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New Legendaries - How To Get

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Read this article to find out about the new Legendaries and how to get them in Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH), Zacian and Zamazenta, including how to catch legendaries, and more!

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What Are The New Legendaries?

Zacian and Zamazenta - The Sword And Shield Pokemon

Zacian IconZacianZamazenta IconZamazenta

The flagship Pokemon of Sword and Shield, Zacian and Zamazenta, are a pair of dog-like legendary Pokemon representing the 2 versions. Zacian is the sword and Zamazenta is the shield.

Legendary Fairy & Fighting Type Pokemon

New Legendaries

Both these Legendaries each have a unique type. Zacian is a Fairy type Pokemon, while Zamazenta is a Fighting type.

Check Out the Type Effectiveness Chart Here!

Third Legendary Exists

Like other Pokemon titles, there are three legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. We describe about it in the below section, so be careful if you do not want to see spoilers.

Check Out How To Catch The Third Legendary Here!

Classic Legendaries Also In Game

Certain classic legendary Pokemon from previous titles are also included in the game. Of which includes Mew, the original 151st Pokemon from the Gen 1 series. To catch the Mew, you will need to have a Poke Ball Plus device.

Check Out How To Get Mew!

How To Get Zacian and Zamazenta

Zacian - Sword Exclusive Legendary Pokemon


Zacian is a dog-like Pokemon that holds a sword in its mouth. Since its description emphasizes its power, it has high Atk and Spd stats. It also possesses great Def and Sp. Def stats.

Check Out Zacian Stats Here!

Zamazenta - Shield Exclusive Legendary Pokemon


Zamazenta is a dog-like Pokemon which appears to have a shield-like frontal body. Despite being based off a shield, this Pokemon shares identical stats with Zacian, having high Atk and Spd, as well as Def and Sp. Def.

Check Out Zamazenta Stats Here!

Steps To Catch Legendary Pokemon

1Become the champion by defeating Leon
2Go to Slumbering Weald and battle with Hop
3Return the Rusted Sword at the pedestal
4Battle With Sordward or Shielbert
5Go see Sonia at her Lab in Wedgehurst
6Go to Turffield Stadium and defeat dynamax pokemon
7Visit Hulbury Stadium and Motostoke Stadium and defeat dynamax pokemon
8Go back to Pokemon Research Lab and defeat Sordward & Shielbert
9Defeat Dynamax Pokemon At 4 stadiums
10Defeat Bede At Ballonlea Stadium
11Go to Energy Plant from Hammerlock Stadium and defeat Sordward or Shielbert
12Defeat Zamazenta or Zacian
13Battle with Zamazenta or Zacian to catch them!
14Last battle with Hop

4. Battle With Sordward Or Shielbert

You will battle with Sordward (if you're playing Sword version) or Shieldbert (if you are playing Shield version). After you've defeat Sordward or Shielbert, you will take back the Rusted Sword or Rusted Shield.

6. Go to Turffield Stadium and Defeat Tsareena

You will face raid battle with Dynamaxed Tsareena. Hop, Milo, and Piers will be on your side. After defeating Tsareena, you will get Milo's rare League Card.

Check Out Tsareena Here!

7. Battle Dynamax Pokemon In Hulbury Stadium And Motostoke Stadium

At Hulbury Stadium, you will raid battle with a Dynamaxed Gyarados. At Motostoke Stadium, you will battle with Dynamaxed Torkoal. Nessa and Kabu will give you rare League Card after the battle.

8. 2on2 Battle With Sordward & Shielbert

You and Hop will battle with Sordward & Shielbert.

9. Defeat Dynamax Pokemon At 3 stadiums

Visit the 3 stadiums below and defeat Dynamax Pokemon. You will get 3 rare League Cards as a reward.

StadiumEnemy PokemonRare League Card
HammerlockDynamax HaxorusRaihan
Stow-on-SideDynamax ConkeldurrBea
CirchesterDynamax GigalithGordie

10. Defeat Bede At Ballonlea Stadium

Battle with the new gym leader Bede. You'll get Bede's & Opal's rare League Card.

Check Out The Battle Against Bede Story Walkthrough Here!

14. Battle with Hop

Hop will use the legendary Pokemon you didn't catch. You will get Hop's rare League Card after the battle.

How To Catch Eternatus

Steps On How To Catch Eternatus

Spolier! Show Eternatus image

Eternatus is a legendary pokemon you will encounter as you progress the story in both Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Check Out Eternatus Pokemon Here!

Step 1: Battling Rose

VS Rose

In the last half of the game, you will have a battle against Rose in the Hammerlocke Stadium. This will be the last step before you encounter Eternatus.

Check Out Vs. Chairman Rose Story Walkthrough Here!

Step 2: Go See Leon

Go To See Leon

After beating Rose's team, head to where Leon is. You will then find the legendary Pokemon "Eternatus" as well.

Step 3: Fighting Eternatus "Legendary Pokemon"

Vs. Eternatus

Leon tries to catch Eternatus but fails, then the battle against Eternatus starts. You cannot stop a battle against Eternatus.

Step 4: Beat & Catch Eternatus

Beat & Catch Eternatus

After beating Eternatus, you will see a cutscene where Eternatus is caught by a pokeball.

Check Out The Vs. Eternatus Story Walkthrough Here!

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