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How To Earn Money Fast | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Find out how to earn money fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield in this guide. This includes the best ways and tips to get money, money farming with Gigantamax Meowth, & more!!!

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Gigantamax Meowth Farming Method

Use Gigantamax Meowth To Earn Over 100k In One Battle

Gigantamax Meowth

If you pre-purchased Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will get a Meowth as a Mystery Gift. This Meowth is capable of Gigantamaxing, with a special G-Max Move that can earn you money. This is the most efficient way of earning money in the game right now.

Gigantamax Meowth Max Raid Battle Coming May 26th

Note that Gigantamax Meowth will be available to catch for a limited time from May 26th to June 2nd! This will be a precious opportunity so make sure not to miss it!

> Gigantamax Meowth Raid Battle Event Info

G-Max Gold Rush & Money Income Scales With Level

G-Max Gold Rush

We have been able to confirm that Gigantamax Meowth's G-Max Gold Rush will award more money the higher level Meowth is! Level up your Meowth to 100 for maximum profit!

Always Use An Amulet Coin

Make sure to make your Meowth hold an Amulet Coin or Luck Incense on your Meowth! You'll lose a lot of potential cash if you forget to use this item, so check every time you enter the Tournament!

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Use It 3 Times In A Row!

Every successive use of G-Max Gold Rush will give you more money than the previous one. So, you want to use it the maximum number of 3 times (the limit of Gigantamaxing) to get the most money. The money will cap at 99,999.

Ghost Pokemon Will Break Your Combo

Watch out for Ghost type Pokemon. G-Max Gold Rush cannot hit them, and will thus get less money.

Money Calculation Formula
1st G-Max Gold Rush Level x 100
2nd G-Max Gold Rush Level x 200
3rd G-Max Gold Rush Level x 300
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Increase Prize Money From Battles

Luck Incense

Have Pokemon Hold the Amulet Coin

Have one of your Pokemon hold the Amulet Coin and bring them into battle. The Amulet Coin will double the amount of money you get from winning battles!

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Get The Amulet Coin Near Motostoke

Amulet Coin

The Amulet Coin can be found behind a sign east of Motostoke. Cross the bridge heading for Galar Mine 2 & you should see it on your way there.

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Bring Pokemon with Luck Incense

Luck Incense works similarly to the Amulet Coin. You'll receive double the rewards if a Pokemon holding it enters a battle.

Buy Luck Incense At Hulbury

Buy Luck Incense At Hulbury

Luck Incense can be bought at the Incense trader in Hulbury,costing 11000. thought it's price is high, it is a worthy investment in the long wrong, so save up for it!.

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Farm Repeatable Tournaments To Earn 60-70K

Play Leon's Tournaments With Pokemon Holding Items

 Grind Leon

After beating the game, you can repeat Tournaments and gain money rewards. This reward can be greatly increased by using Pokemon held items, gaining the player 60 ~ 70K per try!

Things To Do After Beating The Game

Have Pokemon Hold Money Boosting Items!

Have Pokemon Hold the Amulet Coin

Have one of your Pokemon hold the Amulet Coin or the Luck Incense and bring them into battle. They will double the amount of money you get from winning battles!

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Replay Leon's Tournament

Buy Luck Incense At Hulbury

Replay Leon's Tournament and beat every gym leader you've encountered, getting paid along the way. It should be a breeze as you've fought them before. Rinse & Repeat!

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Sell Items at Shops

Sell Items at Shops

Always Sell Pearls & Gold Nuggets

Pearls and Gold Nuggets have no other function than to be sold for money, so sell them whenever you get your hands on them. There are even bigger versions of these that sell for more!

Farm for Items in the Wild Area

Farm for Items at Wild Area

Around the Wild Area, you'll be able to find items around for you to pick up. Take them and bring them to the Shops to be sold. This can be done repeatedly.

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Wild Area Items Respawn with Every Visit

Don't worry about losing out on the Wild Area items. They respawn with your every visit so you can keep taking and selling them.

Sell Battle Tower Rewards

The rewards obtained at the Battle Tower is also a viable source of quick cash. If you are in a quick need to boost your income, consider selling these items.

Convert Watts To Money

Convert Watts To Money

If you have a lot of Watts, you can purchase special Poke Balls from Watt Traders and sell them for money in Poke Mart shops around Galar. This can help you get extra cash if you need it.

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Purchase Luxury Balls & Sell For 1,500 Money

Purchase Luxury Balls & Sell For 1,500 Money

The best Poke Ball to purchase is the Luxury Ball. You'll only spend 100 Watts and be able to sell the Poke Ball for 1,500 money a piece, giving you a hefty amount of profit.

What Is Money Useful For?

Buy Vitamins To Increase Your Pokemon's Effort Values (EVs)


Vitamins can give your Pokemon Effort Values which improves their stats. This is doable by other means, but having money will significantly reduce how much time you have to spend!

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Purchase TMs

Collect all the TMs in order to bolster your available movesets! TMs can be bought at many different locations.

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Buy Stronger Pokeballs

Buy Stronger Pokeballs

Some tougher Pokemon needs a good Pokeball to catch. Luckily you can buy the better ones with money, though you'll need to maintain a healthy balance of funds to fund your Pokemon catching operations.

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Don’t sell gold nuggets. They can be used to generate gold bottle caps.

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