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Albedo Best Build Guide for Genshin Impact. See Albedo Build artifacts, weapons for build, weapon ranking & compare, main DPS team, best 4 star weapon, & more about Builds for Albedo.

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Best Build For Albedo & Recommended Builds

Best Build For Albedo Is An Off-Field Sub-DPS

ArtifactHusk Of Opulent DreamsHusk Of Opulent Dreams ×4
Sub-Stat Priority1. CRIT Rate
2. Crit DMG
3. DEF%
4. Energy Recharge
Talent PriorityNormal Attack: ★・・・・
Skill: ★★★★★
Burst: ★★★★・
Recommended WeaponUraku MisugiriCinnabar SpindleHarbinger of DawnFestering Desire
▼ Weapon Rankings
Recommended TeamsAlbedoNaviaXianglingBennett
▼ Other Team Members

Focus On Increasing Elemental Skill Damage

Albedo's main takeaway from his kit is in his Elemental Skill since most of his damage will come there. You will be able to increase its damage and overall effectivity by stacking as high of a Defense for Albedo as possible.

Husk Of Opulent Dreams With Cinnabar Spindle Is Recommended

The best combination of Artifact with Weapons for Albedo is the 4-piece Husk of Opulent Dreams and the Cinnabar Spindle. Both of which will increase overall DEF, while also providing buffs to Albedo's Elemental Skill.

Best Artifacts, Substitute, & Sub Stats For Albedo

BuildRecommendation & Details
Husk Of Opulent Dreams
4pc. Set
Rating: ★★★★★
- 2-piece set bonus increases DEF
- The 4-piece set bonus is perfect for Albedo since it will increase Geo DMG
▶ Farm at Waterfall Wen
Golden Troupe
4pc. Set
Rating: ★★★★・
- Increases Elemental Skill damage with the 2-piece set bonus
- Further increases the Elemental Skill damage with the 4-piece set. Conditions for the buff is perfect for Albedo
▶ Farm at Denouement Of Sin
Archaic Petra
2pc. Set
Husk Of Opulent Dreams
2pc. Set
Rating: ★★・・・
- Okay set to use while you're farming for better 4-piece sets for Albedo
- Archaic Petra will increase Geo DMG while Husk Of Opulent Dreams will increase DEF
▶ Farm at Denouement Of Sin and at the Slumbering Court

Husk Of Opulent Dreams Is Best To Increase DEF & Elemental Skill Demage

A 4-piece set of the Husk of Opulent Dreams is the best artifact set for Albedo in the current meta. It is able to increase DEF with its two piece set, and places a conditional buff to the Elemental Skill damage with its 4-piece set. The condition is easily procced by Albedo, making this very ideal for him!

Effect Of Artifact
Husk Of Opulent Dreams
2pc. SetDEF +30%
4pc. SetA character equipped with this Artifact set will obtain the Curiosity effect in the following conditions: When on the field, the character gains 1 stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack, triggering a maximum of once every 0.3s. When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3s. Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG Bonus. When 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.

Use 2 Piece Set DEF & Geo Hybrid While Farming Husk Of Opulent Dreams

If you want to use Albedo right away, you can opt for a 2-piece Geo DMG bonus with a 2-piece DEF Artifact. It is not as powerful as the full Husk of Opulent Dreams set but it should be enough for Albedo to deal good damage even at difficult contents like Spiral Abyss. It is recommended to use it as a temporary set as you farm for a complete 4-piece set of Husk of Opulent Dreams.

Sub-Stats For Sub-DPS Build On Albedo

Recommended Main Stats & Sub-Stats

Main Status (※ Flower and Feather is fixed.)
Song Of LifeSandsDEF%
Calabash Of AwakeningGobletGeo DMG Bonus
Skeletal HatCircletCRIT Rate or CRIT Damage
Crit Rate / Crit DMG / DEF% / Energy Recharge

DEF% / Geo DMG Bonus / CRIT Main Stats Should Be Aimed For

When it comes to Albedo's main stats, aim to get DEF% for his Sands, Geo DMG Bonus for his Goblet, and either Crit Rate or Crit Damage for his Circlet. Adjust between Crit Rate or Crit Damage for the circlet depending on whether her could get to 50% Crit Rate without it.

Artifact Rating Tool

Recommended Party Build For Albedo

Geo Synergy Party

Party / Recommended Artifacts
Points Of The Comp
- Boost the DMG of Albedo and Navia via Pyro and Geo Resonance.
 └ Geo Reso.: Geo Resistance Down, Pyro Reso.: ATK% Buff
- Albedo's skill will allow for Crystallize to form to support Navia's skill
- Xiangling's amazing Pyro infliction is great for producing Crystals
- Xiangling + Bennett can be changed for various characters
 └Try to form an elemental resonance in these section.

A Team Comp That Focuses On Crystalize While Boosting Damage

This team comp uses Navia as a main attacker on a Geo + Pyro resonance team. Only Crystalize will be formed in this team between Albedo, Navia, Bennett, and Xiangling. Using Xiangling's amazing off-field infliction you will easily get Crystalize easily boosting Navia's DMG by triggering Albedo's Skill. For Bennett + Xiangling's section, you can easily change them to other Pyro, Hydro, Cryo or Electro characters like Xingqiu and Yelan.

Examples Of Substitute Characters

※ It is recommended to have an Elemental Resonance party when you are not using Bennett.
NaviaNaviaIttoItto- Good Geo Main DPS replacement for Navia
- Does a ton of damage and can easily synchronize with Albedo
NingguangNingguang- An alternate Geo Main DPS
- Elemental Skill as a construct will synergize with Albedo!
XingqiuXingqiu- Follow-up attacks from Normals makes it easier to create Crystalize.
- The shield works great with Crystalize.
YelanYelan- Follow-up attacks from Normals makes it easier to create Crystalize.
- Also buffs personal damage of Albedo.
- Amazing especially when used with Xingqiu
FurinaFurina- Automatically inflicts Hydro.
- Greatly increase the damage of party.
- You need a healer when using Furina
FischlFischl- Very good Electro infliction on single-targets.
- C6 further increases Electro infliction.
BeidouBeidou- Amazing at multiple targets.
- Shield also supports longevity of the team.
 └Great with Xingqiu and Fischl.
Yae MikoYae Miko- Has a wide AoE of off-field.
- Also gives high damage when using Gilded Dreams.
GorouGorouGreat support with Albedo since Gorou can increase damage for Geo characters
- Best with a mono-Geo comp

Albedo Main DPS Build Weapon Recommendations

Uraku MisugiriUraku MisugiriRecommendation: ★★★★★
- Best weapon for Albedo since it increases Skill DMG, DEF and CRIT DMG.
- Low base ATK does not affect Albedo because of his DEF Scaling.
- He can maximize the weapon effect doubling the buffs.
Cinnabar SpindleCinnabar SpindleRecommendation: ★★★★★
- Amazing sword for Albedo due to the DEF Main Stat and Skill DMG boost effect.
- Increases Skill DMG based on the DEF of the user
- Limited time event weapon. Is currently unavailable to get if you missed the event
Wolf-FangWolf-FangRecommendation: ★★★★・
- Crit Rate Sub-Stat will make Artifact building a bit easier
- Weapon Skill also directly increases Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst by 16%. Crit Rate is also further increased with the Weapon Skill
- A Battle Pass weapon so it will require In-Game Purchase
Harbinger Of DawnHarbinger Of DawnRecommendation: ★★★・・
- Increases the Crit Rate with its weapon skill
- Crit DMG Sub-Stat is very beneficial to Albedo
- Requires high HP so it can't be paired with characters like Furina
Festering DesireFestering DesireRecommendation: ★★★・・
- Increase in Elemental Skill DMG and Elemental Skill Crit Rate is great for Albedo
- However, ER Sub-Stat makes it a less viable weapon for Albedo unless you're running an Elemental Reaction-heavy team comp

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