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Pokerus Trading Forum

Last Updated: 2020/9/22 20:20

Come here to trade Pokerus virus infected Pokemon with other players of Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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How To Trade Online

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In order to trade online, you will need to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, which is a paid service.

Learn How To Trade Here!

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Anonymous 1334

[What You Want:] Pokerus
[What You're Offering:] Jolly Growlithe 3-5IV, ability random
[Link Code:] 0121 2222
[Comments:] trying to get into breeding and competitive battles again, Pokerus would really speed things up

Anonymous 1333

Latias & Uxie

Anonymous 1332

[What You Want:] Pokerus
[What You're Offering:] Mewtwo
[Link Code:] 2851 0965
[Comments:] Pokemon with still contagious Pokerus

Anonymous 1331

[What You Want:] Pokerus
[What You're Offering:] Bottle Cap x2
[Link Code:] 6011 2652
[Comments:] Any pokemon with active pokerus

Anonymous 1330

[What You Want:] Pokerus
[What You're Offering:] 5 best IV Dragapult
[Link Code:] 59184436
[Comments:] Can be any pokemon with pokerus

Neil 1329

[What You Want:] Pokerus
[What You're Offering:] 5 iv Dreepy or random
[Link Code:] 1234 0416
[Comments:] looking for Pokerus Pokemon can be any type/breed

Anonymous 1328

did you still need one?

Anonymous 1327

[What You Want:] your offer
[What You're Offering:] multiple pokemon with active pokerus
[Link Code:]

Anonymous 1326

still need the drampa?

Anonymous 1325

[What You Want:] drampa
[What You're Offering:] eevee with active pokerus
[Link Code:]1234 9876

Anonymous 1324

[What You Want:]Zamazent
[What You're Offering:]Zacian
[Link Code:]

Anonymous 1323

Nevermind got one through pokemon home

Anonymous 1322

Nevermind got one through pokemon home thru cellphone.

Anonymous 1321

[What You Want:] Sobble
[What You're Offering:] Grookey
[Link Code:] 4058 6285
[Comments:] I'll be online between hours of 7:30p - 12a eastern time zone. Trade as soon as possible so I can complete my dex.

Anonymous 1320

[What You Want:] Sobble
[What You're Offering:] Eiscue
[Link Code:] 4058 6285
[Comments:] Plz be nice don’t quit when we start it’s annoying, Thanks :)

Anonymous 1319

[What You Want:] galarian ponyta plz!
[What You're Offering:] Rotom bewear and druddigon!
[Link Code:] 0808 2222
[Comments:] Plz be nice don’t quit when we start it’s annoying! Plz be nice! Tysm! In Pokemon sword!

Anonymous 1318

[What You Want:] shiny rockruff with own tempo
[What You're Offering:] Accelgor
[Link Code:]2728-0110

Anonymous 1317

I lost my rusted sword due to a scammer. Looking for a new one. I will give a foreign ditto or something else for it. Thanks!

Anonymous 1316

[What You Want:] any legendary of any Gen excluding solgaleo, lunala, mewtwo, zacian, zamazenta
[What You're Offering:] pokémon with active pokerus
[Link Code:]
[Comments:] make any offer you want, but I'm mostly looking for legendaries of any gen

Anonymous 1315

What do you want in return?

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