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All Confirmed Pokemon In Galar List
Pokemon Sword and Shield | All Confirmed Pokemon In Galar List

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All Confirmed Pokemon In Galar List

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Find all confirmed new and returning Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH) here! Read about legendary Pokemon, Galarian form Pokemon, Gigantamax Pokemon, & more.

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Newly Confirmed Pokemon

Spotted In The Latest Commercial!


▲Some of the above Pokemon are listed because they are in the same evolutionary line as Pokemon that appeared.

Spotted in the official Pokemon Sword and Shield commercials, these Pokemon are likely to show up in the games. It is also possible that some of these Pokemon will be Version exclusive.

Watch It Here For Yourself!

New Legendary Pokemon

Find Out More About The New Legendaries Here!

Other New Pokemon

GossifleurGossifleurGrassCotton Down
EldegossEldegossGrassCotton Down
Run Away
Strong Jaw
Shell Armor
AlcremieAlcremieFairySweet Veil
YamperYamperelectricBall Fetch
RolycolyRolycolyRockSteam Engine
Light Metal
Heavy Metal
MorpekoMorpekoelectric/darkHunger Switch
Gulp Missile
PolteageistPolteageistGhostWeak Armor
SirfetchSirfetch'dFighting IconSteadfast
Impidimp Impidimpdark

Choose Your First Pokemon

First pokemon to choose

Choose your first Pokemon from Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. The Three are Grass, Fire, and Water type, just like in all the previous Pokemon series.

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New Abilities In Sword & Shield

Rolycoly Steam Engine

There will be new abilities available in Sword & Shield. One example is Rolycoly's ability Steam Engine. It boosts Speed stat when Rolycoly is hit by a fire or water type move.


Another example of a new ability is Morpeko's ability Hunger Switch. Morpeko's fur color turns black and its type also changes from Electric to Dark.

Check Out All New Abilities Here!

Galarian Form Pokemon

Galarian WeezingGalarian WeezingPoison
Neutralizing Gas
ZigzagoonGalarian Zigzagoondark
LinooneGalarian Linoonedark
Galarian PonytaGalarian PonytaPsychicRun Away
Pastel Veil

Gigantamax Pokemon

Gigantmax DrednawGigantmax Drednawwater
Strong Jaw
Shell Armor
Gigantamax CorviknightGigantamax CorviknightFlying
Gigantamax AlcremieGigantamax AlcremieFairySweet Veil
Gigantamax PikachuGigantamax Pikachu electric Static
Gigantamax CharizardGigantamax Charizardfire
Gigantamax EeveeGigantamax Eevee NormalRun Away
Gigantamax MeowthGigantamax Meowth Normal Pickup
Gigantamax ButterfreeGigantamax Butterfree bug
Compound Eyes
Check Out How To Catch Gigantamax Pokemon!

G-Max Moves

G-Max Mooves

All Gigantamax Pokemon have G-Max Moves which not only deal damage but have additional effects.

G-Max Moves & Their Effects

Gigantmax DrednawG-Max Stonesurge
Deal damage and scatter sharp rocks around opponent.
Gigantamax CorviknightG-Max Wind Rage
Deal damage and remove any effects of opponent (ex. Reflect, Light Screen).
Gigantamax AlcremieG-Max Finale
Deal damage to opponent and heal all pokemon on your side.
Gigantamax Pikachu G-Max Volt Crash
Paralyzes all opponents.
Gigantamax EeveeG-Max Cuddle
Opposite gender opponents become infatuated.
Gigantamax CharizardG-Max Wildfire
All non-fire types take damage for four turns.
Gigantamax Meowth G-Max Gold Rush
Confuses all targets and earns an in-game cash bonus.
Gigantamax Butterfree G-Max Befuddle
Causes poison, paralysis, or asleep status.
Check Out All New G-Max and Other Moves Here!

Confirmed Returning Pokemon

※The following Pokemon have all been confirmed to appear in Sword & Shield from official videos.

Generation 1

Charmander IconCharmanderCharmeleon IconCharmeleon Charizard IconCharizard Caterpie IconCaterpie
Metapod IconMetapodButterfree IconButterfreePIkachu IconPikachuRaichu IconRaichu
Clefairy IconCleFairyClefable IconClefableVulpix IconVulpixNinetales IconNinetales
Oddish IconOddishGloom IconGloomVileplume IconVileplumeDiglett IconDiglett
Dugtrio IconDugtrioMeowthMeowthPersian IconPersianGrowlithe IconGrowlithe
Arcanine IconArcanineMachop IconMachopMachoke IconMachokeMachamp IconMachamp
FarfetchFarfetch'dGastly IconGastlyHaunter IconHaunter Gengar IconGengar
Onix IconOnixHitmonlee IconHitmonlee Hitmonchan IconHitmonchanKoffing IconKoffing
Rhyhorn IconRhyhornRhydon IconRhydon Magikarp IconMagikarp Gyarados IconGyarados
Lapras IconLaprasDitto IconDittoEevee IconEevee Vaporeon IconVaporeon
Jolteon IconJolteonFlareon IconFlareonSnorlax IconSnorlaxMew IconMew

Generation 2

Hoothoot IconHoothoot Noctowl IconNoctowl Chinchou IconChinchou Lanturn IconLanturn
Pichu IconPichuCleffa IconCleffa Togepi IconTogepi Togetic IconTogetic
Natu IconNatu Xatu IconXatu Bellossom IconBellossom Sudowoodo IconSudowoodo
Wooper IconWooper Quagsire IconQuagsire Espeon IconEspeon Umbreon IconUmbreon
Wobbuffet IconWobbuffet Steelix IconSteelix Qwilfish IconQwilfish Shuckle IconShuckle
Sneasel IconSneasel Remoraid IconRemoraid Octillery IconOctillery Mantine IconMantine
Tyrogue IconTyrogue Hitmontop IconHitmontop Larvitar IconLarvitar Pupitar IconPupitar
Tyranitar IconTyranitar - - -

Generation 3

Lotad IconLotad Lombre IconLombre Ludicolo IconLudicolo Seedot IconSeedot
Nuzleaf IconNuzleafShiftry IconShiftryWingull IconWingull Pelipper IconPelipper
Ralts IconRalts Kirlia IconKirlia Gardevoir IconGardevoir Sableye IconSableye
Mawile IconMawile Electrike IconElectrike Manectric IconManectric Roselia IconRoselia
Wailmer IconWailmer Wailord IconWailord Torkoal IconTorkoalTrapinch IconTrapinch
Vibrava IconVibrava Flygon IconFlygon Baltoy IconBaltoy Claydol IconClaydol
Feebas IconFeebas Milotic IconMilotic Duskull IconDuskull Dusclops IconDusclops
Wynaut IconWynaut Snorunt IconSnorunt Glalie IconGlalie -

Generation 4

Budew IconBudew Roserade IconRoserade Combee IconCombee Vespiquen IconVespiquen
Cherubi IconCherubi Cherrim IconCherrim Shellos IconShellos Gastrodon IconGastrodon
Drifloon IconDrifloon Drifblim IconDrifblim Bronzor IconBronzor Bronzong IconBronzong
Bonsly IconBonsly Munchlax IconMunchlax Riolu IconRiolu Lucario IconLucario
Hippopotas IconHippopotas Hippowdon IconHippowdon Skorupi IconSkorupi Drapion IconDrapion
Croagunk IconCroagunk Toxicroak IconToxicroak Mantyke IconMantyke Snover IconSnover
Abomasnow IconAbomasnow Weavile IconWeavile Rhyperior IconRhyperior Togekiss IconTogekiss
Leafeon IconLeafeon Glaceon IconGlaceonGallade IconGallade Dusknoir IconDusknoir
Froslass IconFroslass Rotom IconRotom--

Generation 5

Purrloin IconPurrloin Liepard IconLiepard Munna IconMunna Musharna IconMusharna
Pidove IconPidove Tranquil IconTranquil Unfezant IconUnfezant Roggenrola IconRoggenrola
Boldore IconBoldore Gigalith IconGigalith Woobat IconWoobat Swoobat IconSwoobat
Timburr IconTimburr Gurdurr IconGurdurr Conkeldurr IconConkeldurr Tympole IconTympole
Palpitoad IconPalpitoad Seismitoad IconSeismitoad Sawk IconSawk Cottonee IconCottonee
Whimsicott IconWhimsicott Maractus IconMaractus Scraggy IconScraggyScrafty IconScrafty
Sigilyph IconSigilyph Trubbish IconTrubbish Garbodor IconGarbodor Minccino IconMinccino
Cinccino IconCinccino Gothita IconGothita Gothorita IconGothorita Gothitelle IconGothitelle
Solosis IconSolosis Duosion IconDuosion Reuniclus IconReuniclus Vanillite IconVanillite
Vanillish IconVanillish Vanilluxe IconVanilluxe Karrablast IconKarrablast Escavalier IconEscavalier
Frillish IconFrillish Jellicent IconJellicent Joltik IconJoltik Galvantula IconGalvantula
Ferroseed IconFerroseed Ferrothorn IconFerrothorn Litwick IconLitwick Lampent IconLampent
Chandelure IconChandelure Axew IconAxew Fraxure IconFraxure Haxorus IconHaxorus
Golett IconGolett Golurk IconGolurk Pawniard IconPawniardBisharp IconBisharp
Rufflet IconRufflet Braviary IconBraviary Vullaby IconVullaby Mandibuzz IconMandibuzz
Deino IconDeino Zweilous IconZweilous Hydreigon IconHydreigon -

Generation 6

Bunnelby IconBunnelby Diggersby IconDiggersby Pancham IconPancham Pangoro IconPangoro
Espurr IconEspurr Meowstic IconMeowstic Honedge IconHonedge Doublade IconDoublade
Aegislash (Shield Forme) IconAegislashSwirlix IconSwirlix Slurpuff IconSlurpuff Inkay IconInkay
Malamar IconMalamar Helioptile IconHelioptile Heliolisk IconHeliolisk Sylveon IconSylveon
Hawlucha IconHawlucha Goomy IconGoomy Sliggoo IconSliggoo Goodra IconGoodra
Phantump IconPhantump Trevenant IconTrevenant Pumpkaboo IconPumpkaboo Gourgeist IconGourgeist
Bergmite IconBergmite Avalugg IconAvalugg Noibat IconNoibat Noivern IconNoivern

Generation 7

Grubbin IconGrubbin Charjabug IconCharjabug Vikavolt IconVikavolt Wishiwashi(Solo Form) IconWishiwashi
Mareanie IconMareanie Toxapex IconToxapex Mudbray IconMudbray Mudsdale IconMudsdale
Morelull IconMorelull Shiinotic IconShiinotic Stufful IconStufful Bewear IconBewear
Bounsweet IconBounsweet Steenee IconSteenee Tsareena IconTsareena Wimpod IconWimpod
Golisopod IconGolisopod Pyukumuku IconPyukumuku Turtonator IconTurtonator Mimikyu IconMimikyu
Drampa IconDrampa Jangmo-o IconJangmo-o Hakamo-o IconHakamo-o Kommo-o IconKommo-o

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