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Windtrace (Hide & Seek) Event Guide - Secret Favor & Release Date
Windtrace (Hide & Seek) Event Guide - Secret Favor & Release Date | Genshin Impact - GameWith

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Windtrace (Hide & Seek) Event Guide - Secret Favor & Release Date

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Windtrace is an event for Genshin Impact version 1.5. Learn about Windtrace, Windtrace Coins, Hide and Seek event, rebels and hunters, rewards, release date and Secret Favor.

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1.5 Version Updates
EulaEulaZhongliZhongli YanfeiYanfei
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Version 1.5 Update Details

Windtrace - Rebels Skills (Windward Arts) & Tips

How To Win?
Have at least 1 character not hunted.
Strategy Points
- Make full use of skills and roam around the area.
- Make sure to get Favors as you go.

Use Skills To Hide From Hunters

Your attacks, while playing the event, will turn into different skills that can be chosen before the game starts. Hide in places wherein the item you transform into is not unusual and when the hunter is close, try to not move!

Skill Name Effect
【Click】 Use to randomly disguise as one of the specialized objects in the area.
【Hold】 Remove the disguise.
The disguise will be removed when you glide or swim.
LAy BaitLay Bait
Place a suitable Bait in the area ahead to confuse the Hunter. If the hunter attempts to capture the Bait, their vision will be obscured for a short time.
The bait will take on the same guise as you when you are using the "Disguise" Skill.
Enter a hidden mode temporarily. During this time, you cannot be seen by the Hunter.
Entering this mode will dispel your current disguise.
You can still be detected by the following Hunter's Windward Arts:
- Capture!
- Mysterious Hunch
- Sensor Aura
Star StepStarstep
Movement SPD is greatly increased for the next 30s.

Recommended Skill

Star StepStarstepDisguiseDisguise TransparencyTransparency

Transparency can help you run away from Hunters when they spotted you. Use Transparency during emergency situations.

Rebel Hiding Tips

Use Small Characters

Small Chara

Characters with small stature, like Qiqi and Diona, are difficult to find and can hide behind rocks or structures making it hard for the hunter to find them.

Mona One Of The Best Rebel


Mona is the fastest sprinter but also can disappear and remain underground with her special dash. Using Mona is recommended if you have her.

Hide Above Houses And Structures

Top Of Houses

People tend to not search above houses so it is recommended to climb and hide in those structures. So once the game start, quickly find a statue to hide on.

Use Transparency If The Hunter Is Close To You

Using Transparency will give you a relatively safe time to hide from the hunter. It is also recommended to use this to steal favor when it is closer to the hunter.

Field Hiding Location
Small Town Guerilla War
Small Town
Click to Enlarge
Winery Confrontation
Small Town
Click to Enlarge
Drifters in the Terrace Depths
Click to Enlarge
Hide where there are many Scarecrows.
Ghost-Fire Stream
Click to Enlarge
Hide from the sight of the hunter by moving around gigantic rocks.
Ice-Sealed Maze
Click to Enlarge
Higher part of the cave.

Got any other hiding locations? Share it with us in the ▼Comments below!

Windtrace - Hunter Skills (Wind Arts) & Tips

How To Win?
Search for all Rebels within the allowed time.
Strategy Points
- Use skills effectively and search for the rebels.
- Make sure to get Favors as you go.

Role Is To Search For The Rebels


The role of hunters is to search for the Rebels as fast as possible. The faster you find the hunters, the higher the Windtrace coins that you will receive.

Hunter Skills / Windward Arts List

Skill Name Effect
SensorSensor Aura
Scout a fixed area around yourself. You will be notified if a Rebel is in the area.
MYsterious HunchMysterious Hunch
Briefly show the direction which all the Rebels can be found.
Dispell the disguise of a nearby Rebel and capture them.
Imprisoning CurseImprisoning Curse
Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and restrains them for a time. During this time, the target will be unable to leave the restraining area.
The Rebels will be warned of this action.
Dispels the disguises of all Rebels and briefly marks their location on the mini map while showing the position of nearby Rebels on the scene with a pillar of light.
During this time, the Rebels will be unable to disguise themselves. The rebels will be warned of this action.
HunterHunter's Intuition
Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and marks their location on the minimap for a long period of time. If the target is nearby, their location will be marked by a pillar of light.
The target cannot Disguise themselves for the duration of this effect. The Rebels will be warned of this action.

Recommended Skill

Imprisoning CurseImprisoning CurseCapture!Capture!SensorSensor Aura

Imprisoning Curse almost makes it guarantee the character to capture one Rebel so use it when you only have one left. Use Sensor Aura while walking around the field and capture at least two.

Look At Where The Characters Are Heading


While waiting at the start of the game, adjust your camera angle to check where the rebels are heading. This is to give an idea where to find them.

Make Sure To Take The Special Favor

For Hunters, it is crucial to take the special favor to win. Once the favor pops up, prioritize taking it.

Use Sensor and Capture Interchangebly

Sensor and Capture has different cooldowns. Spam them while walking around the map to easily find the Rebels.

Windtrace - Challenge List

Get Additional Mora By Completing Challenges


You can get additional rewards by accomplishing challenges that will be available in the Event Page.

Challenge List

Click to Enlarge

Windtrace - Rewards

Earn Windtrace Coins By Fulfilling Certain Conditions

Click to Enlarge

Players can earn Windtrace Coins which can be exchanged for rewards in the event shop by completing the conditions above while playing the game.

Use Windtrace Coins To Claim Rewards


Rewards include the following:

  • Primogems
  • Character Ascension Materials
  • Event-only Name card.
Windtrace Coins - How To Farm

Earn Up to 600 Coins A Day

Players are capped at earning 600 coins a day for the event. Once the cap is reached, players won't be able to gain coins even if they played the event mini-game.

Multiplayer - Only Get Coins For Random Matching

For multiplayer, players can only earn coins if you choose random matching. If you form a team with friends, you won't earn any coins after a match. However, this won't stop you and friends from having a friendly match of your own.

Multiplayer / Coop -Guide

Get Rewards From Challenges

You can also get rewards by completing ▲Windtrace Challenges on Event Page.

Windtrace (Hide & Seek Event) - How To Unlock & Release Date

Event Duration
2021/05/14 10:00 - 2021/05/24 03:59
(Server Time)

Starts On May 14

Windtrace Event is announced to happen on May 14 and is one of the version exclusive event of version 1.5 of Genshin Impact.

More About Version 1.5 Update Details

Unlocks For Adventure Rank 20 Or Up

This event will automatically unlock for players that reached Adventure Rank 20. If you haven't reached this rank, follow the guide below to raise your Adventure Rank fast!

Adventure Rank | How To Level Up Fast

Talk To Gygax To Start The Game

You can start the game by talking to Gygax. You can opt to form a party beforehand or play with people randomly. However take note that you can only obtain Windtrace Coins when playing with randomly assigned players.

Windtrace (Hide & Seek Event) - Event Details & Contents

A Hide And Seek Game Between Two Teams

A Hide And Seek Game Between Two Teams

Windtrace is Mondstadt's History themed hide and seek game, where players are split between the Hunters that need to seek out all Rebel to win, or Rebel that need to hide a certain amount of time without being caught.

Take Control Of Hunter Or Rebel With Different Abilities

Take Control Of Hunter Or Rebel With Different Abilities

As a hunter, you'll get abilities that replace your elemental, normal attacks to spot & see through decoys set by Rangers. As for rebels, you'll need to rely on your decoy & invisibility cloak ability to stay ahead of the game.

Select Skills From The Event Page

Choose Skills

5 Maps To Play On

5 Maps To Play On

A total of 5 maps that's based on real terrain of the game will be available for players to play on. Those that researched the map area ahead of time will be able to gain an upper hand in the match!

Unlock All Statue Of Seven For More Areas

You can only play at areas where Statue of Seven is already unlocked. Get more areas by interacting with Statue of Seven. The locations of it will appear in-map.

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Giuls 4

Hiding up there in dragon spine is pointless since you’ll freeze to death. You will eventually need to go near a fire
That’s really the easiest field to win as a hunter

Anonymous 3

I freeze in dragonspine map how do i not?

washedupzyra 2

this sport is kinda busted as u can use invi whenever the hunter comes and then glide from trees to trees, its kinda obnoxious kekw

Anonymous 1

How many attempts can I do this event in a day until it stops giving me coins? Someone on youtube said 3 but I haven't found any article proving that yet.

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