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Pokerus Trading Forum

Last Updated: 2020/6/29 21:38

Come here to trade Pokerus virus infected Pokemon with other players of Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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In order to trade online, you will need to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, which is a paid service.

Learn How To Trade Here!

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Bubba 1313

but i need nechrozma

Bubba 1312

i realy want nechrozma lunala

Anonymous 1311

pls for nechrozma i will give rowlet

Anonymous 1310

[What You Want:] Zacian
[What You're Offering:] Zamazenta
[Link Code:] 95412345
[Comments:] Will trade back just need for Pokedex complete

Anonymous 1309

[What You Want:] Zacian
[What You're Offering:] Zamazenta
[Link Code:] 95412345
[Comments:] Will trade back just need for Pokedex complete

Anonymous 1308

I have been EV training and it’s taking so long. Can anybody trade me the Pokerus pretty please :)

Anonymous 1307

[What You Want:] just make an offer (best would be 6IV Ditto)
[What You're Offering:] Pokérus, still contagious
[Link Code:]

Anonymous 1306

What do you want in return?

Anonymous 1305

[What You Want:] Any Sobble
[What You're Offering:] Grookey, Scorbunny
[Link Code:]

Anonymous 1304

[What You Want:] shiny, battle ready pokes, offer
[What you’re offering:] contagious pokerus pokes
[Link Code:] 2115

Anonymous 1303

[What You Want:] make offer
[What You're Offering:] silvarro non shiny dyna maxed
[Link Code:]

Anonymous 1302

[What You Want:] shiny primarina
[What You're Offering:]
[Link Code:]
[Comments:]inhave many shinies to trade

Pongo 1301

[Pokemon You Want:] Any 6IV Non-Eng Pokemon
[Pokemon You're Offering:] 6IV Eng Pokémon (HA Bulbasaur, Magikarp, Togepi, Hawlucha, Eevee, Mareanie, Litten, Duskull, Helioptile, Dreepy, Darumaka, Corphish, Rowlet, Delibird, Koffing, Snorunt and Onix) all have Pokérus
[Country of Origin:] USA

Mrnevs 1300

[What You Want:]
[What You're Offering:]I have a Pokemon with poke virus
[Link Code:]

Anonymous 1299

I have a shiny bewear i'm willing to trade for your pokerus pokemon

Anonymous 1298

[What You Want:]Active pokerus pokemon
[What You're Offering:] gold bottle caps
[Link Code:]

DanIRL 1297

[I Want: shinies, legendaries, nothing glitched into the game legit only]
[Offering: Pokerus infected pokemon still contagious:]

Will 1296

trading pokerus infected pokemon, entertaining offers of shinies, battel ready pokemon if possible.

Anonymous 1295

Well, same what I said in my last message. Can give some random 5 iv mons. What excatly are bp items though? If its those from the battle tower I can surely grind a little to give you one :)

Anonymous 1294

Hey, Im kinda new in the Pokemon world so idk if its a reasonable suggestion but Ive got some spare 5iv Rotom, dreepies, duskulls and pichus that I could give you.
I would be really thankfull for a pokerus mon to make my life a little easier getting into competitive play :)

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