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Welcome to the Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH) guide! Read on to get more information about Sword and Shield's updates, guides, walkthroughs, & strategies!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield - Story Walkthroughs

Storyline Walkthrough

The Galar Region
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Gym Leader Guide

Gym Leader List
(Sword Only)
(Sword Only)
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Pokemon Sword and Shield - All Pokemon Database

Database Of Pokemon

pokemons group

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Trainer Tips and Guides

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Useful Information

New Features Explained

Sword and Shield Main Characters
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What's New In Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Dynamax Phenomenon

Dynamax Pikachu

The Dynamax Phenomenon is a unique characteristic that Pokemon in the Galar region have. This phenomenon turns Pokemon gigantic, which makes them tremendously strong.

Gigantamaxing Changes Pokemon's Size & Form

Gigantamaxing Pokemons

The new feature Gigantamaxing not only changes a Pokemon's size but also its form. Gigantamax Pokemon can also use G-Max Moves! Gigantamax Pokemon can be caught in Max Raid Battles.

Learn More About Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing Here

Max Raid Battle With 4 Trainers

Max Raid battle

Work together with 4 other trainers to take down Gigantamax Pokemon! Defeat them to get a chance to catch them similar to how raid battles in Pokemon Go.

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Explore the Wild Area

wild area

Catch new Pokemon in the Wild Area. The Pokemon you encounter differ depending on the weather or location of the W.

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Many New Features Added!

poke jobs

New features such as Poke Jobs, Battle Stadium, Surprise Trade are introduced! Catch up on what's new in Sword & Shield before its official release.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield - Release Information

Expected To Release On November 15th, 2019

Release DateNovember 15th, 2019
GenreAdventure RPG
PlatformNintendo Switch
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Choose From "Sword" & "Shield"

Version Exclusive Pokemon

version exclusive

There will be version exclusive Pokemon in each version. For example, Deino and Jangmo-o only appear in Pokemon Sword while Larvitar and Goomy only appear in Pokemon Shield.

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Different Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Bea

Some gym leaders only appear in certain versions. For example, gym leader Bea only appears in Pokemon Sword while gym leader Allister appears in Pokemon Shield.

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