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Wild Area - Map & Pokemon List Today | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Wild Area - Map & Pokemon List Today | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Explore the Wild Area and use the map and Pokemon list to find new Pokemon! Learn more about how it works, Pokemon in the Wild Area, Wild Area weather, what you can do, & more!!!

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Today's Map Info & Pokemon To Catch

Today's Recommended Pokemon (10/15)

The Pokemon listed here are found during fixed weather (which resets at midnight). Pokemon which appear during random weather (Sandstorms, Hail, Fog, etc) are not included.

Today's Wild Area Weather (10/15)

Types Of Weather Conditions

Weather Changes At 00:00

The weather in the Wild Area shifts at 00:00 (midnight), depending on your Nintendo Switch console's internal clock. If you are looking for a specific Pokemon to spawn, make sure to keep an eye out for the weather changes in each area.

Some Weather Changes Quickly

Weather conditions such as Snowstorm, Thunderstorm, & Sandstorm all change very quickly in the Wild Area. If a certain Pokemon only spawns during these conditions, be sure to move fast to that area.

Appearing Pokemon In Different Weather

Weather Changes In Wild Area

Weather Changes In Wild Area

The Wild Area is made up of several regions that can have different types of weather every day. The weather in the Wild Area affects the type of Pokemon that spawn in each region.

Check Out How Weather Affects Pokemon!

Things To Do In Pokemon Dens

Wild Area Pokemon Den Features

  • Features to do depend on Den activity
  • Place where Max Raid Battles occur
  • Capture Pokemon with hidden abilities
  • Dens spawn different Pokemon in each area
  • Chance to encounter Gigantamax Pokemon

The Wild Area is home to Pokemon dens! These dens allow you to participate in Max Raid Battles and capture strong Pokemon with high Dynamax levels. Check the info below to learn more!

Check Out Max Raid Battle Guide Here

Things To Do Depend On Den Activity

Things To Do Depend On Den Activity

What you're able to do at different Pokemon dens depend on the den's status. You can collect Watts from inactive dens but if the den is active, you'll get more Watts & be able to participate in Max Raid Battles.

Types Of Den Activity

Appearance Details
[To Do]
- Activate Max Raid Battle with Wishing Piece
[To Do]
- Get 50 Watts
Thin Glowing Pillar
[To Do]
- Get 300 Watts
- Initiate Max Raid Battle
Thick Glowing Pillar
[To Do]
- Get 300 Watts
- Initiate Max Raid Battle
Dark Swirling Pillar
[To Do]
- Get 300 Watts
- Initiate Max Raid Battle
- Low chance of Gigantamax Pokemon spawn
Check Out How To Farm Watts Fast!

Place Where Max Raid Battles Occur

Place Where Max Raid Battles Occur

Pokemon dens are where Max Raid Battles occur. You can play with NPCs or connect online an raid dens with friends. If you defeat the Dynamax Pokemon, you have the chance to capture it!

Capture Pokemon With Hidden Abilities

Most Pokemon you can catch in Max Raid Battles will have hidden abilities that you can't get from Pokemon caught in the Wild. They will also have higher Dynamax levels & stats.

Check Out What Are Hidden Abilities Here!

Dens Spawn Different Pokemon In Each Area

Dens Spawn Different Pokemon In Each Area

Different types of Pokemon will spawn in the different regions of the Wild Area. Check out each den to see which Pokemon spawn more often where.

Example Of Pokemon Spawn Differences

Encounter Gigantamax Pokemon

Encounter Gigantamax Pokemon

You'll also have the chance to encounter Gigantamax Pokemon in Pokemon dens. These Pokemon have special moves when they Dynamax and their form also changes.

Check Out All Gigantamax Pokemon List!

Gigantamax Pokemon Have Higher IVs

Gigantamax Pokemon will have at least 4 IVs that are maxed out. You don't have to worry about Pokemon nature as you can change it with Mints when you're able to capture the Gigantamax Pokemon.

Check Out The IV (Individual Value) Guide!

What Is The Wild Area?

A New Area Full Of Pokemon

Wild Area

It is a wide area in the Galar region which has a lot of natural sights to see. The Wild Area connects to several different towns and cities in the game.

Biomes In The Wild Area

Participate In Max Raid Battles

You can participate in Max Raid Battles inside the Wild Area. You can do this alone or with the help of friends through the Y-Comm!

Max Raid Battles Guide

Requires A "Wishing Piece" item To Activate

Watt Trader Locations

In order to activate a Max Raid Battle, you need to have a "Wishing Piece". To get one, you just need to buy them from the Watt Trader.

Check Out More Info On Wishing Pieces Here!

Use Watts To Purchase Rare Items & TMs

Watts Vendor

Inside the Wild Area, you can farm and collect "Watts", a currency that can be used to buy items from Watt Traders. You can use them buy TMs to teach your Pokemon skills, rare items, or Wishing Pieces!

Check Out The Watts Guide Here!

Trade With Trainers To Receive Items

Upgrade Bike

Aside from Watt Traders, you can use Watts to trade with other Trainers located in the Wild Area. In exchange for your Watts, they can give you items or improve the performance of your bike.

Things To Do And Priority List

Priority List

Activity Recommendation
Max Raid Battles

Max Raid Battles provide great exp, items, and the potential to catch high IV Pokemon!
>> Check Out Max Raid Battles Here
Earn And Spend Watts

Watts can be used on Wishing Pieces to summon Dynamax Pokemon!
>> Check Out Wishing Pieces Here
Upgrade Bike

Moving faster in the Wild Area will save you a lot of time in the long run.
>> Check Out How To Get The Bike Upgrades Here
Visit The Nursery

The Nursery is a must in order to breed strong, high IV Pokemon.
>> Check Out Info On Breeding Here
Hire The Digging Duo

You can get many useful items such as evolutionary stones and fossils here. However, the Watts might be better spent on Wishing Pieces.
Catch Strong And Rare Pokemon

Catching Pokemon to fill up your Pokedex is always a good idea. However, to get the strongest Pokemon, we recommend Max Raid Battles.
Participate In The Rotom Rally

Go to the Rotom Rally only after you've exhausted every single Den in the Wild Area!
>> Check Out The Rotom Rally Here
Buy Food At The Grocer

Check the ingredients vendors every day to see if they have something new! This is a fun side activity, but not necessary.
Check Curry Dex & Change Tent Colors

Curry enthusiasts are encouraged to work on their Curry Dex, but it is not a high priority in the Wild Area.
>> Check Out Curry Recipes Here!

Activities in the Wild Area

1Catch Strong and Rare Pokemon
Many strong and rare Pokemon appear in the Wild Area. You will be able to catch them and add them to your team to become stronger!
>> Click here for tips on How To Catch Pokemon!
2Earn And Spend Watts
You will be earning Watts through various ways when exploring the Wild Area. Talk to NPCs and spend your Watts on useful items such as TRs, Wishing Pieces, and more!
>> Click here for Watt Trader Locations!
3Max Raid Battles
Go up against strong Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon! Defeat these Pokemon in order to get the chance to capture them!
>> Click here for the Max Raid Battles Guide!
4Hire the Digging Duo
You can also choose to use your Watts to hire the Digging Duo! These brothers will help you unearth useful items, and may even find you some Pokemon fossils!
5Check Curry Dex & Change Tent Colors
Talking to a certain NPC will allow you to check your Curry Dex and change the colors of your tent. You will receive rewards depending on the number of recipes in your Curry Dex!
>> Click here for the Curry Guide!
6Change Biking Outfit & Upgrade Bike
You will also be able to talk to an NPC who will allow you to change your biking outfit as well as reduce your Bike's turbo cooldown!
7Participate in a Rotom Rally
Get on your bike and race through the balloons to get to the finish line! You will earn rewards depending on your performance!
>>Click here for the Rotom Rally Guide!
8Buy Food at the Grocer
You can buy ingredients for your curry at the grocer. This will help you fill out your Curry Dex!
9Visit the Nursery
You can visit the Nursery and deposit a Pokemon that will be raised by the people at the Nursery! Come back anytime to get your Pokemon.
>> Click here for the Daycare / Nursery Guide!
10Collect TMs & Purchase TRs
There are several TMs that you can only pick up in the Wild Area. What's more, Watt Traders will sell you TRs when you speak with them!
>> Click here for all TM List!
>>Click here for all TR List!

Pokemon That Appear In Each Zone

Search By Each Individual Area

Wild Area

The Wild Area is divided up into 18 different locations. One of the main things that differentiates these zones from one another is the Pokemon which appear in them!

List Of Locations

How To Unlock & Enter The Wild Area

How To Unlock Locations In The Wild Area

All Areas Are Unlocked From The Start

You can immediately explore the Wild Area even without Badges during the early stages of the game. However, bear in mind that as you delve deeper into the Wild Area, you'll encounter Pokemon that are too strong for you to capture.

Check Out The Story Walkthrough Guides Here!

Progress The Story To Unlock Water Travel

Rotom Bike

To travel over water and capture water Pokemon, you need to unlock it by progressing through the story. You can get the Rotom Bike on your way to Pier's Gym.

Check Out Gym Leader Piers - Story Walkthrough Here!

Enter Through The Meetup Spot

Wild Area Entrance

The entrance to the Wild Area is located at the Meetup Spot. The Wild Area is separated into 18 areas, with each Area being home to different species of Pokemon.

Check Out The Galar Region Map And Key Locations Guide Here!

How To Battle & Capture Pokemon In The Wild Area

Battle In Wild Areas For EXP And New Pokemon!

Battle In Wild Areas For EXP And New Pokemon!

The Wild Area is a treasure vault of wild Pokemon and thus experience. Do battles here to level up your Pokemon, or find new ones to capture. Just run into the "!, ?" signs on the map to battle.

Check Out The EXP Farming & Leveling Guide Here!

Use Your Whistle To Attract

Use Your Whistle To Attract

Some Pokemon will actively evade you while some flying types may be difficult to trigger. Attract them by using your whistle.

Catch Pokemon With Special Ribbons and Titles


Some wild Pokemon you catch may have a special ribbon which allows them to equip a new "name". These may be affected by the time of day you catch the Pokemon, so try catching at different times!

Check Out The New Ribbons & Marks Here

Shake Trees To Get Berries And Pokemon Battles

Shake Trees To Get Berries And Pokemon Battles

Shaking tress will get you ingredients for curry such as berries. Shake the tree too many times, and wild Pokemon may appear to eat your berries or do battle with you!

Check Out Berries List Here

Fish For Waterborne Pokemon

Fish For Waterborne Pokemon

Fishing near the water will sometimes catch you a waterborne Pokemon, which you can battle with. Fish if you're targeting certain water type Pokemon.

Pokemon That Appear Change With The Weather

Thunderstorms in wild area

The weather in the Wild Area changes depending on where you are and what time of day it is. There is uncommon weather like thunderstorms where Electric-type Pokemon are likely to appear.

Check Out How Weather Affects Pokemon Here!

Weather In the Wild Area

Challenge Max Raid Battles

Challenge Max Raid Battles

Pokemon Dens appear in the Wild Area, allowing players to do raids against Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon. Not only will it reward unique prizes, but you also get the chance to catch a Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokemon!

Max Raid Battles - How To Catch Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon

Up To 4 Players Can Raid

Up To 4 Players Can Do A Raid

Max Raid Battles can be done with up to 4 players (A Nintendo Switch Online Account is required!). Get your team together to fight for the top!

Capture A Rare Gigantamax Pokemon!

Rarely Capture a Gigantamax Pokemon!

You'll get the rare chance of capturing a Gigantamax Pokemon on a raid! These are powerful versions of Pokemon that can use special G-Max Moves for devastating effects.

How To Get TMs and TRs In The Wild Area

Hunt Them Down

Hunt TD Down

Some TMs are spread out all across the Wild Area. Players must venture out and hunt them down to add them to their collection!

All TMs List - Where To Get & Location

TMs In The Wild Area

TM No.TM NameLocation
TM39FacadeUpper side of North Lake Miloch
TM65Shadow ClawCross the Lake of Outrage
TM75Low SweepBridge Field
TM81BulldozeGiant's Seat
TM84Tail SlapRolling Field
TM95Air SlashAxew’s Eye

Buy Them From Watt Traders

Buy Them From Watt Traders

There are multiple Watt Traders in the Wild Area who sell TRs in exchange for Watts. Head on over to them when you have the Watts to buy them. Each Trader's inventory is different every day.

Watts - How To Farm Them And Their Uses

Get Them From Max Raid Battles

Get Them From Max Raid Battles

You can also receive TRs from completing Max Raid Battles successfully. The type of TR you get will depend on the Pokemon you've fought.

Check Out Max Raid Battle Guide!

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