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All Achievements List At Girdle Of The Sands (Update 3.6) Guide

Genshin | All Achievements List At Girdle Of The Sands (Update 3.6) Guide

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Genshin | All Achievements List At Girdle Of The Sands (Update 3.6) Guide - GameWith

All Achievement List at Girdle of the Sands in Genshin Impact 3.6. Guide includes total achievements from 3.6, how to unlock, achievement name, conditions, requirements, & rewards!

Table of Contents

3.6 Version Update
A Parade Of ProvidenceGirdle Of The Sands

All Achievements For 3.6

List Of Achievements For 3.6 Update

There are 45 new achievements available in version3.6. Check out all the achievements for 3.6 in the checklists below.

Wonders of the World Achievements 3.6

  1. Wonders of the World:
    Where the Light Toucheswhere the light touches
    How To Unlock:
    Complete The Splendorous Sky That Day quest
  2. Wonders of the World:
    Like a Morning Sun Coming Out of Gloomy Mountainslike a morning sun coming out of gloomy mountains
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Asipattravana Itihasa quest
  3. Wonders of the World:
    The Tree on the Hillthe tree on the hill
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Awakening's Real Sound quest
  4. Wonders of the World:
    Beneath the Fogbeneath the fog
    How To Unlock:
    Dispel the purple mist permeating
  5. Wonders of the World:
    Hic Pulsohic pulso
    How To Unlock:
    Retrieve all five Korybantes during Awakening's Real Sound quest
  6. Wonders of the World:
    Vyakarana of the Birdsvyakarana of the birds
    How To Unlock:
    When Sorush becomes Bloomguard during As the As The Khvarena's Light Shows quest
  7. Wonders of the World:
    Behold My Righteous Strike!behold my righteous strike!
    How To Unlock:
    Use the Ruin Cannon to destroy the Golem's core during the Nirodha subquest of As the As The Khvarena's Light Shows quest
  8. Wonders of the World:
    ...Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here....abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
    How To Unlock:
    Reach the Khaenri'ah door that is only available at the last part of As The Khvarena's Light Shows quest
  9. Wonders of the World:
    How To Unlock:
    Activate the elevator in the ruin golem during As the Khvarena's Light Shows quest
  10. Wonders of the World:
    Trial of Haft-Vaditrial of haft-vadi
    How To Unlock:
    Complete As the Khvarena's Light Shows quest
  11. Wonders of the World:
    A Rope Over an Abyssa rope over an abyss
    How To Unlock:
    Pass through the dark hollow during The Hymn of Tir Yazad quest
  12. Wonders of the World:
    The Camel, the Lion, and the Childthe camel, the lion, and the child
    How To Unlock:
    Obtain all Spenta Hearts inside the Defiled Chamber
  13. Wonders of the World:
    The Day of Tirganthe day of tirgan
    How To Unlock:
    Talk to Sorush after protecting the Flower of Sanctity during The Hymn of Tir Yazad quest
  14. Wonders of the World:
    A Fascinating Journeya fascinating journey
    How To Unlock:
    Complete An Artist Adrift quest
  15. Wonders of the World:
    This Mystery Is Solved!this mystery is solved!
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Monumental Study quest
  16. Wonders of the World:
    Homeward-Bound Spiritshomeward-bound spirits
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Pale Fire quest
  17. Wonders of the World:
    The Sea of Fertilitythe sea of fertility
    How To Unlock:
    Revitalize all Sunyata Flowers around the Vourukasha Oasis then talk to Sefana
  18. Wonders of the World:
    The Brave Shall Not Falterthe brave shall not falter
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Lightcall Resonance quest and finish all trials set by Jarjar around Tunigi Hollows
  19. Wonders of the World:
    How To Unlock:
    Complete all Soul Bell challenges
  20. Wonders of the World:
    Seven Dish Danceseven dish dance
    How To Unlock:
    Complete all Percussive Prancing Mushroom challenges
  21. Wonders of the World:
    Shining in the Mireshining in the mire
    How To Unlock:
    Dispel Gray Crystal with Farrwick for the first time
  22. Wonders of the World:
    When the Red Scarf Transforms Into a Bird in Flight...when the red scarf transforms into a bird in flight...
    How To Unlock:
    Make your first flight with Sorush
  23. Wonders of the World:
    Soaring in the Skies of Sary-Ozeksoaring in the skies of sary-ozek
    How To Unlock:
    Keep Sorush in flight for a while
  24. Wonders of the World:
    Whose Descendant Are You, and What's Your Name?whose descendant are you, and what's your name?
    How To Unlock:
    Use the alternate Skill with Sorush
  25. Wonders of the World:
    Use the Force, Sorushuse the force, sorush
    How To Unlock:
    Launch Nirodha Fruits with Sorush's help to melt 15 crystals condensed from Amrita
  26. Wonders of the World:
    When You Say Nothing at Allwhen you say nothing at all
    How To Unlock:
    Destroy all Elemental Rings to paralyze the Iniquitous Baptist when it begins to channel its attack

Memories of the Heart Achievements 3.6

  1. Memories of the Heart:
    The Name Is Laylathe name is layla
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Layla's Hangout Event and unlock all endings
  2. Memories of the Heart:
    She's Already Tenseshe's already tense
    How To Unlock:
    Help Layla finish her thesis without causing her further anxiety
  3. Memories of the Heart:
    Secret of Seelie and the Star-Lit Skysecret of seelie and the star-lit sky
    How To Unlock:
    Obtain the authentic letter of the Wisdom Seelie

Challenger: Series VII Achievements 3.6

  1. Challenger: Series VII:
    Refusal of Thornsrefusal of thorns
    How To Unlock:
    Use Pyro to burn all the thorns created by the Dendro Hypostasis during its Ring of Thorns attack
  2. Challenger: Series VII:
    Back for Moreback for more
    How To Unlock:
    Use the power of the Phagocytic Energy Blocks to immobilize the following enemies:
    - Consecrated Red Vulture
    - Consecrated Scorpion
    - Consecrated Flying Serpent
    - Consecrated Horned Crocodile
    - Consecrated Fanged Beast
  3. Challenger: Series VII:
    Like Hopscotch?like hopscotch?
    How To Unlock:
    Activate all Elemental Matrices in a fight against Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal
  4. Challenger: Series VII:
    ...It's Payback's payback time
    How To Unlock:
    Destroy 'Shouki no Kamis shield while he is delivering a powerful barrage of attacks
  5. Challenger: Series VII:
    Now That's What You Call the Four Winds!now that's what you call the four winds!
    How To Unlock:
    Use a Cryo, Pyro, Electro, and Hydro attack each to trigger a Swirl reaction with the Windbite Bullets in a fight against the Setekh Wenut
  6. Challenger: Series VII:
    Despite the Barrier Between Us...despite the barrier between us...
    How To Unlock:
    Defeat the Iniquitous Baptist without destroying its Elemental Shield
  7. Challenger: Series VII:
    Proof by Exhaustionproof by exhaustion
    How To Unlock:
    Defeat Iniquitous Baptists of all possible elemental combinations
  8. Challenger: Series VII:
    Like the Sun's Passagelike the sun's passage
    How To Unlock:
    Defeat the Guardian of Apep's Oasis without any character being attacked by aftershocks of the apocalypse

Blessed Hamad Achievements 3.6

  1. Blessed Hamad:
    Continental Explorer: Blessed Hamadacontinental explorer: blessed hamada
    How To Unlock:
    Light up the maps of the following areas in Sumeru: Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert
  2. Blessed Hamad:
    Descending Into the Depths of Desolationdescending into the depths of desolation
    How To Unlock:
    Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in the following areas in Sumeru: Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert
  3. Blessed Hamad:
    Sanctuary Pilgrim: Blessed Hamadasanctuary pilgrim: blessed hamada
    How To Unlock:
    Unlock all the Shrines of Depths in the following areas in Sumeru: Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert
  4. Blessed Hamad:
    Dune Guidedune guide
    How To Unlock:
    Follow 4/8/16 Seelie in Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert to their Seelie Courts
  5. Blessed Hamad:
    Badlands Treasure Hunterbadlands treasure hunter
    How To Unlock:
    Open a total of 40/80/160 treasure chests in Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert
  6. Blessed Hamad:
    Badlands Adventurerbadlands adventurer
    How To Unlock:
    Complete a total of 4/8/16 Open World Time Trial Challenges in Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert
  7. Blessed Hamad:
    Alkanet Amritaalkanet amrita
    How To Unlock:
    Upgrade the Amrita Pool to its maximum level
  8. Blessed Hamad:
    Khvarena of Good and Evilkhvarena of good and evil
    How To Unlock:
    Complete Khvarena of Good and Evil quest line

Complete The Specific Requirements

Complete The Specific Requirements

Each achievement has its own specific requirements or conditions in order to unlock them.

All Achievements List

What Are The Rewards From Achievements?

Obtain Primogems

Claim Primogems

You can earn Primogems by unlocking achievements. Each achievement has its own tiers, the higher the tier the higher the Primogems you can acquire.

How Many Primogems Can You Get For Version 3.6?

Unlock Namecards

Unlock Namecards

You can acquire unique namecards by completing a set of achievements. A namecard can be used as an aesthetic banner and it comes in different designs.

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