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Read this Pokemon Sword and Shield Story Walkthrough guide to complete the main story! Includes useful tips, guides, gym leader battles, wild Pokemon, trainers, items and more!!!

All Story Walkthrough Chart

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Going to the 1st Gym (Milo) - Story Walkthrough

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Story Gym Leader
Up To 1st Gym Milo (Grass)

Tutorial ~ Meeting Professor Magnolia

First Three Pokemon
1Initial Settings
Set your game's Language, Appearance, & Name
>> How To Customize Your Character Guide
2Head to your room at the right-most part of the house and grab your bag.
Unlocked Features:
- Save
- Map
3Leave your house and talk to Hop
4Go down the hill and head over to Hop's house at the east side of town
5Exit Hop's house and head north to the station
6Choose your first Pokemon
>> Best Starter Pokemon Guide
7Battle vs. Hop
Hop's Pokemon:
- Wooloo Lv3
- Starter Pokemon Lv5
8Head west and enter the Slumbering Weald. Continue until you reach the end
9Go back home and talk to Mum
10Head north to the Pokemon Research Lab
- Get the Pokedex
11Take Route 2 and visit Professor Magnolia's house
- How To Catch Pokemon Tutorial
- You can now catch Pokemon
- At the back of Professor Magnolia's House is a TM57 (Payback)
Best Teams With Starters:
- Nickit (Evolves to Thievul and has the move "Run Away")
- Magikarp (Evolves to Gyarados, a very formidable Pokemon)
12Battle vs. Hop
Hop's Pokemon:
- Wooloo Lv. 6
- Rookidee Lv. 5
- Starter Pokemon Lv8
13Receive the Dynamax Band from Professor Magnolia
- Dynamax can only be used in certain times
Note: The earliest you can use it is during a Max Raid Battle in the Wild Area

>> Dynamax And Gigantamax Guide

Turning Autosave On & Off

The game autosaves whenever you enter buildings and other certain events. If you're on the hunt for Pokemon with good IVs, it's best to turn this feature off. However, you can only see IVs at the end of the game, so you can leave it on until you reach that part.

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Wedgehurst Station ~ Turffield Stadium

1Go to Wedgehurst Station
2Go to Motostoke via the
Wild Area
3Head to Motostoke's Gym
Along the way, you'll get an item from Leon depending on your starter Pokemon
- Scorbunny: Charcoal
- Grookey: Miracle Seed
- Sobble : Mysterious Droplet
4Proceed to "Budew Drop Inn"
5Battle vs. Team Yell
6Talk to the receptionist and stay for the night. After waking up, head to the Motostoke Gym
6Go to Route 3
Pick up TM37 (Beat Up)
Best Teams With Starters:
- Electrike (Evolves to Manectric, a Pokemon with a high Sp. Atk. and Speed
- Galarian Meowth (Evolves to Persian, a Pokemon with high Atk. and Def.)
- Gossifleur (Evolves to Eldegoss, High Defense, can use Synthesis allowing it to survive Dynamax battles)
7Battle vs. Hop
Hop's Pokemon:
- Wooloo Lv. 11
- Starter Pokemon Lv. 14
- Rookidee Lv. 12
8Enter Galar Mine
Obtainable Items:
- TM54 (Rock Blast)
- TM26 (Scary Face)
Best Teams With Starters:
- Drilbur (Evolves to Excadrill, a Ground and Steel Type Pokemon with high Atk.)
9Battle vs. Bede
Bede's Pokemon:
- Solosis Lv. 13
- Hatenna Lv. 16
- Gothita Lv. 15
10Use Route 4 to go to Turffield
- Prepare for the Gym Battle by leveling up
- Milo fields Lv. 20 Pokemon
- Pick up TM07 (Pin Missile)
11Follow Yamper and meet with Sonia at the hill.
12Challenge the Turffield Stadium
- Get a TM97 (Brutal Swing) from behind a tree located at the right side of the gym
- In the right side of town, pick up an "Everstone" located near a large rock
13Battle vs. Gym Leader Milo
>> How to Beat Milo Guide
Milo's Pokemon:
- Gossifleur Lv. 19
- Eldegoss Lv. 20
14Receive TM10 (Magical Leaf) after the battle
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EXP Farming In The Wild Area

wild area

You can make good use of Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area to efficiently raise your level. However, the Pokemon you can catch during the early stages of the game are severely limited, so it would be best prioritize progressing the story first.

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Going to the 2nd Gym (Nessa) - Story Walkthrough

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Story Gym Leader
Up To 2nd Gym Nessa (Water)

Route 5 ~ Hulburry Stadium

meeting nessa
1Reach Hulbury via Route 5
Obtainable Items in Hulbury:
- TM31 (Attract)
2Battle vs. Team Yell
- Receive the Rotom Bike after the battle
Ride the Rotom Bike by pressing the - + buttons
3Battle vs. Hop
Hop's Pokemon:
- Wooloo Lv. 18
- Corvisquire Lv. 19
- Starter Pokemon Lv21
4Challenge the Hulburry Stadium
Obtainable Items in Hulburry
- TM79 (Retaliate)
- Magnet
5Battle vs. Gym Leader Nessa
>> How to Beat Nessa Guide
Nessa's Pokemon:
- Goldeen Lv. 22
- Arrokuda Lv. 23
- Drednaw Lv. 24
6Receive TM36 (Whirlpool) after the battle
6Head over to the Seafood Restaurant to talk to Chairman Rose
- Receive TM79 (Retaliate)
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Move Faster With The Rotom Bike!

Rotom Bike

After completing the fight with Team Yell, you will receive the Rotom Bike. You can ride the bike by pressing "+ -". Use it to navigate the world faster.

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Going to the The 3rd Gym (Kabu) - Story Walkthrough

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Story Gym Leader
Up To 3rd Gym Kabu (Fire)

Galar Mine No. 2 ~ Motostoke Stadium

battling bede
1Go to Motostoke via Galar Mine No. 2
Obtainable Items:
- Grip Claw
- Soft Sand
- TM49 (Sand Tomb)
2Battle vs. Bede
Bede's Pokemon:
- Solosis Lv. 21
- Gothita Lv. 22
- Hatenna Lv. 23
- Galarian Ponyta Lv. 22
3Receive a League Card after the battle
>> How To Use League Cards Guide
4Battle vs. Team Yell
5Exit Galar Mine and enter the Motostoke's "Budew Drop Inn"
6Battle vs. Marnie
Marnie's Pokemon
- Croagunk Lv. 24
- Scraggy Lv. 24
- Morpeko Lv. 26
7Challenge the Motostoke Stadium
Obtainable items in Motostoke
- Silk Scarf
8Battle vs. Gym Leader Kabu
>> How to Beat Kabu
Kabu's Pokemon:
- Ninetales Lv. 25
- Centiskorch Lv. 27
8Receive TM38 (Will-O-Wisp) as a reward after the battle
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Going to the 4th Gym (Bea/Allister) - Story Walkthrough

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Story Gym Leader
Up To 4th Gym Bea (Fighting)
Allister (Ghost)

Hammerlocke ~ Stow-on-Side Stadium

1Head to Hammerlocke via the Wild Area
- Exchange Watts near Hammerlocke's entrance
- Recommended to get the Rotom Bike Speed Upgrade
2Meetup with Chairman Rose
3Go west and enter the vault
- Win against the Black Belt Trainer in the house left of the Pokemon Center to receive a Focus Sash
- Go east and head inside the third slanted house to get a Heat Rock
- Go east and talk to the small girl located on top of the station to receive an Old Letter

House at the right side of the stadium entrance:
- Get a Soothe Bell
- Check Friendship Level
- Know more about EVs
Obtainable Items in Hammerlocke:
- Strawberry Sweet
- Wise Glasses
- Muscle Band
- TM29 (Charm)
4Talk to Raihan and Sonia inside the vault.
5Head to Route 6
6Battle vs. Team Yell
Team Yell's Pokemon:
- Stunky Lv. 29
- Galarian Linoone Lv. 30
- Liepard Lv. 30
7Exit Route 6 and head towards Stow-on-Side
Obtainable Items in Route 6:
- TM30 (Steel Wing)
- TM15 (Dig)
- Light Clay
Stow-on-Side Peddlers:
- Left Man: You can exchange an item for money once per day
- Right Man: Sells a useful item once per day
8Battle vs. Hop
Hop's Pokemon:
- Cramorant Lv. 29
- Toxel Lv. 29
- Starter Pokemon Lv33
- Silicobra Lv. 30
9Challenge the Stow-on-Side Stadium
Obtainable Items in Stow-on-Side:
- Dusk Stone
- Cracked Pot
Battle vs. Gym Leader Bea
>> How To Beat Bea Guide
Bea's Pokemon:
- Hitmontop Lv. 34
- Pangoro Lv. 34
- Sirfetch'd Lv. 35
- Machamp Lv. 36
Battle vs. Gym Leader Allister
>> How To Beat Allister Guide
Allister's Pokemon
- Yamask Lv. 34
- Grimmsnarl Lv. 35
- Mimikyu Lv. 34
- Gengar Lv. 36
11Receive TMs after the battle
- (Sword) TM42 (Revenge)
- (Shield) TM77 (Hex)
The TM you weren't able to get can be acquired in Ballonlea.
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Going to the 5th Gym (Opal) - Story Walkthrough

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Story Gym Leader
Up To 5th Gym Opal (Fairy)

Hammerlocke ~ Ballonlea Stadium

ancient mural bede
1Follow Sonia and head to the Ancient Mural
Heading to the Ancient Mural will force you to do battle with Bede. No need to heal before as your Pokemon will be healed after the gym fight.
2Battle vs. Bede
Bede's Pokemon:
- Duosion Lv. 32
- Gothorita Lv. 32
- Hattrem Lv. 35
- Galarian Ponyta Lv. 33
3After the battle, receive 2 x Revives from Sonia
4Exit Stow-on-Side and go through Glimwood Tangle to Ballonea.
In Glimwood Tangle, touching the mushrooms will cause them to glow and light up their surroundings. However, activating some mushrooms will cause Impidimps to attack you.
Obtainable Items in Glimwood Tangle
- TM24 (Snore)
- TM56 (U-turn)
- Big Root
5Challenge the Ballonlea Stadium
- Deliver the Old Letter received from the girl in Hammerlocke to receive a Choice Scarf. The recipient of the letter stays in the house on the left of Ballonlea's entrance
- Win against the Breeder in the second house from the west to get an Eviolite
- You can pick up a TM21 (Rest) on the east side of town
Go to the second house to the west to receive the 4th Gym's other TM reward
- (Sword) TM77 (Hex)
- (Shield) TM42 (Revenge)
6Battle vs. Gym Leader Opal
>> How To Beat Opal Guide
Opal's Pokemon:
- Galarian Weezing Lv. 36
- Mawile Lv. 36
- Togekiss Lv. 37
- Alcremie Lv. 38
7Receive a TM87 (Draining Kiss) after the battle with Opal
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Going to the 6th Gym (Gordie/Melony) - Story Walkthrough

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Up To 6th Gym Gordie
Melony (Ice)

Ballonlea ~ Circhester Stadium

heroes bath
1Go to Hammerlocke with Opal
2Meet Bede at the center of the town and proceed to east
3After talking to Sonia, head to the front of the station and talk to Hop
3After talking to Hop, go to Route 7
4Battle vs. Hop
Hop's Pokemon:
- Trevenant Lv. 34
- Boltund Lv. 35
- Heatmor Lv. 34
- Snorlax Lv. 35
- Starter Pokemon Lv. 37
5Traverse Routes 7 and 8, and continue on to Circhester
Obtainable Items In Route 8:
- TM96 (Smart Strike)
- TM43 (Brick Break)
- Shiny Stone
- Spirit Plate
- King's Rock
- Terrain Extender
6Challenge the Circhester Stadium
- In the Hero's Bath, you can talk to an old man located at the left side and ask him to teach you Draco Meteor
Obtainable items in Circhester:
- TM27 (Icy Wind)
- TM51 (Icicle Spear)
- TM47 (Fake Tears)
- TM16 (Screech)
Battle vs. Gym Leader Gordie
>> How To Beat Gordie
Gordie's Pokemon
- Barbaracle Lv. 40
- Shuckle Lv. 40
- Stonjourner Lv. 41
- Coalossal Lv. 42
Battle vs. Gym Leader Melony
>> How To Beat Melony
Melony's Pokemon:
- Frosmoth Lv. 40
- Galarian Darmanitan Lv. 40
- Eiscue Lv. 41
- Lapras Lv. 42
8Receive TMs after the battle
(Sword) TM48 (Rock Tomb)
(Shield) TM27 (Icy Wind)
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Going to the 7th Gym (Piers) - Story Walkthrough

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Up To 7th Gym Piers (Dark)

Circhester ~ Spikemuth Stadium

1Head to the Steak House in Circhester
2Continue to the Hero's Bath
3Battle vs. Hop
Hop's Pokemon:
- Dubwool Lv. 40
- Pinchurchin Lv. 39
- Snorlax Lv. 39
- Corviknight Lv. 40
- Starter Pokemon Lv. 41
4Go to Spikemuth via Route 9
5Battle vs. Team Yell
Team Yell's Pokemon:
- Galarian Linoone Lv. 39
- Pangoro Lv. 40
6After the battle, get the upgrade for the Rotom Bike. You can now traverse over water.
Obtainable Items in Route 9:
- TM45 (Dive)
- Zoom Lens
- Protector
- Scope Lens
7Proceed to the gates of Spikemuth to trigger an event
8Battle vs. Marnie
Marnie's Pokemon:
- Liepard Lv. 42
- Morpeko Lv. 44
- Scrafty Lv. 43
- Toxicroak Lv. 43
9Battle vs. Team Yell
Team Yell's Pokemon:
- Galarian Linoone Lv. 42
- Thievul Lv. 42
- Scrafty Lv. 42
- Weavile Lv. 43
- Drapion Lv. 43
- Liepard Lv. 43
10Battle vs. Gym Leader Piers
>> How To Beat Piers
Piers' Pokemon:
- Scrafty Lv. 44
- Malamar Lv. 45
- Obstagoon Lv. 46
- Skuntank Lv. 45
11After battling Piers, receive TM85 (Snarl)
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Going to the 8th Gym (Raihan) - Story Walkthrough

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Spikemuth ~ Hammerlocke Stadium

8th gym
1Use the tunnel to go to Hammerlocke
2Trigger an event in front of Hammerlocke Stadium
3Challenge the Hammerlocke Stadium
4Battle vs. Gym Leader Raihan
>> How To Beat Raihan
Raihan's Pokemon:
- Flygon Lv. 47
- Gigalith Lv. 46
- Duraludon Lv. 48
- Sandaconda Lv. 46
5Receive TM99 (Breaking Swipe) from Raihan after the battle
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Semi-Finals - Story Walkthrough

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Story Gym Leader
Up To Wyndon-

Hammerlocke ~ Semi-Finals

semifinals wyndon
1Go to the station and travel with Hop
2Use Route 10 to reach Wyndon
3Join the semifinals in Wyndon Stadium
41st Battle: Marnie
Marnie's Pokemon:
- Liepard Lv. 47
- Toxicroak Lv. 47
- Scrafty Lv. 47
- Morpeko Lv. 48
- Grimmsnarl Lv. 49
52nd Battle: Hop
Hop's Pokemon:
- Dubwool Lv. 48
- Pincurchin Lv. 47
- Corviknight Lv. 48
- Snorlax Lv. 47
- Starter Pokemon Lv. 49
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Rose Tower - Story Walkthrough

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Story Gym Leader
Up To The Rose Tower -

Semi-Finals ~ Rose Tower

rose tower
1Go to The Plaza located south of Wyndon
Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Galarian Meowth Lv. 47
- Durant Lv. 47
3Battle vs. Macro Cosmos Trainer (Left of the Plaza)
Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Mawile Lv. 47
- Excadrill Lv. 47
4Battle vs. Macro Cosmos Trainer (Phone Box)
Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Ferroseed Lv. 47
- Steelix Lv. 47
5After the conversation, head to Rose Tower
6Battle vs. Macro Cosmos Trainers
Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Durant Lv. 48
7Battle vs. Macro Cosmos Trainers with Hop
Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Bronzong Lv. 48

Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Cufant Lv. 48
8Battle vs. Macro Cosmos Trainers with Hop
Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Mawile Lv. 48

Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Klang Lv. 48
9Battle vs. Macro Cosmos Trainers with Hop
Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Stunfisk Lv. 49

Macro Cosmos Trainer's Pokemon
- Steelix Lv. 49
10Battle vs. Olivia
Olivia's Pokemon:
- Froslass Lv. 50
- Salazzle Lv. 50
- Tsareena Lv. 50
- Milotic Lv. 51
- Garbodor Lv. 52
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Finals (Leon) - Story Walkthrough

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Rose Tower ~ Finals

1Enter Wyndon Stadium
2Talk to the receptionist to start the tournament
31st Battle:Bede
Bede's Pokemon:
- Mawile Lv. 51
- Gardevoir Lv. 51
- Galarian Rapidash Lv. 52
- Hatterene Lv. 53
42nd Battle:Nessa
Nessa's Pokemon:
- Golisopod Lv. 51
- Barraskewda Lv. 52
- Pelipper Lv. 51
- Seaking Lv. 52
- Drednaw Lv. 53
3rd Battle:Bea
Bea's Pokemon:
- Hawlucha Lv. 52
- Falinks Lv. 53
- Sirfetch'd Lv. 53
- Grapploct Lv. 52
- Machamp Lv. 54
3rd Battle:Allister
Allister's Pokemon:
- Dusknoir Lv. 52
- Chandelure Lv. 52
- Polteageist Lv. 53
- Grimmsnarl Lv. 53
- Gengar Lv. 54
64th Battle:Raihan
Raihan's Pokemon:
- Torkoal Lv. 53
- Goodra Lv. 54
- Turtonator Lv. 54
- Flygon Lv. 54
- Duraludon Lv. 55
7An event will occur when you start the battle with Leon
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Hall of Fame - Story Walkthrough

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Slumbering Weald ~ Hall of Fame

Leon Champion
1Finish the conversation and move to the Slumbering Weald
2In Slumbering Weald receive
(Sword) "Rusted Sword"
(Shield) "Rusted Shield"
3Talk to Hop to go to Hammerlocke
4Battle vs. Chairman Rose
Rose's Pokemon:
- Escavalier Lv. 55
- Ferrothorn Lv. 55
- Perrserker Lv. 55
- Klinklang Lv. 56
- Copperajah Lv. 57
5After defeating Rose, take the lift and head to the rooftop
6Battle a Lv. 60 Eternatus
7Battle a Dynamax Eternatus for 3 turns
8Defeat and capture Eternatus with the help of Zacian and Zamazenta
9Head over to Wyndon Stadium
10Battle vs. Champion Leon
If Grookey was your Starter Pokemon:
- Aegislash Lv. 62
- Dragapult Lv. 62
- Haxorus Lv. 63
- Cinderace Lv. 64
- Seismitoad Lv. 64
- Charizard Lv. 65

If Scorbunny was your Starter Pokemon:
- Aegislash Lv. 62
- Dragapult Lv. 62
- Haxorus Lv. 63
- Inteleon Lv. 64
- Mr. Rime Lv. 64
- Charizard Lv. 65

If Sobble was your Starter Pokemon:
- Aegislash Lv. 62
- Dragapult Lv. 62
- Haxorus Lv. 63
- Rillaboom Lv. 64
- Rhyperior Lv. 64
- Charizard Lv. 65
11Enter the Hall of Fame
>> End Game Guide
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Battling The Legendaries - Story Walkthrough

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Catching Zacian Or Zamazenta

zacian or zamazenta
1Talk to Professor Magnolia in your house to get a Master Ball
2Talk to Hop in Slumbering Weald
3Battle with Hop
4After defeating Hop
(Sword) Battle with Sordward
(Shield) Battle with Shielbert
5Go to the Pokemon Research Lab in Wedgehurst
6Defeat the Dynamax Pokemon in each Stadium
Turffield: Tsareena
Hulbury: Gyarados
Motostoke: Torkoal
7After defeating the Dynamax Pokemon in the 3 gyms, return to the Pokemon Research Lab
8Battle Sordward and Shielbert in the Pokemon Research Lab
9Go and do battle in each of the 4 Gyms
Hammerlocke: Haxorus
Stow-on-Side: (Sword) Conkeldurr, (Shield) Dusknoir
Ballonlea: Battle vs. Bede
Circhester: (Sword) Gigalith, (Shield) Froslass
10After the 4 battles, go to Hammerlocke Stadium and talk to Sonia
11Ride the lift
12Exit the lift and proceed left to trigger a battle.
(Sword) Battle with Sordward
(Shield) Battle with Shielbert
13Head to the rooftop using the lift
14You cannot catch the legendaries yet.
(Sword) Battle with Zamazenta
(Shield) Battle with Zacian
15Approach and interact with the legendaries after the event
(!) You can save here
16You can now catch the legendaries.
(Sword) Battle with Zacian
(Shield) Battle with Zamazenta
17Go to Slumbering Weald
18Battle vs. Hop
>> End Game Guide
>> Battle Tower Guide
Battling Legendaries and How To Catch Them
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