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Lost Riches Event Guide 3.0 | Special Treasure & Ancient Iron Coin Locations
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Lost Riches Event Guide 3.0 | Special Treasure & Ancient Iron Coin Locations

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Lost Riches is an event in Genshin Impact 3.0. See reward list, release date & time, mini seelie pets, how to get iron coin, special treasure location & more about Lost Riches.

Table of Contents

Past Events

3.0 Version Update
ColleiColleiDoriDoriDendro TravelerDendro Traveler
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Lost Riches Version 3.0 - Release Date & How To Unlock

Lost Riches Version 3.0 - Release Date & HOw To Unlock
Event Duration2022/09/02 10:00:00 – 2022/09/19 03:59:59
Event Shop Duration2022/09/02 10:00:00 – 2022/09/19 03:59:59

The Lost Riches event will have another run during the 3.0 Update. Players can get a number of different rewards during the event, including previous Mini Seelie Pets and Primogems!

Event Requirements

- Adventure Rank 20 & Above
- Must Have Access To Sumeru

Since the event will take place in Sumeru this time, players must progress through their Archon Quests until they get access to Sumeru!

Archon Quests (Main Story) List Walkthroughs & Guides

Lost Riches 3.0 - Gameplay & How To Find Treasure

Gameplay Is Different From Previous Event Runs

The gameplay during this run of Lost Riches is a bit different than during previous runs of the event. This time, you will need to gather energy for the Seelie to unlock the exact location of the Treasure!

How To Find Treasure

1Get to the Marked Location (Found in the Events tab)
2Equip the Treasure Seeking Seelie gadget
Gather 3 energies to find a treasure location
Gather 3 energies to find a treasure location
Go to the treasure location and start the challenge
Go to the treasure location and start the challenge
5Clear the challenge
Dig up the treasure
Dig up the treasure
7Repeat Steps 3 - 7 until you find the next 2 treasure

Energy & Treasure Are Marked On The Map

The Energies and Treasures will now show up on your mini map! Note that the Treasure marker will only show up once you collect 3 energies.

Lost Riches - Rewards

Lost Riches - Rewards
Primogems60 Primogems40 Ancient Iron Coin
HeroHero's Wit6 Ancient Iron Coin
Mystic Enhancement OreMystic Enhancement Ore3 Ancient Iron Coin
Mora10,000 Mora6 Ancient Iron Coin
Mini Seelie - DayflowerMini Seelie - Dayflower200 Ancient Iron Coin
Mini Seelie - RoséMini Seelie - Rosé200 Ancient Iron Coin
Mini Seelie - CurcumaMini Seelie - Curcuma200 Ancient Iron Coin
Mini Seelie: ViolaMini Seelie: Viola200 Ancient Iron Coin
Mini Seelie: MossMini Seelie: Moss200 Ancient Iron Coin

Get Ancient Iron Coins From Treasure

The only way you can get Ancient Iron Coins is by opening chests located by the Treasure Seeking Seelie!

Past Events & Rewards

Lost Riches Version 2.0

Iron Coins & Treasure Area Location 2.0

Treasure Areas & Coin Locations

The amount of Iron Coin locations may be random. Currently, there are instances where some had less or more dig sites than others.

Treasure Area 1 - Iron Coin Locations

Treasure Area 1 - Iron Coin Locations Chinju Forest
LocationChinju Forest

Treasure Area 2 - Iron Coin Locations

Treasure Area 2 - Iron Coin Locations Nazuchi Beach
LocationNazuchi Beach

Treasure Area 3 - Iron Coin Locations

Treasure Area 3 - Iron Coin Locations
LocationGrand Narukami Shrine

Treasure Area 4 - Iron Coin Locations

Treasure Area 4 - Iron Coin Locations
LocationFort Fujitou

Treasure Area 5 - Iron Coin Locations

Location 5
LocationJiren Island

Treasure Area 6 - Iron Coin Locations

LocationKujou Encampment

Treasure Area 7 - Iron Coin Locations

LocationBetween Kujou Encampment and Mikage Furnace

Treasure Area 8 - Iron Coin Locations

LocationAbove Mikage Furnace

Treasure Area 9 - Iron Coin Locations

Treasure Area 9 - Iron Coin Locations
LocationLand between Tatarasuna & Kujou Encampment

Treasure Area 10 - Iron Coin Locations

Treasure Area 10 - Iron Coin Locations
LocationNorth of Tatarasuna

Treasure Area 11 - Iron Coin Locations

Location 11
LocationMusoujin Gorge

Treasure Area 12 - Iron Coin Locations

Location 12
LocationSerpent's Head

Treasure Area 13 - Iron Coin Locations

Treasure Area 13 - Iron Coin Locations
LocationEast of Kujou Encampment

Treasure Area 14 - Iron Coin Locations

Treasure Area 14 - Iron Coin Locations
LocationWest of Chinju Forest

Special Treasure - How To Unlock & Locations

Special Treasure Locations

Special Treasure 1 - South Of Araumi
HintMap Location
Hint 1
Special Treasure 1
Special Treasure 2 - Fort Mumei
HintMap Location
Hint 2
Special Treasure Location 2
All Special Treasure Location

Learn Where The Special Treasure

Collect Clues To Get Special Treasure

You will get puzzle pieces to a Special Treasure location while looking for coins. You don't have to collect all of the puzzle pieces to get the treasure. Once you know where, you can just head there and locate it!

Special Treasure - Puzzle Solution

Complete Puzzle To Get Treasure

Complete Puzzle To Get Treasure

Before you can get the Treasure, you will need to complete the platform puzzle first. When you reach the location, the platform puzzle will show up.

Follow The Clue Pattern In The Treasure Handbook

Step on the platform for the rest of the pieces to show up. To solve it, you need to light up the pieces to match the puzzle hint in your Treasure Handbook. If you make a mistake, you can light up or turn off pieces by stepping on them again.

Treasure Area Release Dates

108/06, 10:00AM808/09, 4:00AM
208/06, 10:00AM908/10, 4:00AM
308/07, 4:00AM1008/10, 4:00AM
408/07, 4:00AM1108/11, 4:00AM
508/08, 4:00AM1208/11, 4:00AM
608/08, 4:00AM1308/12, 4:00AM
708/09, 4:00AM1408/12, 4:00AM

New Areas Released Per Day

New Treasure Areas will be unlocked each day after the release of the event. They will be permanently unlocked for the duration of the event and can be cleared at any time.

Find Iron Coins In Marked Locations

Find Iron Coins In Marked Locations

Iron Coins can only be found in the areas indicated within the Treasure Handbook from the Events page. The areas will be unmarked in your map up until you actually reach them.

Use Treasure Hunting Seelie To Pinpoint Iron Coins

Use Treasure Hunting Seelie To Pinpoint Iron Coins

When you have the Treasure Hunting Seelie equipped while inside any of the Treasure Areas, it will guide you towards the dig sites of Iron Coins. It will start to beep and if you're close enough, it will move towards the dig site!

Lost Riches - Challenges

How To Unlock Challenges

Challenges may only be unlocked once a specific treasure area gets completed.

Challenge How To Unlock Reward
1st Challenge Complete Treasure 4 Hero's Wit
2nd Challenge Complete Treasure 8 Hero's Wit
3rd Challenge Complete Treasure 12 Hero's Wit

Challenge Locations

These challenges will immediately appear near you as soon as you complete the required treasure area.

1st Challenge
2nd Challenge
3rd Challenge
3rd Challenge

Lost Riches Event 2.0 Rewards List

Lost Riches All Item Shop List

Lost Riches All Item Shop List
Primogems380 Iron Coins
Hero's Wit108 Iron Coins
Mystic Enhancement Ore204 Iron Coins
Mora208 Iron Coins
- Mini Seelie: Viola
- Mini Seelie: Curcuma
- Mini Seelie: Dayflower
- Mini Seelie: Rosé
1280 Iron Coins

Can Only Buy 1 Seelie

Although there are multiple Seelies in the shop, you can only actually buy one of them. Once you purchase one, the rest of the Seelies will be unavailable for purchase.

Lost Riches Rerun In 2.0

Lost Riches - Release Date & Time

Lost Riches - Release Date & Time
Event Duration
2021/08/06 10:00 - 2021/08/16 03:59
(Server Time)
Event Shop
2021/08/06 10:00 - 2021/08/20 03:59
(Server Time)

How To Unlock Lost Riches 2.0

Complete Ritou Escape Plan Quest To Unlock

Lost Riches Rerun

Players will have to gain to Inazuma first before they can have access to this event. To do this, you need to clear the Ritou Escape Plan in Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1: The Immovable God And The Eternal Euthymia Quest

The Immovable God And The Eternal Euthymia Quest

Locate Treasure & Exchange Them For Items

Lost Riches for 2.0 Update

The returning Lost Seelie event will play the same, wherein player must find Iron Coins in a designated area with the help of a Treasure Hunting Seelie. You can then exchange Iron Coins for items in the event shop.

Inazuma Region Guide

Lost Riches Event 2.0 Walkthrough

Lost Riches Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1 Clear the The Path Of The Treasure Seeker... Part II quest
└ Talk to Ulman north of Araumi in Inazuma to get the Treasure Hunting Book
2Head to the marked Treasure Area
3Use the Treasure Hunting Seelie (Gadget) to locate dig spots

Encounter Challenges

 Encounter Challenges

While looking for the treasure, players might encounter some challenges. Complete the challenges and obtain rewards, which you can also collect 3 challenge rewards in other player's world via Multiplayer / Coop mode.

Challenge Difficulty

The challenges that you will encounter may be extremely difficult like on the past Lost Riches event. You may need to play Multiplayer / Coop mode in order to complete these challenges.

Unlock Map Fragments

Unlock Map Fragments

When digging for treasure, you can acquire Puzzle Pieces that will clue you in to the location of a Secret Trove. Puzzle Pieces are given at random and there's no guarantee which pieces you will get.

Exchange Iron Coins For Treasure

Exchange Iron Coins For Treasure

Collect the maximum amount of Iron Coins in each Treasure Area to unlock all of the items from the event shop! You can get Primogems, Hero's Wit, Mora, and a Seelie companion from the shop.

Obtain Only One Seelie

Obtain Only One Seelie

After completing the event, the player may now obtain one of the three (4) seelies. It is consist of Viola, Curcuma, Dayflower and Rosé.

Check Out Special Treasure Locations
Lost Riches Version 1.0

Lost Riches Event Release Date & How To Join

Lost Riches - Release Date & Time

Lost Riches
Event Duration
2021/01/08 10:00:00 – 2021/01/18 03:59:59
(Server Time)
Event Shop
2021/01/08 10:00:00 – 2021/01/22 03:59:59
(Server Time)

Reach Adventure Rank 20 To Join

To be able to join the event you must first reach Adventure Rank 20 and finish Archon Quest Prologue: Act I "The Outlander Who Caught the Wind."

More On Adventure Exp Farming Here

One Of The New 1.2 Events

Lost Riches is once of the events that will be released together with the Version 1.2 of the game. Hunt hidden treasures and coins with various rewards using limited seelie "pet" like items.

More 1.2 Information Here!

Continue The Event To Unlock Challenges

Coop Challenge

After finding a certain amount of treasures, you will unlock a special challenge that will give you EXP Books and Mora as a reward.

Check Special Treasure Guide Here!

Lost Riches - What To Do?

Lost Riches Procedures

No. Procedure
1 Go to Stone Gate and Talk to Ulman
2 Go to Falcon Coast & Get 60 Coins
3 Go to Lingju Pass & Get 60 Coins
4 Go to Starfell Lake & Get 60 Coins
5 Go to Guili Plains & Get 60 Coins and finish Co Op Challenge
6 Go to Bright Crowncanyon and find Special Treasure

Step 1: Talk To Ulman

Talk To Ulman

Go to Stone Gate and talk to ulman to get a Treasure-Seeking Seelies which will let you find and collect Iron Coin for this event.

Step 2-5: Use Treasure-Seeking Seelies To Collect Coins

Treasure-Seeking Seelies Can Be Summoned Using An Event Only Item

There will be a limited event item for this event called "Treasure Hunting Spirit". Using it will able you to see spots where coins exists.

Follow The "Pet" & Collect Iron Coins

Treasures or coins collected can be exchanged for various rewards such as Hero wits, primogems, and mora.

Check How To Farm Iron Coins Here!

Explore Various Locations For More Rewards & Challenges

During the event, an "Exploration Book" can be accessed from the menu which shows certain locations. Visit those locations for hidden treasure and challenges.

Step 6: Read Our Special Treasure Location Guide

You need to find a specific location to complete the special treasure. The locaiton is indicated as an image in the challnge screen and you basically need to find the venue.

Check Out Special Treasure Locations

Coin Locations Unlock Schedule

The following schedule table is based on server time of your region.

AreaUnlock Date Or Condition
Treasure Area 11/8 10:00
Treaasure Area 21/8 10:00
Treasure Area 31/9 4:00
Treaasure Area 41/9 4:00
Special Treasure 1Explore Tresure Area 3 To Unlock
Treasure Area 51/10 4:00
Treasure Area 61/10 4:00
Treasure Area 71/11 4:00
Treasure Area 81/11 4:00
Special Treasure 2Explore Tresure Area 7 To Unlock
Treasure Area 91/12 4:00
Treasure Area 101/12 4:00
Treasure Area 111/13 4:00
Treasure Area 121/13 4:00
Treasure Area 131/13 4:00
Treasure Area 141/13 4:00
Check All Iron Coin Locations Here!

Lost Riches Event Rewards List

Mini Seelie Pets

One of the rewards for this event is the Mini Seelie. They seem to serve no function other than additional aesthetic but they will surely make your travel around Teyvat more lively. Take note however, that you can only claim one kind of Seelie in this event so be careful before choosing.

Other Event Rewards

840 Iron Coins Needed To Get All Shop Items

You will need 840 Iron Coins to get all shop items. Note that you can get only one of the Mini Seelies, so think which to get first.

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chihayaks 13

As this event has appeared twice, that means for those who claimed a seelie in the last event may choose between the 3, and for those who hasn't may choose between the 4 options. This is for the comment below me.

Anonymous 12

So is it one of 3 or one of 4 Seelie? You keep typing three (3) and yet there's 4 possible to choose from lol

Xavier 11

Viola is the new one
Curcuma, was also availible in the 1st time this event got release

Anonymous 10

Storm Terror's lair has a challenge there

Anonymous 9

bruh the fatui agent challenge is by far the most bs thing ever, and for what? some mora and wits? even leylines are better than this

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