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Movesets & Best Build List For Ranked Battle

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Read this article to find out what movesets and builds to use for competitive ranked online battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Get tips on movesets, abilities, natures, & EV spreads!!!

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List Of Movesets & Competitive Builds

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DragapultDragapult DragonGhost ・Physical Attacker
・Special Attacker
・Dual Screen Setup
・Status Setup
MimikyuMimikyu Ghost IconFairy Icon ・Life Orb
・Trick Room
・Pain Split
FerrothornFerrothorn Grass IconSteel Icon ・Knock Off/Curse
・Leech Seed
・Physical Atk.
ExcadrillExcadrill Ground IconSteel Icon ・Sand Rush
・Mold Breaker
Corviknight IconCorviknight Steel IconFlying Icon ・Physical Tank
・Special Tank
Toxapex IconToxapex water IconPoison Icon ・Physical Tank
Galarian Darmanitan IconGalarian Darmanitan Ice Icon・Gorilla Tactics Scarf
・Zen Mode
Gyarados IconGyarados water IconFlying Icon ・Moxie Lum Berry
・Intimidate Bulky
Galarian Corsola IconGalarian Corsola Ghost Icon ・Physical Tank
Dracovish IconDracovish water Icon Dragon Icon ・Choice Scarf
Togekiss IconTogekiss Fairy IconFlying Icon・Special Attacker
Heat Rotom IconHeat Rotom electric Iconfire Icon ・Choice Scarf
Wash RotomWash Rotom electric Iconwater Icon ・Choice Specs
Rotom-FanFan Rotom electric IconFlying Icon ・Nasty Plot
・Choice Item
Rotom-MowMow Rotom electric Icon Grass Icon ・Choice Specs
・Choice Scarf
Hydreigon IconHydreigon Dragondark Icon ・Choice Specs
・Substitute Nasty Plot
ArcanineArcanine Fire ・Physical Attacker
・Assault Vest
AegislashAegislash Steel IconGhost Icon ・Weakness Policy
・Special Attacker
・Physical Attacker
Grimmsnarl IconGrimmsnarl dark IconFairy Icon ・Dual Screen
・Bulk Up
HippowdonHippowdon Ground Icon ・Physical Tank
・Physical Attacker
DurantDurant Steel Icon bug Icon ・Hustle Attacker
ToxtricityToxtricity electric IconPoison Icon ・Special Attacker/Specs
・Physical Attacker/Life Orb
Tyranitar IconTyranitar Rock Icondark Icon ・Weakness Policy
・Choice Band
・Special Attacker
・Assault Vest
・Stealth Rock Lead
Cinderace IconCinderace Fire ・Physical Attacker
・Court Change Hazard Clearer
Kommo-oKommo-o Dragonfighting Icon ・Life Orb Physical Attacker
GoodraGoodra dragon Icon ・Special Attacker
Snorlax IconSnorlax Normal Icon ・Physical Attacker
・Thick Fat
InteleonInteleon water Icon ・Life Orb
UmbreonUmbreon dark Icon ・Physical Tank
DittoDitto Normal Icon ・Imposter Choice Scarf
CharizardCharizard Fire Flying Icon ・Solar Power
RillaboomRillaboom Grass Icon ・Assault Vest Knock Off
CloysterCloyster water IconIce Icon ・Shell Smash
DuraludonDuraludon Steel IconDragon ・Special Attacker
・Dual Screen
GreedentGreedent Normal Icon ・Ganlon Berry Tank
QuagsireQuagsire water IconGround Icon ・Unaware Tank
・Water Absorb
DracozoltDracozolt electric IconDragon Icon ・Hustle Dynamax
・Volt Absorb Assault Vest
AlcremieAlcremie Fairy Icon ・Special Defense
ButterfreeButterfree bug IconFlying Icon ・Substitute Sleeper
MiloticMilotic water Icon ・Flame Orb Marvel Scale
HawluchaHawlucha Fighting IconFlying Icon ・White Herb Unburden
・Mold Breaker
ConkeldurrConkeldurr Fighting Icon ・Flame Orb Guts
LucarioLucario Fighting IconSteel Icon ・Physical Attacker
・Special Attacker
GlalieGlalie Ice Icon ・Moody
BisharpBisharp dark IconSteel Icon ・Physical Attacker
RhyperiorRhyperior Rock IconGround Icon・Weakness Policy
WhimsicottWhimsicott Grass IconFairy Icon・Leech Seed
・Trick Room
・Light Screen
GastrodonGastrodon water IconGround Icon ・Yawn
Type: NullType: NullNormal Icon・Eviolite
BraviaryBraviaryNormal IconFlying Icon・Life Orb
GlaceonGlaceonIce Icon ・Assault Vest
・Special Attacker
HattereneHatterenePsychic IconFairy Icon ・Trick Room
LaprasLapras water IconIce Icon ・Tank Buster
・Assault Vest
SeismitoadSeismitoad water IconGround Icon ・Swift Swim Special
・Swift Swim Physical
・Water Absorb
ChandelureChandelure ghost IconFire Icon ・Choice Scarf
・Trick Room
LanturnLanturn water Iconelectric Icon ・Special Attacker
・Special Tank
DiggersbyDiggersby normal Iconground Icon ・Dynamax Assault Vest
・Choice Scarf
SandacondaSandaconda ground Icon ・Stealth Rock Lead
CentiskorchCentiskorch fire Iconbug Icon ・Gigantamax
HaxorusHaxorus Dragon Icon ・Mold Breaker Life Orb
DrednawDrednaw water Iconrock Icon ・Gigantamax Build
BlastoiseBlastoise water Icon ・Shell Smash Build
IncineroarIncineroar Fire Icon dark Icon ・Max Airstrike Sweeper
・Assault Vest
ZeraoraZeraora electric Icon ・Life Orb Attacker

What Is A Competitive Build?

A Build Usable In Online Ranked Battles

Competitive Pokemon builds are builds that help your Pokemon bring out the best in them, making them perform well in online ranked battles.

There Are Limitless Possibilities

In Pokemon, there are as many strategies as there are competitive trainers. Although we can clearly say that a particular build is strong in general, the details of customization (EVs, moves, etc.) vary from person to person. We encourage you to experiment with and customize these builds to your preference!

A Showcase Of Currently Popular Builds

What we have done here is compile a list of builds which are frequently used in competitive online play. However, it is important to note that often in Pokemon, there is no clear right or wrong answer.

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