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Best Exploration Character Guide for Genshin Impact 4.2 includes recommended characters for exploring, roles, taxi, mobility, specialty & ore farming, puzzles & gimmicks, & more!

Table of Contents

Best Exploration Team

Best Exploration For Overworld

Main DPSSub DPSHealerSub-DPS

Wanderer Can Fly

Wanderer's Skill enables him to float for a brief period. It does not consume stamina since the Skill has its own "stamina" gauge.

Yelan Skill For Quick Run

When holding the Skill of Yelan, the movement speed is temporarily boosted. It does not consume stamina which is great to use whenever available to conserve stamina. You can opt for Sayu if you do not have Yelan since she has a similar skill and enables Anemo resonance with Wanderer which is helpful for movement speed.

Xianyun For Climbing Slopes

Xianyun excels at climbing slanted areas and slopes because of her elemental Skill. If you do not have Xianyun you can also use Kirara for cliff climbing. She also increases gliding speed of characters.

Furina For Fontaine Exploration & Water Walking

Furina I

Furina has a 100% up-time of walking to water which is very useful for the exploration of all nations. At Fontaine, she also has both Pneuma and Ousia making many of the puzzles of Fontaine trivial. At overworld, she is also an amazing healer.

Free-To-Play Exploration Team

Main DPSSub DPSSupportHealer
Substitute & Details
Substitute Characters
Shikanoin HeizouHeizou
Main DPS
Similar to Razor's passive talent, Heizou & Kaeya can conserve stamina while sprinting.
It is good to have at least 1 bow user in the team in case you encountered Bloaty Floaty & floating Anemo Slime.
Anemo TravelerAnemo Traveler
The role of support is to amplify or synergize with the DPS for better damage output. Usual supports have crowd control, debuff, and off-field element application
Besides combat, HP can also decrease when falling from certain heights which is why healers are vital when exploring. Also, it is good to have at least 1 claymore user in the team in case you encounter ores. Claymore users can break ores with Normal Attack.

Razor's Abilities


Razor can deal heavy physical damage to enemies. As a claymore user, he can easily break multiple ores. He can also decrease stamina consumption while sprinting.

Amber's Abilities


Amber is useful in combat, especially when hitting the weak points of Ruin enemies. As a bow user & Pyro character, she can apply Pyro from afar which is required to solve some gimmicks & puzzles. She can also decrease stamina consumption while gliding.

Lynette's Abilities

Lynette can be obtained for free upon reaching Adventure Rank 25 and her Elemental Skill is similar to Yelan who allows you to sprint without using Stamina and be quicker than usual Sprinting.

Barbara's Abilities


Besides restoring HP, Barbara's Skill can decrease the stamina consumption of the active character by 12% throughout the duration. In addition, she can provide a buff to the next character if Thrilling Tales is used.

Best Team For Underwater Exploration

You Cannot Use Elemental Skill & Burst But Passive Still Activates

When exploring underwater, Elemental Skill and Burst of characters cannot be activated. However, their passives still activates so characters that provide movement speed is very helpful. This applies to characters and weapons.

Useful Characters & Weapons

FurinaFurina- If you use Elemental Skill outside underwater, it still persist underwater.
- The cooldown of underwater abilities is halved.
DehyaDehya- Dehya is able to heal herself once her HP is low.
- Movement Speed during the morning also helps.
Aquila FavoniaAquila Favonia- Huge damage and healing when hit.
- At C2, Baizhu provides automatic healing and damage to enemies.
NeuvilletteNeuvillette- Increases Underwater Sprint SPD.
FreminetFreminet- Decreases Aquatic Stamina consumption.
LynetteLynette- Shows location of recovery orbs underwater in the Mini-Map.

Genshin "Taxi" Characters & Convenient Characters For Exploration

Fast Mobility & Conserves Stamina

The listed characters are helpful for convenient exploration. Some can conserve stamina while sprinting, gliding, climbing, & swimming while others have fast mobility that does not consume stamina at all.

Fast Mobility

Fast Mobility Without Stamina Consumption

Some characters can briefly boost their movement which is great to use in turns with regular movement that requires stamina.

Fast Mobility On Combat

Abilities with fast mobility are also useful in combat.

Alternate Sprint

Alternate Sprint

Alternate Sprint Versus Regular Sprint

Alternate sprint is faster than a regular sprint. The downside of alternate sprint versus regular sprint is the inability to dash backward and sharp turn; alternate sprint can only do u-turns and curve turns.

Alternate Sprint On Water

Alternate sprint is also useful for traversing bodies of water and the speed is the same as doing it on land.

Useful Abilities For Exploration

Displacement With Ability

Some characters can displace themselves quickly which is useful for exploration.

Gain Altitude With Ability

Some characters can create Geo construct that can be used as a platform to gain altitude. Geo construct can also be used to some gimmicks & puzzles such as pressure plate.

Crowd Control & AoE Characters

Anemo Crowd Control

Lure Enemies With Crowd Control

The characters listed below have great crowd control that can compress lightweight enemies altogether.

Gather Drops With Crowd Control

Besides lightweight enemies, some crowd control can also affect the drops from defeated enemies.

Skill & Burst With Wide AOE

Area of Effect: Circular
AlbedoAlbedoKuki ShinobuKuki ShinobuLisaLisaRosariaRosaria
TighnariTighnariColleiColleiDendro TravelerDendro TravelerJeanJean
Area of Effect: Frontal
Area of Effect: Projectile
NingguangNingguangYae MikoYae MikoFischlFischl-
Area of Effect: Mark
Area of Effect: Self-Buff
XiaoXiaoRaiden ShogunRaiden ShogunCynoCynoNoelleNoelle
Area of Effect: Around the Character

The listed characters above are powerful that can damage & clear many enemies at once. Include them in your team if you plan to farm for ascension materials from enemies in the open world.

Ascension Guide Materials & Requirements

Resources Characters

Unique Resources Farming

Unique Resources Farming

The listed characters are helpful for gathering useful resources in the open world. Include them in your team if you plan to hoard specialties & stockpile resources for cooking & Serenitea Pot.

Ore Farming

Ore Farming
Mark & Break

Break Many Ores Simultaneously

Break Many Ores Simultaneously

By holding the Skill of Razor & Zhongli, you can break many ores in an area all at once. Razor can also break ores with Normal Attack since he is a claymore user.

Useful Talent For Farming

Other Resources Farming
Crystal Core and other insects
Raw Meat, Chilled Meat, & Fowl
ThomaThomaFish in Inazuma
NahidaNahidaConvenience for harvesting materials
IttoIttoMultiplier for gathering wood
BaizhuBaizhuHeals the team after harvesting items.

Use Sayu When Farming Crystalflies

Sayu's passive talent enables you to approach crystalflies without startling it. The crystalflies would only fly away the moment you start to gather.

Use Nahida For Convenience

Use Nahida For Convenience

Nahida's Skill enables you to get resources from a distance and you can only get up to 5 resources per Skill cast.

Gimmick & Puzzle Characters

Characters Good For Solving Gimmicks & Puzzles

Use Characters Accordingly

Use Characters Accordingly

Different characters are useful depending on the gimmicks & puzzles like elemental monuments.

Pile Of Rocks

Loose Rock Piles

Use Claymore Or Geo Character

Use Claymore Or Geo Character

Claymore users & Geo characters can break piles of rocks with ease. Loose rock piles have an orange color when using elemental sight.

Torches & Vines

Torches & Vines

Use Pyro & Bow

Use Pyro & Bow

Pyro is needed when encountering it during exploration. It is recommended to use bow users so you can trigger it even from a distance.

Floating Targets

Bloaty Floaty & Floating Anemo Slimes

Use Bow Characters

Use Bow Characters

The recommended characters above have a special aim charge which makes it easier to hit a floating target

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This article is truly amazing.

I am a fan of using this team for ore farming:
- Wanderer
- Kazuha (sometime Sayu)
- Dehya
- Zhongli

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