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Kazuha Best Build Guide for Genshin Impact. See Kazuha Build artifacts, weapons for build, weapon ranking & compare, best team, best 4 star weapon, & Builds for support Kazuha.

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Best Build For Kazuha & Recommended Builds

Best Build For Kazuha Is An Off-Field Sub-DPS

ArtifactViridescent VenererViridescent Venerer ×4
Sub-Stat Priority1. Elemental Mastery
2. Energy Recharge
Talent PriorityNormal Attack: ★・・・・
Skill: ★★★★★
Burst: ★★★★・
Recommended WeaponFreedom-SwornXiphosToukabou ShigureIron Sting
▼ Weapon Rankings
Recommended TeamsKazuhaKazuhaNeuvilletteFurinaFischl
▼ Other Team Members

Focus On Increasing Elemental Mastery

Kazuha's strength lies not on his damage, but on the increased damage he can deal with Swirl, his ability to apply Elemental Shred, and increase the team's Elemental Damage through his passive. To make the most out of his skills, it's best to build as much as Elemental Mastery for him.

Freedom-Sworn & Viridescent Venereer Are The Best Combo

When it comes to being a Sub-DPS, giving Kazuha the Freedom-Sworn for his weapon and Viridescent Venerer as his artifact is the best. The Freedom-Sworn easily works well with Kazuha's skills while Viridescent Venerer together will provide additional damage through the Swirl Boost and Elemental Shred.

Best Artifacts, Substitute, & Sub Stats For Kazuha

BuildRecommendation & Details
Viridescent Venerer
4pc. Set
Rating: ★★★★★
- 2-piece set bonus increases Anemo DMG
- The 4-piece set bonus is perfect for Kazuha since it will apply Elemental Damage shred and provide Swirl boost
▶ Farm at Valley Of Remembrance
Gilded Dreams
4pc. Set
Rating: ★★★★・
- Increases Elemental Mastery through the 2-piece set
- Further increases the Elemental Mastery depending on the team composition
▶ Farm at Spire Of Solitary Enlightenment

Viridescent Venerer Is Best Due To Elemental Shred & Swirl Boost

A 4-piece set of the Viridescent Venerer is the best fit for a Sub-DPS Support build Kazuha. Since Kazuha can easily Swirl through his Skill and Elemental Burst, he can easily proc the VV 4-piece set bonus, which applies Elemental Shred and boosts Swirl damage.

Effect Of Artifact
Viridescent Venerer
2pc. SetAnemo DMG +15%
4pc. SetIncreases Swirl DMG +60%. Decreases opponent's Elemental RES to the element infused in the Swirl by by 40% for 10s

Farm For Virdescent Venerer Through The Artifact Exchange Strongbox

Since you can farm for the Viridescent Venerer artifact set through the Strongbox, you can farm for other artifacts and use what you get to farm for the Viridescent Venerer set. Through the domain, you can farm with any character since it's not a Domain that has a particular strength or weakness.

Sub-Stats For Sub-DPS Build On Kazuha

Recommended Main Stats & Sub-Stats

Main Status (※ Flower and Feather is fixed.)
SandsElemental Mastery
Viridescent VenererGobletElemental Mastery
Viridescent VenererCircletElemental Mastery
Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge

Increase Elemental Mastery As Much As You Can

When it comes to Kazuha's Main Stats, aim for a full Elemental Mastery build. Work to build as much Elemental Mastery as you can and in artifacts where you can't have an Elemental Mastery Sub-Stat, focus on Energy Recharge!

Artifact Rating Tool

Recommended Party Build For Kazuha

Great For Teams Centered Around Elemental Damage & Reactions

Party / Recommended Artifacts
Points Of The Comp
- A particularly strong team that will take advantage of Kazuha's support abilities
- Neuvillette and Furina will work together to easily deal a ton of damage, with them benefiting from Kazuha's support abilities
- Fischl will be able to easily provide Electro application for Electro-Charged

A Team Comp On High Hydro Damage With Electro-Charged

This team is great by itself with the Hydro Damage, but it goes further up with Electro-Charged added. Furina and Neuvillette will be the main source of damage while Fischl and Kazuha acts as their enabler. In the event that you need healing, Furina can also provide that.

Examples Of Substitute Characters

※ Since these characters work so well together, do note that replacing some of them may cause a drop in Damage
NeuvilletteNeuvilletteAyatoAyato- Can work well with Furina since they both scale off HP
- Damage will be based on Elemental Skill damage mostly
ChildeChilde- Childe can do a lot of damage with both his Elemental Skill & Burst but is restricted by his Skill's conditional cooldown
- Riptide will allow for high Hydro spread
- Elemental Burst can deal quite a bit of damage
FurinaFurinaChildeChilde- Childe can increase the talent level of Neuvillette's Charged Attack + Provide Hydro Resonance but this buff is weaker than Furina's and Childe does not produce off-field DMG.
FischlFischlYae MikoYae Miko- Can act as a good Electro applicator through her Elemental Skill
- Can provide additional damage through her Burst

Kazuha Sub-DPS/Support Build Weapon Recommendations

Freedom-SwornFreedom-SwornRecommendation: ★★★★★
- Currently the best Sword for Kazuha due to the EM Main Stat and Weapon skill fitting well for him
XiphosXiphos' MoonlightRecommendation: ★★★★・
- Alternative 4-star weapon if you don't have the Freedom-Sword
- High EM Main Stat, great for Kazuha
Toukabou ShigureToukabou ShigureRecommendation: ★★★★・
- Another great 4-star weapon that can work well with Kazuha
Howeber, it's a limited-time event weapon, meaning it's unattainable currently
Iron StingIron StingRecommendation: ★★★・・
- Free to play option for Kazuha
- Can easily be crafted at the Weapon Smith
- High EM will work well with Kazuha

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