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List Of New Pokemon (DLC)

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Read this to learn all of the new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Expansion Pass DLC! Includes new Pokemon from previous generations, new Gigantamax forms, & more!

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Expansion Pass (DLC) Guide

New Pokemon Coming In Isle of Armor

Isle of Armor

This list also includes the evolutions of confirmed Pokemon.

Generation 1

※ Blastoise and Venusaur are already available, but they will be getting Gigantamax forms in the DLC.

VenusaurVenusaur(※)BlastoiseBlastoise (※)SlowpokeSlowpokeSlowbroSlowbro

Generation 2


Generation 3


Generation 4


Generation 5


Generation 6


Generation 7

Check Out More Info On Isle of Tundra Here

New Pokemon Coming in Crown Tundra

Crown Tundra

This list also includes the evolutions of confirmed Pokemon.

Generation 1

NidoranNidoran♂ NidorinoNidorino NidokingNidoking ZubatZubat
GolbatGolbat ElectabuzzElectabuzz ArticunoArticuno ZapdosZapdos
MoltresMoltres - - -

Generation 2

CrobatCrobatElekidElekid RaikouRaikou EnteiEntei
SuicuneSuicune LugiaLugia Ho-OhHo-oh -

Generation 3

SphealSpheal SealeoSealeo WalreinWalrein BeldumBeldum
MetangMetang MetagrossMetagross RegirockRegirock RegiceRegice
RegisteelRegisteel LatiasLatias LatiosLatios KyogreKyogre
GroudonGroudon RayquazaRayquaza - -

Generation 4

GibleGible GabiteGabite GarchompGarchomp ElectivireElectivire
Uxie Uxie MespritMesprit AzelfAzelf DialgaDialga
PalkiaPalkia HeatranHeatran RegigigasRegigigas GiratinaGiratina
Cresselia Cresselia - - -

Generation 5

CryogonalCryogonal TornadusTornadus ThundurusThundurus LandorusLandorus

Generation 6

AmauraAmaura AurorusAurorus XerneasXerneas YveltalYveltal
ZygardeZygarde - - -

Generation 7

Tapu KokoTapu Koko Tapu LeleTapu Lele Tapu BuluTapu Bulu Tapu FiniTapu Fini

Pokemon Likely To Be Included

Pokemon With A High Likelihood Of Being Addeds

The Pokemon listed in this table are not confirmed! They are merely likely to come out because their counterpart Pokemon are set to be featured.

NidoranNidoran ♀ NidorinaNidorina NidoqueenNidoqueen MagmarMagmar
MagbyMagby MagmortarMagmortar TyruntTyrunt TyrantrumTyrantrum
Check Out More Info On Crown Tundra Here!

New Pokemon From The Pokemon Home Update

Confirmed Transferable Pokemon List

The following Pokemon were added to the game with the Pokemon Home update:

Added Pokemon
BulbasaurBulbasaur IvysaurIvysaur VenusaurVenusaur SquirtleSquirtle
WartortleWartortle BlastoiseBlastoise Alolan RaichuAlolan Raichu Alolan VulpixAlolan Vulpix
Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales Alolan DiglettAlolan Diglett Alolan DugtrioAlolan Dugtrio Alolan MeowthAlolan Meowth
Alolan PersianAlolan Persian PonytaPonyta RapidashRapidash FarfetchFarfetch'd
WeezingWeezing MewtwoMewtwo MewMew CorsolaCorsola
CelebiCelebi Zigzagoon Zigzagoon LinooneLinoone JirachiJirachi
DarumakaDarumaka DarmanitanDarmanitan StunfiskStunfisk CobalionCobalion
TerrakionTerrakion VirizionVirizion ReshiramReshiram ZekromZekrom
KyuremKyurem White KyuremWhite Kyurem Black KyuremBlack Kyurem KeldeoKeldeo
RowlettRowlet DartrixDartrix DecidueyeDecidueye LittenLitten
TorracatTorracat Incineroar Incineroar PopplioPopplio BrionneBrionne
PrimarinaPrimarina CosmogCosmog CosmoemCosmoem SolgaleoSolgaleo
LunalaLunala NecrozmaNecrozma Dusk ManeDusk Mane Nezcroma Dawn WingsDawn Wings Necrozma
MarshadowMarshadow ZeraoraZeraora MeltanMeltan MelmetalMelmetal

Pokemon Home App Required

Pokemon Home App May Be Required
Click to Enlarge

The Pokemon cloud storage app: Pokemon Home is required to carry over these Pokemon.

Find Out More About Pokemon Home Here!

New Pokemon & Legendaries

Kubfu - New Pokemon

New Legendary Pokemon - Kubfu
Click to Enlarge

The new legendary Pokemon Kubfu will accompany you on your journey in The Isle Of Armor Expansion. Train alongside him and get stronger together!

Kubfu - How To Get & Evolution

Kubfu Evolutions - Urshifu With 2 Styles

Kubfu Evolutions - Urshifu With 2 Styles
Click to Enlarge

Once Kubfu has enough training, it will evolve into a Urshifu, which has 2 different fighting styles and types to choose from. The evolution style will be based on in-game choice, and irrelevant of which version you play.

Urshifu - How To Get

Urshifu Style & Types

Single-Strike StyleFighting Icondark
Rapid-Stryke StyleFighting Iconwater

Urshifu Can Gigantamax

Urshifu Can Gigantamax
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Urshifu Can Gigantamax, and its G-Max moves will also vary depending on its evolution style.

Usable In Competitive Play

Information from the Nintendo Direct showcase revealed that Urshifu will be usable in competitive online ranked play! It will definitely affect the current competitive meta!

>> Check Out More Info On Competitive Ranked Battles Here!

Calyrex - New Legendary Pokemon

Click to Enlarge

The legendary Calyrex will appear in The Crown Tundra Expansion and is rumored to be a powerful presence in Galar.

Calyrex - How To Get

Calyrex types And Ability

Type PsychicGrass
Unnerves opposing Pokemon and makes them unable to eat Berries.

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres?

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres?
Click to Enlarge

In the Direct announcement, there might be an alternative Galarian version of the Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres from Gen1 that might make a return.

Pokemon Direct Summary & Latest News

Regi Line Coming Back As Well?

Regi Line Coming Back As Well?
Click to Enlarge

Regi line of Pokemon, similar to Regirock, has appeared in the Direct presentation as well, they may make an appearance in the Expansion Pass.

Galarian Slowpoke - New Galarian Form

Galarian Slowpoke

Galarian Slowpoke is the Galarian form of the Slowpoke found in previous titles. Its appetite for the Galarica seeds (a kind of spice) for generations has altered its appearance and behavior in comparison to normal Slowpoke.

Galarian Slowpoke - How To Get

Evolves Into Galarian Slowbro Or Galarian Slowking

Evolves Into Galarian Slowbro Or Galarian Slowking
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With an item found in The Isle of Armor, Galarian Slowpoke can evolve into a Galarian Slowbro. Another item found in The Crown Tundra will evolve it into Galarian Slowking instead.

New Gigantamax Pokemon

3 Starter Pokemon Now Can Gigantamax!

3 Starter Pokemon All Can Gigantamax!

The final evolution of the 3 Sword and Shield starters, Cinderace, Rillaboom, Inteleon, will be getting a new Gigantamax Form in this expansion pack! They will also have new G-Max moves.

G-Max Moves Theme For Starter Pokemon

StarterGigantamax Moves Theme
CinderaceBigger Pyro Ball, Stronger Kick Moves
RillaboomStronger Drum Moves
InteleonMore gadgets, Sniping
Check Out All Available Gigantamax Pokemon Here!

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When you breed a Nidoking whit Ditto you get Nidoran Male and Female, thus confirming the female line.

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