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Isle Of Armor | Apricorn Guide - Balls List, Recipes & How To Get | Pokemon Sword And Shield

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Isle Of Armor | Apricorn Guide - Balls List, Recipes & How To Get | Pokemon Sword And Shield - GameWith
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Learn all about Apricorns in this Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC guide. Includes all Apricorn list, Apricorn Ball types, recipes, combinations, locations, and more!!!

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What Are Apricorns?

Fruits Found In Isle Of Armor

Fruits Found In Isle Of Armor

The Isle of Armor brings with it the return of Apricorns! These unique fruits can only be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield by purchasing the expansion pass DLC.

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All Apricorn Types List

↓ Check out which trees drop which color Apricorns below

Used To Make Makeshift Pokeballs

Fruits that Can Become Pokeballs

Apricorns are used by the Cram-o-matic to get rare Pokeballs. In order to make rare ball, you need plenty of Apricorns so collect as much as you can!

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Turned Into Aprijuice

In previous installments in the franchise, Apricorns were also able to be blended to create Aprijuice. The effect of the Aprijuice varied depending on what type of Apricorn it was made with. This feature does not seem to be in Sword and Shield.

Apricorns - How To Get

Shake Down From Trees

Shake Down From Trees

The only way to get Apricorns in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to shake them down from berry trees found all over the island. You will get a mix of Apricorns and Berries, but don't shake too much or you might shake down a Pokemon!

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Exclusive To The Isle Of Armor & Crown Tundra

Exclusive to the Isle of Armor

Apricorns are only available for players who have the Isle of Armor & Crown Tundra expansion. It's possible that trading could be an option, but previously, Pokemon holding Apricorns cannot be traded so they cannot be shared between players.

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Complete Isle Of Armor Pokedex

Complete Isle Of Armor Pokedex

The lady who offers to show Pokedex entries for 100 Watts will apparently go on to sell you Apricorns for 100 W after you complete the Isle of Armor Pokedex. We were able to confirm this only on one file that has a full Pokedex completed, so we're inclined to say that is the main condition for this, but we are not 100% sure.

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Apricorn - How To Use

Exchange 4 For Poke Balls In Cram-o-matic

Exchange 4 For Poke Balls In Cram-o-matic

You can use 4 Apricorns of any color & feed them into Hyde's Cram-o-matic machine to get a Poke Ball.

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Getting Rare Poke Balls Is Random

Getting Rare Poke Ball Is Random

There's a chance you can receive a random rare Poke Ball when you feed 4 Apricorns to the Cram-o-matic. However, all evidence seems to suggest that this is random. We will continue to look into this.

Apricorn Poke Ball List - How To Get

Confirmed Poke Balls From Apricorns

Apricorn Poke Balls
fastFast Ball levelLevel Ball LoveLove Ball
MoonMoon Ball HeavyHeavy Ball Friend BallFriend Ball
Lure BallLure Ball--

Poke Ball Is Determined By Apricorn Color

You can feed Apricorns to the Cram-o-matic machine to get a variety of Poke Balls. However, note that rare balls have a very low probability of showing up. Also, Safari and Sport balls can be obtained using any color Apricorn.

Example Of Apricorns & Poke Balls

Apricorn 1
Apricorn 2
Apricorn 3
Apricorn 4
Poke Ball
(Receive 1 Poke Ball)
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
- Poke Ball
- Great Ball
- Ultra Ball
- Safari Ball
- Sport Ball
- Friend Ball
- Nest Ball
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn
- Poke Ball
- Great Ball
- Ultra Ball
- Safari Ball
- Sport Ball
- Friend Ball
- Nest Ball
- Moon Ball
- Quick Ball

Apricorn Color & Poke Ball Results

Poke Ball Apricorn
Poke Ball All Apricorns
Great Ball All Apricorns
Ultra Ball All Apricorns
Safari Ball All Apricorns
Sport Ball All Apricorns
Level Ball Red Apricorn
Repeat Ball Red Apricorn
Dive Ball Blue Apricorn
Lure Ball Blue Apricorn
Net Ball Blue Apricorn
Moon Ball Yellow Apricorn
Quick Ball Yellow Apricorn
Friend Ball Green Apricorn
Nest Ball Green Apricorn
Dusk Ball Black Apricorn
Heavy Ball Black Apricorn
Luxury Ball Black Apricorn
Fast Ball White Apricorn
Premier Ball White Apricorn
Timer Ball White Apricorn
Heal Ball Pink Apricorn
Love Ball Pink Apricorn
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Rare Ball Probability

We ran tests on the Cram-o-matic a total of 350 times and received a mere 6 rare Poke Balls. Though still under verification, the rate of getting rare Poke Balls appears to be somewhere around 1-2%.

Recipe Poke Balls Times Used
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn
Moon Ball x 3
Friend Ball x 3
350 times

*Below are all the Poke Balls our team was able to get using Apricorns. Let us know in the comments below if you've found any other Poke Balls!!!

Unconfirmed Pokeball Recipes

The recipes below are taken from the comment section of this article. Thank you for your help! Note that getting rare balls seems to be random.

Safari BallRed x 4
Nest BallGreen x 4
Dive BallYellow, Blue, Red, Green Apricorn
Moon BallYellow x 2, Green, Black

Apricorn Tree Locations

※ The following is a list of Apricorn locations we were able to confirm ourselves!!!

Apricorn Trees By Sub-Zone

Dyna Tree Hill

dyna tree

You can find Apricorns under the Dyna Tree in Crown Tundra. Since Apricorns respawn every time you revisit the area (for example, when you fly to the Dyna Tree Hill), this spot is an excellent way to farm Apricorns.

Fields of Honor

Fields Of Honor
Check Out The Fields Of Honor!

Fields Of Honor Tree A

ApricornsYellow Apricorn
Blue Apricorn
LocationHead to the sea from the Dojo. The tree is near a large rock.

Fields Of Honor Tree B

ApricornsWhite Apricorn
Black Apricorn
LocationImmediately go left when leaving the Dojo, up against a wall

Fields Of Honor Tree C

ApricornsRed Apricorn
Green Apricorn
LocationGo left when leaving the station

Fields Of Honor Tree D

Tree D
ApricornsPink Apricorn
LocationGo right from the station until the end of the beach

Soothing Wetlands

Soothing Wetlands
Check Out The Soothing Wetlands!

Soothing Wetlands Tree A

ApricornsPink Apricorn
LocationGo straight ahead (from the Fields of Honor entrance) and you'll see it near a lake

Soothing Wetlands Tree A

ApricornsGreen Apricorn
LocationGo right from tree A

Soothing Wetlands Tree A

Apricorns・Green Apricorn
LocationGo forward from tree B

Soothing Wetlands Tree A

ApricornsRed Apricorn
LocationNear the entrance to Courageous Cavern, along the river

Forest Of Focus

Forest Of Focus
Check Out The Forest Of Focus!

Forest of Focus Tree A

Apricorns・All varieties
LocationRight of the entrance from Soothing Wetlands

Forest of Focus Tree B

Apricorns・All varieties
LocationFollow the path forward from tree A and take the leftmost of the 3 branching paths.

Forest of Focus Tree C

Apricorns・All varieties
LocationFollow the path forward from tree A and take the rightmost of the 3 branching paths. At the second fork, go right again.

Forest of Focus Tree D

Apricorns・All varieties
(※ Red Apricorns drop more frequently)
LocationCross the bridge near the Soothing Wetlands entrance and proceed down the path. The tree will be in front of you.

Forest of Focus Tree E

Apricorns・All varieties
LocationGo right from Tree D

Forest of Focus Tree F

Apricorns・All varieties
LocationGo right from tree E (it's a bit of a walk) and when you get to the bridge, turn right.

Forest of Focus Tree G

Apricorns・All varieties
LocationOn the left side of the bridge mentioned previously.

Training Lowlands

Training Lowlands
Check Out The Training Lowlands!

Training Lowlands Tree A

ApricornsWhite Apricorn
LocationTurn left when descending from the Tower of Darkness steps. Near the entrance of the Brawlers' Cave.

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Izzy 15

Here's how it works, every pure combination of apricorns, (full blue, red, etc.) Offers a 1% chance at 2 rare apricon balls (dream, lure, etc) 2% for less rare, and literal bulks of rates for the usuals,(poké) mixing halves those rates

IainDC 14

2 x Yellow, 1 x Green and 1 x Black gave me a dusk ball.

Johnny brovo 13

4 green makes safari got it twice don't think red does

Anonymous 12

I got a treat ball

Anonymous 11

3 black 1 white i got a luxury ball and a premium ball.

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