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Perfect Breeding Guide - Competitive Breeding & Training

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Read this guide on how to raise strongest pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield(SWSH). Including info on breeding, Base Stats, Base Points(Effort Values, EV), Characteristic, Ability.

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Breeding In Sword And Shield

The following is based on currently released information from an interview with the developer. It will updated when more information is revealed.

Changes Made To Breeding

A Pokemon Sword and Shield had implied in a recent interview that breeding may not be necessary anymore for competitive Ranked Battles in new games.

This information is courtesy of Game Informer

Learn More About Ranked Battles In Sword and Shield Here!

Change Natures Using Mints!


You will be able to change the nature of your Pokemon by buying a Mint! This will make nature selection much easier!

Pass Down Egg Moves To Pokemon!

Egg Moves

You will be able to transfer egg moves to Pokemon of the same species in Sword and Shield! This means that you no longer need to breed a new Pokemon to pass down an egg move!

How To Raise Strong Pokemon

The following article is based on previous generation. Will be updated once SWSH is released.

Terms For Raising Strong Pokemon

BreedingA method of getting new Pokemon by hatching Pokemon eggs. By hatching many eggs you can select the strongest Pokemon among them.
Base StatsBase Stats differ by each species of Pokemon. They determine which stat will likely be higher when compared with another species.
-> Guide On Base Stats
Individual StrengthsIndividual Strengths differ by each individual Pokemon. They determine which stats will grow higher than others.
-> Guide On Individual Strengths
Base PointsBase Points are hidden points you gain mainly by defeating other Pokemon. Base Points increase the stats(ex. Attack, Speed) of the Pokemon.
-> Guide On Base Points

Breed To Get Max Stats

In order to win ranked battles with other players, breeding your Pokemon is key. By breeding two strong Pokemon and hatching multiple eggs, you can select the Pokemon which has the best stats and growth potential.

Earn Base Points And Maximize Stats

Base Points, which are also known as "Effort Values", are one of the main ways you can customize your Pokemon's stat. Base Points can mainly be earned by defeating other pokemon.

Stats Increase As You Earn Base Points

base point difference
Click to Enlarge

The picture above is the comparison between two level 100 Pikachu. The right one has Base Point training while the left one has no Base Points.

Learn More About Base Points From Here

Preparation Before Breeding

Finish The Storyline First

In the previous generation, there were some limited features and items you could use for breeding. You could unlock all these features and items by finishing the storyline first to breed in most efficient way.

Choose Which Pokemon To Breed

Each Pokemon's Base Stats differ by their species. Choosing strong Pokemon with high Base Stats is important.

Learn More About Base Stats From Here

Best Breeding Method

What Is Breeding?

Breeding is a method of getting new Pokemon by hatching a Pokemon egg. Compared to wild Pokemon, Pokemon which were hatched from an egg sometimes have higher stats or stronger moves and abilities.

Choose Pokemon With The Highest Individual Strengths

A Pokemon's stats are not only determined by the species' Base Stats, but also by the Individual Strengths of that particular Pokemon. By hatching many eggs, you can choose Pokemon with higher Individual Strengths. This will affect the final stats of the Pokemon.

Choosing The Right Nature

The nature of a Pokemon determines the growth rate of its stats. For example, an Adamant Pokemon's Attack grows faster while its Sp. Atk grows slower.

Find Out The Best Natures Here!

Pass Down Individual Strengths And Natures With Items

In previous games, the following items allowed you to pass down natures or certain IVs to your Pokemon.

Everstone Passes down the holder's nature
Destiny Knot Passes down 5 of the holder's IVs
Power Weight Passes down the holder's HP IV
Power Bracer Passes down the holder's Attack IV
Power BeltPasses down the holder's Defense IV
Power LensPasses down the holder's Sp. Attack IV
Power BandPasses down the holder's Sp. Defense IV
Power AnkletPasses down the holder's Speed IV
Click Here For The Explanation Of Individual Strengths

Best Training Method

Increase Stats By Earning Base Points

Every time you defeat a Pokemon, you acquire Base Points. The type of Base Point you earn determines which stat will grow.

Each Pokemon Gives A Specific Base Point

Every Pokemon you defeat gives certain amount of Base Points to one stat. The type of Base Point the defeated Pokemon gives are different by species. For example, Diglett gives you 1 Speed Base Point.

Learn More About Base Point From Here

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