanyuVentiBeidouKaeya
Mint Salad
Mint Salad
Likes Mint Salad:
MonaQiqi Xinyan Kaeya Diona Xiangling Barbara
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
DilucHu Tao Keqing Yae Miko Shenhe Kazuha Yanfei Sayu Chongyun Rosaria Beidou Bennett Amber Gorou Razor
Black-Back Perch Stew
Black-Back Perch Stew
Likes Fragrant Dish:
Xinyan Thoma Childe Beidou Kazuha Diona Yun Jin Barbara Hu Tao Klee Xiangling
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
Yoimiya GorouBennett Jean Eula Chongyun Albedo Ganyu Kokomi
Mora Meat
Mora Meat
Likes Fragrant Dish:
Sayu Kujou Sara Kokomi bennett beidou rosaria razor itto ningguang yun jin mona xinyan amber
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
ganyu xiao ayaka Xingqiunoelle lisa
Almond TofuAlmond TofuLikes Fragrant Dish:
xingqiu eula qiqi sucrose venti xiao itto ningguang noellegorou albedo fischl
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
yanfei ganyu beidou xinyan razor kaeya rosaria kujou sara
Rice Buns
Rice Buns
Likes Fragrant Dish:
Kokomi Sayu zhongli Venti Kujou Sara Noelle Ganyu
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
Kazuha Xinyan Childe Ayato Mona Rosaria Shenhe Diona Lisa Razor
Golden Shrimp Balls
Golden Shrimp Balls
Likes Fragrant Dish:
keqing eula thoma ningguang fischl mona xingqiu
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
Hu Tao Ganyu zhongli noelle
Golden Crab
Golden Crab
Likes Fragrant Dish:
dilucbennett thoma mona keqing ayaka rosaria yun jin
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
Triple-Layered Consommé
Triple-Layered Consommé
Likes Fragrant Dish:
Diluc Zhongli Kazuha Ayaka Ningguang Xingqiu Xiangling
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
Ganyu Hu Tao Sucrose Beidou Fischl
Jewelry SoupJewelry SoupLikes Fragrant Dish:
Yae Miko Ganyu Kokomi Lisa Yanfei Noelle
Dislikes Fragrant Dish:
Itto Shenhe Kazuha DionaSayuBarbaraRosariaBeidouRazor

Spices From The West Event: Rewards


Rewards List

Items- Primogems x 420
- Mystic Enhancement Ore
- Mora
- Weapon Ascension Materials
- Hero's Wit
- Adventurer's Experience
- Wanderer's Advice
Event & Wish

Current Wish (Gacha) Banners

Character / Weapon
Decree Of The Deeps
Decree Of The Deeps

4/2/2024 - 4/23/2024

Leaves In The Wind
Leaves In The Wind

4/2/2024 - 4/23/2024

Epitome Of Invocation

4/2/2024 - 4/23/2024

Tome Of the Eternal FlowTome Of the Eternal FlowFreedom-SwornFreedom-Sworn
Wine And SongWine And SongMitternachts WaltzMitternachts WaltzThe FluteThe FluteFavonius GreatswordFavonius GreatswordFavonius LanceFavonius Lance
beginnerBeginners' Wish


Wanderlust InvocationWanderlust Invocation


All Banner List - Character & Weapon Banner History

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Other Events

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Anonymous 80

heizou- fried radish balls; ayato- satisfying salad; ganyu liked radish soup and cyno liked steak :>

Anonymous 79

Yoimiya hearts mint jelly.

Anonymous 78

Candace gives a heart for Sticky Honey Roast.

Anonymous 77

Shenhe loves mushroom pizza, sucrose loves pancakes, yaoyao doesn't like salad.

Anonymous 76

Yaoyao loves Fragrant northern smoked chicken

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