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Genshin | Wind Chaser Event Guide & Collect All Coins

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Wind Chaser is a domain event for Genshin Impact 3.1. Learn about the release date, gameplay, strategy, tips, event details, coin collection guide, & challenges guide.

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3.1 Version Update
Of Ballads And BrewsSumeru Desert

Wind Chaser - Gameplay Guide & Overview

Wind Chaser - Release Date & Event Details

Released On October 17, 2022

Duration10/17/2022 10:00 - 10/31/2022 03:59
(Server Time)
Requirements- Must be Adventure Rank 20 or above

Strange mechanisms and puzzles await in the new Wind Chaser event! Complete the different challenges inside the domain to get rewards, including Primogems.

Collect Golden Coins

Golden Coin

Collect Golden Coins inside the domain and head to the final location within a certain time limit to clear the domain.

Realm Of The Southerly Winds (Day 5) - Coins & Challenges Guide

A Bit Different Than Other Realms

For the Realm of Southerly Winds, it is less of a Domain puzzle but more of a time-attack. Defeat the monsters that you will encounter then collect the amount of required coins within a certain time limit.

Time Limit For Each Coin Collecting Session Is Different Per Waves

Every monster wave that you finish (total of 2 waves) will have a different set of challenge that has their own countdown. These count down are pretty quick so make sure to glide up and gather the coins needed as fast as possible.

Realm Of The Northwesterly Winds (Day 4) - Coins & Challenges Guide

Get All 30 Coins Guide
Windgrasper Challenge
Follow the Gold Coins until you reach a Windgrasper Challenge.
Day 4 - 2
Turn off the wind currents and start the challenge.
Day 4 - 3
Follow the Anemo Particles until you reach a huge gap. Turn on the Wind currents to reveal a path and continue.
Day 4 - 4
Follow the corner path and turn off the wind current manually. After turning off, get the remaining Anemo Particles.
Day 4 - 5
Head to the next room.
Day 4 - 6
Change the wind current so it face the reclining platform.
Day 4 - 6
Start the Windgrasper Challenge and get the Anemo Particles. When you reach a platform that does not move, activate it to get the floating anemo particles in its path.
8 Head to the next path and defeat the enemies to reveal next coins.
Day 4 - 9
Head to the next room and start the Windgrasper Challenge. Everytime you reach a dead end, turn on / off the wind currents to connect the path.
Day 4 - 10
Upon finishing Windgrasper Challenge, change the direction upwards to head to the upper platform.
Day 4 - 11
Change the direction of the wind at the upper platform to hit the reclining platform and connect the path.
12Head down once again and climb the reclined platform to get the coins above.
13 Follow the path to the final room.
Day 4 - 14
From the entrance of the final room, head down and turn off the currents. Ride the platform that will sink and ride it and turn the currents ON once again.
Day 4 - 15
Follow the path from the back and activate the platform so it moves towards the golden coins.
Day 4 - 16
Follow the Golden Coins until you reached a higher platform. Turn off the currents and ride it. Turn on the currents again to reach the gold coins.
17 Head to the goal.

Realm Of The Southeasterly Winds (Day 3) - Coins & Challenges Guide

Get All 30 Coins Guide
Head Right
Head right and cross the bridge with moving platforms.
Day 3-2
Climb up passing the stop switch and head down to a wind contraption. Make the Wind current face upwards.
Day 3-3
Follow the path until you reach a power up button and a wind contraption.
4 Activate the button and use the wind contraption to fly upwards.
5 Get the Windgraspers until you are back to the inclined platform in front of the moving block bridge.
Day 3-6
Deactivate the wind currents and ride the platform that is connected to the inclined platform.
Day 3-7
Wait for the windcurrent to reactivate and get the gold coins and the rest of the Windgraspers.
Day 3-8
Head to the next room and activate the turn off switch.
9 Start the Windgrasper Challenge and collect the Anemo Particles. Use the Wind Contraption on the way to glide up and get the rest of anemo particles.
Day 3-10
Head to the next room and make all of the Wind contraption blow upwards except for the one facing the pillar. Make that contraption blow towards the pillar to connect the path.
11 Do the Windgrasper Challenge and collect all Anemo Particles. Just following the path will do.
Day 3-12
Head to the final room and activate the power up switch.
Day 3-13
Change the air current to blow upwards and gather the rest of the coins then head to the exit.

Realm Of The Easterly Winds (Day 2) - Coins & Challenges Guide

Realm Of The Easterly Winds Walkthrough Guide

Get All 30 Coins Guide
Day 2 -1
Activate the switch to stop the winds and follow the Windgraspers to complete the challenge.
Day 2 - 2
Head to the room with enemies and defeat them to unlock more coins.
Day 2 -3
Head outside the room again and use the wind current contraption and make the wind face pillar in front of it.
Day 2 - 4
Head to the newly path and follow the gold coins. You will encounter another Contraption. Make the current face upwards.
Day 2 - 5
Follow the gold coins until you reach a new path to the right. Activate all of the contraptions and make the wind face upward.
Day 2 - 6
Climb up the newly created path and follow the Windgraspers and Gold coins until you reach a room with multiple wind contraptions.
Day 2 - 7
Make all the Wind current face upwards and get all the Windgraspers.
8 Activate the unlocked switch and head to the final area to complete the challenge.

Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds (Day 1) - Coins & Challenges Guide

Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds Walkthrough Guide

Get All 30 Coins Guide
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Use the Windstopper guide to stop the Wind current. Get 2/30 coins
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Get close to the Windchurner Nexus at the back and use it to change the direction of the wind. Get 5/30 coins
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Use the Wind Current and cross to the opposite platform. Stop the wind with the mechism, they pick up the Anemo Particle to start the challenge/ 1/3 challenges in this domain
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Move to the back and turn the Wind Current direction updates
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Enter the building to the back and defeat all the Hilichurls. Get 11/30 coins
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Climb to the upper floor using the wind and climb towards the Windstopper Hub
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Use the mechanism to break and seal and proceed
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Get on the floor. Get up to 14/30 coins, then turn back
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Acquire 16/30 coings here, then get the Anemo Particle to start the challenge. 2/3 challenge in this domain
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Stop the wind and collect all Anemo Particles
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
After clear the challenge, head to the upper floor with the Wind Current. Get 19/30 coins
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Continue to the next building and get 24/30 coins
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Stop the wind and take the Anemo Particle to start the next challenge. 3/3 challenge in domain
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
When you reach the mechanism to the back, run through the floor without stopping athe wind and get down to clear the third challenge
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Acquire 27/30 coins by directing the wind upwards
Day 1 - Realm Of The Northeasterly Winds
Climp to the upper platform and colelct 30/30 coins

Wind Chaser - Gameplay Guide

Meet With Honglang

Wind Chaser Event Location
Wind Chaser Event Location

Honglang is a newly introduced character for this event. You can find him and the Domain location Southwest of Dawn Winery.

5 Domains To Explore

5 Domains To Explore

There are a total of 5 Domains that players can play through during the event. Each of them will have their own set of rewards for levels of completion!

Can Be Played With Friends!

The Wind Chaser event can be played with a group of friends if you want to! However, it's limited to only two players in a group.

Collect Windcoins Inside Domains

Collect Windcoins Inside Domains

Inside the domains, Players will have to collect Windcoins as they try to get to the end of the Domain. The more Windcoins you collect, the better.

Get Windcoins From Defeating Enemies

Get Windcoins From Defeating Enemies

Enemies will also be present within the domains. Defeating them will award you with Windcoins so make it a point to defeat as much as you can during your exploration.

Complete Windgrasper Challenges

Complete Windgrasper Challenges

Windgrasper Challenges are time trials wherein players will have to collect all of the Anemo Particles within a specific time limit. Complete them while exploring the Domains.

Use Different Mechanics To Fully Explore Domains

Some areas within the Domains cannot be accessed without the use of its different exploration mechanics. Make sure to check around for these mechanics while going through the domains.

Wind Currents

Wind Currents

Wind Currents will allow you to get to unreachable locations. Inside the Domains, there are mechanisms that directly affect how they function.

Snagwind NexusSnagwind NexusGenerates wind currenst that blow in specific directions. The direction of the wind currents can be changed by adjusting the mechanism
Windstopper HubWindstopper HubTemporarily stops the activity of the nearby wind currents
Windchurner NexusWindchurner NexusCauses the AoE of wind currents nearby to expand temporarily

Moving Platforms

There are platforms here that you can manipulate to your advantage. There are multiple kinds that you can find in the domains, including some that can be moved by Wind Currents!

Windward TerraceWindward TerraceWhen affected by wind currents, this platform will tilt in the corresponding direction
Driftwind PlatformDriftwind PlatformWhen affected by wind currents, this platform will rise up to a specific platform

Descending Platform

Descending Platform

As the name suggests, Descending Platforms lower themselves when stepped on by the player.

Wind Chaser - Rewards

Wind Chaser - Rewards
  • Primogems
  • Hero's Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Mora
  • Talent Ascension Materials

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