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Up To Slumbering Weald (vs. Champion Leon) - Story Walkthrough
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Up To Slumbering Weald (vs. Champion Leon) - Story Walkthrough

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Check out this guide for a story walkthrough guide up to Champion Leon in Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH), including trainer battle strategy, tips, item location & more!

Table of Contents

Story Progression

Previous PartCurrent PartNext Part
Raihan~ vs. Bea & Raihan Rematch Leon ~ vs. Champion Leon Get LegendariesGet Legendaries
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Stadium ~ Slumbering Weald - Walkthrough & Tips

Head To Slumbering Weald Walkthrough

1Head into the Stadium until a cutscene triggers
2After the cutscene, you'll regain control in the Slumbering Weald
3Proceed forward through the path until you reach a creek
4 Head south of the creek then right to dry land
5Keep heading forward until you find Hop in front of a bridge
6After the cutscene, cross the bridge & go north for another scene
7Walk towards the ancient ruins to pick up the Rusted Weapon
8When you have the weapon, talk to Hop to go to Hammerlocke Stadium

2 ~ 6. Use Bike To Travel Fast

Use Bike To Travel Fast

Use your Rotom Bike to quickly move through the Slumbering Weald. Keep in mind that you will still encounter Pokemon that you run into when riding on the bike.

7. Rusted Weapon Depends On Game Version

Rusted Weapon Depends On Game Version

During this section of the game, the Rusted Weapon that you will pick will depend on what version of the game you have.

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Hammerlocke ~ Vs. Chairman Rose - Walkthrough & Tips

Vs. Chairman Rose Walkthrough

1After reaching Hammerlocke, speak with Raihan
2Go into the Stadium & speak with Oleana then head down the Energy Plant
3Confront Chairman Rose and defeat him
4 After the battle, leave the room and talk to Hop to take the lift

1. Heal Pokemon Before Heading Into Stadium

Heal Pokemon Before Heading Into Stadium

You'll be facing a tough foe right as you enter the Hammerlocke Stadium. Before proceeding forward, make sure to heal all the Pokemon in your party, restock on supplies, & prepare for battle.

3. Battle Vs. Chairman Rose - Battle Tips

Battle Vs. Chairman Rose - Battle Tips
Escavalier IconEscavalierBug IconSteel Icon
Lv. 55
Fire Icon
Ferrothorn IconFerrothornGrass IconSteel Icon
Lv. 55
Fire Icon
Fighting Icon
Klinklang IconKlinklangSteel Icon
Lv. 56
Fighting IconGround IconFire Icon
Perrserker IconPerrserkersteel Icon
Lv. 55
Fighting IconGround IconFire Icon
Copperajah IconCopperajahSteel Icon
Lv. 57
Fighting IconGround IconFire Icon

*Attacks which match Weakness types deal 2x damage.

Vs. Eternatus - Walkthrough & Tips

Vs. Eternatus Walkthrough

1Head up the stairs to reach Champion Leon
2After the cutscene, fight & win against Eternatus
3When Eternatus is done, watch the cutscene to trigger the Dynamax battle
4 After the battle, you'll regain control in Wyndon City

2. Battle vs. Eternatus - Battle Tips

Battle vs. Eternatus - Battle Tips

Poison & Dragon Type Pokemon

Eternatus is a Poison and Dragon-type Pokemon. Be careful of its dangerous attacks and make sure not to bring any Pokemon with weakness to these types.

Bring Ground, Ice, Or Psychic Pokemon

Being a Dragon & Poison Pokemon, Eternatus has weaknesses against Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Dragon type of Pokemon & moves. Make sure to have leveled up Pokemon of these types in your party.

Dragon Pokemon Might Be Risky

Though Eternatus is also a Dragon type with weakness to Dragon moves, it's best not to bring any Dragon-type Pokemon. If possible, bring a Pokemon that isn't weak to Dragon Pokemon but with Dragon-type moves.

3. Battle vs. Eternatus (Dynamax) - Battle Tips

Keep Trying To Use Moves Until Cutscene Triggers

Keep Trying To Use Moves Until Cutscene Triggers

When the Dynamax version of Eternatus appears, you won't be able to use any moves due to its mysterious power. Make sure to keep trying until the cutscene appears where you use the Rusted Weapon.

Legendary Pokemon Will Aid In Battle

Legendary Pokemon Will Aid In Battle

Once the Rusted Weapons are used, you'll get aid from the legendary Pokemon Zacian & Zamazenta. Depending on your game's version, you'll side with either the legendary Sword or Shield Pokemon.

Vs. Champion Leon - Walkthrough & Tips

Vs. Champion Leon Walkthrough

1Travel to Wyndon City to get to the Stadium
2Talk to the man behind the counter to initiate the match with Champion Leon
3Defeat Champion Leon
4 After the battle, the game's credits will roll

3. Battle Vs. Champion Leon - Battle Tips

Battle Vs. Champion Leon - Battle Tips
Aegislash IconAegislashGhostIconSteel Icon
Lv. 62
Ground IconGhost IconFire IconDark Icon
Haxorus IconHaxorusDragon Icon
Lv. 63
Ice IconDragon IconFairy Icon
Dragapult IconDragapultDragon IconGhost Icon
Lv. 62
Ice IconDragon IconFairy IconGhost IconDark Icon
Inteleon IconInteleon
(If you chose Scorbunny)
Water Icon
Lv. 64
Electric IconGrass Icon
(If you chose Sobble)
Grass Icon
Lv. 64
fire IconIce IconPoison IconFlying Iconbug Icon
(If you chose Grookey)
fire Icon
Lv. 64
water IconGround IconRock Icon
Mr. Rime IconMr. Rime
(If you chose Scorbunny)
Psychic IconIce Icon
Lv. 64
Rock IconBug IconGhost IconSteel IconFire IconDark Icon
Seismitoad IconSeismitoad
(If you chose Grookey)
water IconGround Icon
Lv. 64
Grass Icon
Rhyperior IconRhyperior
(If you chose Sobble)
Ground IconRock Icon
Lv. 64
water IconGrass Icon
Ice IconFighting IconGround IconSteel Icon
Charizard IconCharizardFire IconFlying Icon
Lv. 65
Rock Icon
Electric IconWaterIcon

*Attacks matching Weakness types deal 2x damage.

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Varies According To The Start You Chose

Champion Leon will use one of the three starters which he took at the beginning of the game. This will be the one which has a type advantage against your starter, so be careful!

Bring Ice and Rock Moves

Ice moves will take care of Leon's Dragon types (and Rillaboom, if you chose Sobble). Consider bringing a Frosmoth or another ice Pokemon. Rock and Fire moves are also helpful.

Bring Eternatus

If you are having hard time defeating dragon pokemon, bring Eternatus you've just captured. Its strong Sp. Attack moves helps you defeat Leon's pokemon easiliy.

Beware Haxorus


Haxorus is a devastatingly strong Pokemon which knows Earthquake and Iron Tail, meaning it can take out Fairy and Ice type Pokemon. Haxorus has 147 Attack, but only 97 Speed. Your best bet is to get a Pokemon faster than it - Weavile is a good choice.

Gigantamax Charizard

Gigantamax Charizard

Leon's final Pokemon'll be his Gigantamax Charizard. If you aren't prepared with a super-effective move (or if your Pokemon have fainted), you might be in serious trouble here. Try to plan ahead and save your Charizard-slayer for the end of the battle.

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Story Progression

Previous PartCurrent PartNext Part
Raihan~ vs. Bea & Raihan Rematch Leon ~ vs. Champion Leon Get LegendariesGet Legendaries
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