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Rerun Banner For Kokomi (3.0) Featured Characters & Release Date
Rerun Banner For Kokomi (3.0) Featured Characters & Release Date | Genshin Impact - GameWith

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Rerun Banner For Kokomi (3.0) Featured Characters & Release Date

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Kokomi Rerun Banner is a rerun banner for Genshin Impact 3.0. See release date of Kokomi Rerun, 5 & 4 star featured characters, rates & more about Drifting Luminescence banner rerun!

Table of Contents

3.0 Version Update
ColleiColleiDoriDoriDendro TravelerDendro Traveler

Kokomi Rerun Banner - Release Date & Featured Characters

Banner Schedule
09/09/2022 – 09/27/2022
Featured Characters + Ranking

Confirmed Rerun In 3.0 Update

kokomi banner rerun for 3.0

It was announced that Kokomi will grace us once again with her presence on Version 3.0. She will have a rerun with Ganyu and will be the second batch of banners for the version.

3.0 Update Banners, Characters, & Events

A Double Banner With Ganyu

ganyu rerun for 3.0

Sangonomiya Kokomi and Ganyu's banner will be released at the same time for the 2nd phase of 3.0 Update. They will be sharing the same Pity counter and 4-star characters.

Rerun Banner For Ganyu & Featured 4 Star Characters

Between Kokomi & Ganyu, Which Will You Pull?

Who Is Sangonomiya Kokomi?


She is the Divine Priestess & The Supreme Leader of Watatsumi Island. She is amazingly known for strategizing battle plans and other military affairs. She also handles Watatsumi Island's domestic, diplomacy, and other affairs related to her island.

More About Kokomi Here

Try Our Kokomi Rerun Banner Gacha Simulator

Try Our Kokomi Rerun Banner Gacha Simulator

Try your luck and see if you can pull Kokomi from our Kokomi Rerun Banner Gacha Simulator here!

Kokomi Gacha Simulator

Should You Roll For Kokomi?

Pull for Healer & Hydro Enabler


Kokomi is one of the best healers in the game as her Elemental Skill can give huge amount of healing that will based on her Max HP per tick. In addition to building her using the Ocean-Hued Clam artifact, she will finally deal damage while healing!

Ocean-Hued Clam Artifact Set

Consistent Healing & A Good Hydro Enabler

Kokomi's Healing is very strong if she's built as a healer. She can easily support her team with her healing skills. She is also good as a hydro enabler as her Elemental Skill has almost 100% uptime and can also apply hydro with her normal attacks.

Best Characters In Kokomi Rerun Banner?

Pickup Character Rankings

Featured Characters + Ranking

Kokomi Overview

Sangonomiya Kokomi
ElementHydro Hydro
Weapon TypeCatalyst

Kokomi can effectively be an enabler or healer. She can effectively support the team with her consistent hydro application while giving powerful heals that can easily keep the entire team's HP full. She also has a low internal cooldown which is great with Dendro reactions.

Kokomi Best Builds

Dori Overview

Dori sumeru character
ElementElectro Electro
Weapon TypeClaymore

A good support electro Claymore character from the Sumeru nation. Dori summons its Jinni on the field that can connect to nearby characters. It will constantly regenerate their HP & Elemental Energy and also inflict damage to enemies.

Dori Release Date, Element & Weapon

Xingqiu Overview

Xingqiu in kokomi banner
Element Hydro Hydro
Weapon TypeSword

Xingqiu is one of the best Hydro Support in the game. He can reduce hydro resistance while in combat and his skills are both amazing in offense and defense.

Xingqiu Best Build

Sucrose Overview

sucrose genshin
Weapon TypeCatalyst

Sucrose is a good Anemo Catalyst user who has the ability to gather enemies together. She can be a decent addition to your team when it comes to optimizing Elemental Combos! Sucrose also conducts Elemental Mastery buff to all party members once you unlock her talent "Mollis Favonius".

Sucrose Best Build

Kokomi Sangonomiya Banner Rerun - Gacha Rates

Item Probability & Drop Rate

Probability and Drop Rate is based on previous banners.

RarityProbabilityRoll Items
5 star0.6%Characters
4 star5.1%Characters, Weapons
3 star94.3%Weapons
Banner Features
・Guaranteed ★4 for every 10 rolls
・Pickup characters have a 50% chance of appearing

Guaranteed ★5 Character With 90 Rolls

For this banner, you will be guaranteed to get a ★5 Character if you roll 90 times. If you did not get a featured character on the first 5★ roll, you'll be guaranteed a featured 5★ for your next ★5 character.

Previous Banner Rolls Are Counted Towards Guarantee

Your rolls with the previous banners are counted towards the 90-rolls ★5 Character guarantee. Any previous rolls before receiving a ★5 character are counted.

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All Banner List - Character & Weapon Banner History

Version 3.7 Events

Events List
Duel! The SummonersDuel! The Summoners' Summit!

05/25/2023 - 06/19/2023

The main event for version 3.7 where you can get the event-exclusive Ibis Piercer
Zero Hour InvokationZero Hour Invokation

05/25/2023 - 06/19/2023

Use the preset event decks and win TCG duels with it to claim the rewards
Evermotion Mechanical Painting: InvokerEvermotion Mechanical Painting: Invoker

05/25/2023 - 06/19/2023

Swap the positions of the mechanical parts and add gears if necessary to solve the challenges and claim the rewards
A Tour of WondersA Tour of Wonders

05/25/2023 - 06/19/2023

Reach the checkpoint within the time limit and collect commemorative stamps to claim the rewards
Heart of the DiceHeart of the Dice

05/25/2023 - 06/19/2023

Defeat multiple opponents inside the event domain and accumulate a score to claim the rewards
The Forge RealmThe Forge Realm's Temper

05/25/2023 - 06/19/2023

Participate in a series of 5 TCG matches to claim the Lucky Coins
Yoimiya Story Quest Act 2Yoimiya Story Quest Act 2


Yoimiya has reached Sumeru and is up for another adventure!
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Kaveh Hangout Event

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Isn't Dori a claymore character?

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