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The Chalk Prince And The Dragon - How To Unlock & Event Details

Genshin | The Chalk Prince And The Dragon - How To Unlock & Event Details

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Genshin | The Chalk Prince And The Dragon - How To Unlock & Event Details - GameWith

The Chalk Prince And The Dragon guide for Genshin Impact. Learn event details, rewards, how to unlock, summary, rewards, new weapons, Testing Grounds Challenge, Pilgrimage Challenge, and Frostborn Miracle challenge.

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The Chalk Prince And The Dragon - Event Overview

Chalk Prince
Event DurationAfter Updating To Version 1.2 ~ 2021/01/05 03:59
Event ShopAfter Updating to Version 1.2 – 2021/01/12 03:59

Event Flow & Overview

① Unlock The Chalk Prince and the Dragon
Unlock Conditions
 └ Reach Adventure Rank 20
 └ Finish "For A Tomorrow Without Tears"
 └ Finish Princeps Cretaceus Chapter
② The Chalk Prince & The Dragon: Act 1
Receive & Upgrade Festering Desire
 └ Get Festering Desire on a ▼mission.
 └ Collect Rimeworn Fragments & Crystals.
 └ Claim Enhance Materials on Event Shops.
 └ Do Missions for Rewards.
Obtain Mora, Primogems & Other Rewards
 └ Finish related world quests.
 └ Collect Rimeworn Fragments & Crystals.
 └ Exchange rewards @ Event Shop.
③ The Chalk Prince & the Dragon: Act 2
Unlock Act 2
 └ Released on 2020/12/25 4:00
 └ Finish the ▼Archon's Rival to unlock.
Testing Grounds Challenge
 └ Complete to obtain "Glimmering Essence".
 └ Unlock one skill for Festering Desire.
 └ Exchange for rewards at Event Shop.
④ The Chalk Prince & the Dragon: Act 3
Unlock Act 3
 └ Unlocked on 2020/12/28 4:00
 └ Finish the ▼Raider's Amidst Snow Mist.
Draconic Pilgrimage Challenge
 └ Complete to obtain "Warm Essence".
 └ Unlock one skill for Festering Desire.
 └ Exchange for rewards at Event Shop.
⑤ The Chalk Prince & the Dragon: Act 4
Unlock Act 4
 └ Released on 2020/12/31 4:00
 └ Finish the ▼Uninvited Guest to unlock.
Frostborn Miracle Challenge
 └ Complete to obtain "Miraculous Essence".
 └ Unlock one skill for Festering Desire.
 └ Exchange for rewards at Event Shop.
⑤ The Chalk Prince & the Dragon: Act 5
Unlock Act 5
 └ Released on 2021/01/05 4:00
 └ Talk to Albedo to receive the final rewards.

The Chalk Prince & The Dragon: Act 1

Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1 Finish Albedo's Story, Princeps Cretaceus Chapter.
2 Head back to the Adventure camp and talk to Sucrose.
3 Talk to Albedo to receive a weapon called Festering Desire.
4 Move to the next location and fight the hoards of Treasure hunters.

No Need To Use Festering Desire

While the story recommends you using the weapon obtained from Albedo, there is no need to use Festering Desire to accomplish this quest.

After Unlocking The Quest, Do Missions For Rewards


To be able to accomplish the missions on Act 1, you need to hunt for enemies and farm for Rime-Worn Fragments & Rime-Worn Crystals. Enhancing and Leveling Up Festering Desire for weapon enhancement materials is also recommended.

The Chalk Prince & The Dragon: Act 2

Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1 Wait for the Archon's Rival Quest to unlock.
2 Head to Albedo's base on Dragonspine.
3 Travel to the mission marker and defeat the 3 batches of enemies.
4 Head to the red marker to do the "Testing Ground" challenge.
5 Exchange the collected Glimmering Essence for rewards at the Event shop.

After The Mission, Open Map To See Where The Challenge


When you finish the mission, a red flower-like mark will appear in your map. Follow that pin to get to the "Testing Ground Challenge".

Testing Grounds Does Not Need Resin

Unlike previous events, receiving rewards from this challenge does not need resin and can be challenged multiple times! Challenge it as many times as possible and collect all the rewards at the shop.

Complete Challenge For 21 Times

Complete Challenge For 21 Times

To Complete the ACT II challenges & buy all the items from the event shop, you need to beat the challenge for 21 times. You can still farm Glimmering Essence after 21 times, but there is no other ways to consume it. So just do 21 times.

Stay Close To Fiery Totems While Fighting


While challenging the "Testing Ground" a snow storm will limit your vision and increase your sheer cold accumulation. Move close to the fire totem to avoid sheer cold damage. These totems can be destroyed by the attacks of the enemies so make sure to protect it.

The Chalk Prince & The Dragon: Act 3

Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1Wait for the Raider's Amidst Snow Mist Quest to unlock.
2 Head to Dragonspine Encampment to talk to Albedo.
3 Move to the next destination and fight the enemies.
4 Follow the tracks and help take back Albedo's Sketchbook.
5 Head back to Albedo's base.
6 Open the map to see a new kind of mark.
7 Head to the mark and challenge "Draconic Pilgrimage".
8 Exchange Warm Essence for rewards at Event Shop.

Check The Map For Draconic Pilgrimage Challenge

Draconic Pilgrimage

After finishing the story, check the map and a new fire seelie icon will be shown. Head to that direction to be able to start the challenge and collect Warming Essence.

Defeat The Enemies In The Path To Accomplish

Draconic Pilgrimage 2

Upon starting the challenge, you will encounter several monsters blocking your way, defeat them all to accomplish challenge. Fatui soldiers often appear as enemies so it is recommended to bring characters of various element.

Fire Seelie & Scarlet Quartz Will Help Fight Sheer Cold

Draconic Pilgrimage 3

Because of the snowstorm, Sheer Cold's accumulation will be a lot faster. Fight back against this temperature by staying close to the fire seelie and obtaining the Scarlet Quartz it drops.

Do The Challenge 20 Times

To be able to get all the rewards and accomplish all missions, you need to do this challenge 20 times. This challenge does not require resins and can be challenge multiple times.

The Chalk Prince & The Dragon: Act 4

Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1Beat the quest "Uninvited Guests"
2Beat the boss Resurgent Cryo Regisvine to finish the Univited Guets Quest]
3Frostborn Miracle Challenge will be open. Repeat the challenge to get Miraculous Essence to buy items at the Event Shop
4Buy 2 Festering Dragon Marrow and refine Festering Desire
5Repeat the challenge 21 times and get all the items in the shop
6Finish the Battle Pass Related Challenge (Frostborn Miracle Challenge Within 300 Seconds)

Step2: Defeat Resurgent Cryo Regisvine To Collect Miraculous Essence

To obtain Miraculous Essence, you need to defeat More Resurgent Cryo Regisvine.

Step3: Frostborn Miracle Challenge Is To Get 150 Miraculous Essence

You need to repeat Frostborn Miracle Challenge to get rewards from the event shop. You can get 150 per try and it does not require resin.

Step4: Refine Festering Desire With Festering Dragon Marrow

Festering Dragon Marrow

Refine Festering Desire to level 5 is one of the ACT IV challenges. To complete it, get 800 Miraculous Essence and buy 2 Festering Dragon Marrow then refine the Festering Desire. If you have not leveled up the weapon to Level 3 try ACT1-3 to have it Level 3 first.

Step 5: Try Frostborn Challenge 21 Times

In order to finish the ACT IV challenges and buy all the items at the event shop, just complete the fronstborn challenge for 21 times. You cannot use Miraculous Essence outside the event, so just try 21 times exactly not to waste your time.

Step6: Finish The Frostborn Miracle Challenge Within 300 seconds

This is one of the BP challenge. You can get 2250 BEP (almost two battle pass level) by beating the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine within 300 seconds in the Frostborn Miracle Challenge.

Check Out How To Beat The Frostborn Miracle Challenge Within 300 Seconds

The Chalk Prince & The Dragon: Act 5

Ending Of "The Chalk Prince & The Dragon" Event


Act 5 is a short event that serves as the conclusion of the event. You will receive the following rewards upon talking to Albedo at his base at Dragonspine.

Rewards List

The Chalk Prince And The Dragon - Rewards List

Festering Desire - A New Weapon

Festering Desire

The story of this event showcases a purple weapon that is surrounded by an eary aura. You will receive this sword from Albedo and it will become more powerful as you progress to the event.

Has A Buff When Used At Dragonspine

Using this weapon at Dragonspine will have helpful buffs such as 60% increase damage and 35% Crit rate.

Some Of The Upgrade Items Can Be Claimed From Event Shop

To fully upgrade the weapon, you must participate in the event and collect essence. These essence will be exchanged for materials needed to upgrade Festering Desire.

More Info About Festering Desire Here!

Other Rewards List

Event Shop

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