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Who Is Better Cryo Support & Healer? | Mika Vs Diona

Genshin | Who Is Better Cryo Support & Healer? | Mika Vs Diona

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Genshin | Who Is Better Cryo Support & Healer? | Mika Vs Diona - GameWith

Mika & Diona are Cryo characters in Genshin Impact 3.5. Guide includes who is better Cryo support & healer, Mika vs Diona, pros & cons, comparison, tips, & more about Mika & Diona.

Table of Contents

Mika Vs Diona Comparison

Support Capabilities

Physical Buff
Attack Speed Buff
Movement Speed Buff
Stamina Consumption Reduction
Enemy Debuff
Cryo ApplicationBad
(Skill & Burst)
(Favonius Lance)
(Sacrificial Bow)
Constellation1: Better healing
2: Gain stacks faster
4: More energy for Mika
6: Max stack +1 & Physical CRIT DMG Bonus
1: More energy for Diona
2: Improved shield durability
4: Reduced casting for aim shot
6: Elemental Mastery Bonus
Pros & Cons

Pros Of Mika & Diona

Mika- Can significantly increase the damage output of Physical DPS
- At C6, Bennett can be replaced
- ATK SPD buff is useful for characters that utilize normal ATK
- Burst can heal where the active character is located
Diona- Can protect the active character with a shield
- Provides additional EM at C6
- Reduced stamina consumption is useful for sprinting, dodging, & charged ATK that consumes stamina
- Thru Burst, she can apply Cryo to the enemy even when off-field as long as the enemy is within the AoE

Cons Of Mika & Diona

Mika- Not as flexible as Diona
↳ Better fit in Physical team comp
- Skill buff wears off the moment you switch
- ATK SPD buff does not hasten charged ATK
- Bad Cryo applicator
- Additional heal does not trigger unless the active character hits an enemy
Diona- Cannot provide any buff that increases the damage output of the DPS unless equipped with Noblesse Oblige x4
- Active character cannot restore HP outside the AoE
- Less effective if not using Sacrificial Bow

By looking at the comparison of the support capabilities of Mika & Diona, you would notice that Mika has an edge in Physical team comp.

Comparison Between Mika & Diona

Depends On The Team Comp

In order to find out the better Cryo support & healer between Mika & Diona, you should consider the team comp first as this will determine the support needed by the main DPS.

Both Can Be Included In A Physical Team Comp

Sample Lineup with Mika & Diona
Physical DPS
Yun JinYun Jin
Normal ATK Buffer
Physical DMG Buffer
Shielder & Healer

Since Mika's Cryo application is bad, you can put them both in a team with an Electro character that inflicts Physical DMG such as Razor.

Physical Team Comp With Mika

Hypercarry Physical DPS
Physical DPS
Raiden ShogunRaiden Shogun
Electro Support
Buffer & Healer

Mika can increase the damage output & ATK SPD of Eula. Mika's ATK SPD buff stacks with the ATK SPD bonus from Eula's signature weapon, Song of Broken Pines.

Elemental Reaction Team Comp With Diona

Freeze Team
Main DPS
Hydro Support
Support Amplifier & Crowd Control
Shielder & Healer

Diona can shield, heal, produce Cryo particles for Ayaka, and apply Cryo to the enemy that can easily be swirled by Kazuha. With C6, the EM bonus is beneficial for Kazuha.

Who Is Better Cryo Support & Healer?

Cryo Vision

Cryo Vision Placement
Mika's right hand
Mika's right hand
Diona's shaker
Diona's shaker

Mika & Diona can apply Cryo to the enemy. Even if Mika uses a polearm, aim shot can still be used. This aim shot is the same as Diona's but Mika can only do this thru Skill.

HP-Scaling Characters

Aside from Cryo vision, another similarity is that they both scale with HP. With higher HP, the support that Mika & Diona can provide becomes better. But which one is better between two?

Mika As Cryo Support & Healer

Tailored For Physical DPS

Mika is tailored to support Physical DPS such as Eula. Apart from healing, Mika has buffs that can improve the damage output of the Physical DPS in the team.

Aim Shot For ATK SPD & Physical DMG Bonus

Aim Shot For ATK SPD & Physical DMG Bonus

Attacking an enemy with an aim shot thru Mika's Skill increases the active character's ATK SPD & Physical DMG temporarily. The buff lasts for 12s and has a cooldown of 15s so it has 3s downtime. Also, the active character gains 60% Physical CRIT DMG when C6 has been unlocked.

Buff With Heal From Burst

Buff With Heal From Burst

Mika's Burst instantly heals the team and the active character can restore more HP to oneself when attacking while the buff is active. The buff lasts for 15s and has a cooldown of 18s so managing to fill up the required energy makes it 3s downtime.

Stacks For Physical DMG Bonus

Stacks For Physical DMG Bonus

You can gain stacks that increase the Physical DMG: 1 stack can increase the Physical DMG of the active character by 10%.

How To Gain Max Stacks?

Initially, the max stack is up to 4 but it is increased by 1 when C6 has been unlocked. To gain the max stacks from Mika, cast his Skill by holding and hitting at least 4-5 enemies or simultaneously activate buffs from Skill & Burst. While the buffs are active, the active character gains 1 stack when scoring CRIT hit.

Diona As Cryo Support & Healer

Can Fit In Different Team Comps

Can Fit In Different Team Comps

Diona is flexible support that can fit in most team comps, especially team comps that involves elemental reactions. She has a shield & heal that can keep the active character safe.

Diona Best Build & Weapon

Active Buffs While Shielded

Active Buffs While Shielded

Aside from being shielded from incoming damage, one of Diona's passive, Cat's Tail Secret Menu, gives the active character active buffs while shielded: the movement SPD is increased by 10% while stamina consumption is decreased by 10%. The buffs are useful for both exploration & combat.

Skill Can Be Used Twice With Sacrificial Bow

Skill Can Be Used Twice With Sacrificial Bow

The passive effect of Sacrificial Bow has a chance to reset Diona's Skill enabling her to cast Skill and produce a shield twice which is great for prolonging the shield.

AoE With Heal Per Second From Burst

Can Fit In Different Team Comps

Using Diona's Burst lets her throw her signature mix that summons a healing AoE for 12s. In order to restore HP, the active character must be inside the range. Only 1 character can be healed at a time so if all of your characters need healing, you should switch them out one by one.

Burst AoE Buff & Debuff

Burst AoE Buff & Debuff

One of Diona's passive, Drunkards' Farce, has a debuff that decreases the ATK of enemies when inside the AoE by 10% for 15s which is great for prolonging her shield. In addition, unlocking her C6 lets the active character inside the AoE gain 200 EM bonus if the active character's health is above 50%.

Mika Vs Diona Tips

Mika As ATK SPD Buffer

Mika As ATK SPD Buffer

With ATK SPD buff, Mika can hasten the combat execution of characters that utilize normal attacks such as Yoimiya, Wanderer, & Ayato. Mika's ATK SPD buff can stack with other ATK SPD from different sources like Yun Jin's C6 & Jean's C2.

If Mika & Diona Are In A Single Team

Diona Is A Great Battery

Diona Is A Great Battery

When Mika & Diona are included in a single team, you can focus on the full HP build for Mika since Diona can already generate Cryo particles, especially with Sacrificial Bow.

Artifact With HP Main Stat Plus Black Tassel

Artifact With HP Main Stat Plus Black Tassel

Mika's buff scales with his max HP so focusing on HP would make his buff even better. Use artifacts with HP main stats plus Black Tassel to significantly increase Mika's max HP.

Use Different Artifact Set

Use Different Artifact Set

Between Mika & Diona, you can only choose one user for Noblesse Oblige x4 because the ATK buff does not stack. Instead, use artifacts that can increase HP & healing bonus such as Tenacity of the Millelith, Maiden Beloved, & Ocean-Hued Clam.

Prioritize Mika For Noblesse Oblige

Since you can optimize the ▲stacks when both of Mika's buffs are active, it is better to equip Mika with Noblesse Oblige over Diona. You can equip Diona with mentioned artifacts above which are beneficial for Diona's shield & heal.

Favonius Lance For Extra Energy Particles

Favonius Lance For Extra Energy Particles

If you want to produce more particles, you can opt for Favonius Lance instead of Black Tassel for Mika.

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