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New Features - Region, Story, Battle & Systems

New Features - Region, Story, Battle & Systems | Pokemon Sword Shield

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New Features - Region, Story, Battle & Systems | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Read this article to know details about new features in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Including new Pokemon, new battle systems (Dynamax & Gigantamax), new features!!!

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Changes From Previous Games

Pokemon Gyms Are Back!

Allister and Bea

The objective of the story is to become the winner of the Champion Cup by defeating all Gym Leaders. Some Gym Leaders only appear in certain version of the game. For example, Allister only appears in Shield whereas Bea Only Appears in Sword.

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Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves Won't Return

Mega Evolutions

Z-Moves and Mega Evolutions have been removed from the game. Pokemon who previously were able to use these will not be able to perform them anymore. These have been replaced with new Sword and Shield battle features.

No More Rating Battles, New Ranked Battles

Ranked Battles

The previously used Rating Battle system will be removed and replaced with Ranked Battles.

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New Dynamax & Gigantamax Feature

New "Dynamax" Battle System


The Dynamax Phenomenon is a unique characteristic introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This phenomenon turns Pokemon gigantic, making them tremendously strong.

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Some Pokemon Can Gigantamax

 Only Some Pokemon Can Gigantamax

Gigantamax not only makes Pokemon huge but also changes the form of Pokemon and allows them to use special attacks called G-Max Moves.

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Enjoy Cooperative Max Raid Battles

4 Players Fight Against Dynamax Pokemon

4 Players Fight Against Dynamax Pokemon

Another new feature in the game are Max Raid Battles that you can participate in at the Wild Area. These involve teaming up with other trainers to take down a Dynamax Pokemon and capture it!

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Captured Pokemon Have Higher Dynamax Levels

Pokemon in Max Raid Battles may have higher Dynamax levels when captures. This means that when you Dynamax that Pokemon, they will have higher HP during Dynamax.

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Explore Massive New Wild Area

Wild Area Has Many Pokemon & New Activities

Wild Area Has Many Pokemon & New Activities

The Wild Area is a vast expanse of land that interconnects various towns and cities. In Wild Areas, you'll be able to find many different Pokemon, activities such as Max Raid Battles and even the Rotom Rally.

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Bond With Pokemon In Pokemon Camp

Raise Friendship Levels With Pokemon

Raise Friendship Levels With Pokemon

Another thing you can do in the Wild Area is to camp out with your current Pokemon party. In the Pokemon camp, you can interact with your Pokemon & play with them - raising your friendship levels and more!

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Cook Curry With Galar Region's Ingredients

Cook Curry With Galar Region

In the Pokemon Camp, you'll be able to cook Curry and eat it with your Pokemon. This mini-game restores your Pokemon's HP, PP, and gives them both experience points and friendship level points!

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New Surprise Trade Feature

Instant Access To Random Pokemon Trade

Instant Access To Random Pokemon Trade

Replacing the "Wonder Trade" feature of the previous Pokemon Game, "Surprise Trades" allow trainers to access trading randomly via their Y-Comm in the game. Now you can trade randomly any time!

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Work On Pokemon Jobs

Send Pokemon To Work & Gain Experience

Send Pokemon To Work & Gain Experience

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, you'll be able to send off several Pokemon at once to work on jobs. Access the Rotomi in any Pokemon Center & check for new jobs. Assign the right Pokemon and they'll come back stronger & with more experience!

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New Galar Region Features

New Region: Galar

Galar Regions

Unlike the Alola region where all the scenery is tropical, the Galar region is filled with varied nature, from huge grassy plains to modern towns and cities.

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Pokemon Galarian Form

Galarian Form

Just like Alolan Form, Pokemon that look different in the Galar region are "Galarian Form" Pokemon. By adapting to the unique environment of the Galar region, they look differently compared to previous series.

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Unique In-Game Tools

Useful Tools In Pokemon Sword & Shield


Room Service

Lowers Speed when Trick Room takes effect.
Room Service

Eject Pack

When the holder's stats are lowered, it will be switched out of battle.
Eject Pack


Can change Pokemon's nature instantly so catching Pokemon with specific nature is not needed.

EXP Candy

Pokemon earns experience points when used on them. Can be found in Max Raid Battles.
EXP Candy

Customize Your Pokemon League Card

Create & Exchange Personalized Pokemon League Cards

Create & Exchange Personalized Pokemon League Cards

Another new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield is how you can now create Pokemon League Cards and customize them to a certain extent. You can collect these and exchange them online with fellow trainers, too!

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Change How Your Character Looks

Change How Your Character Looks

You can also customize the way your character looks to make your League Card look more like you! From hairstyles, clothes, to accessories, you can make an exact representation of yourself in the game!

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New Pokemon Center Functions

Judge Nicknames & Relearn Forgotten Moves

Judge Nicknames & Relearn Forgotten Moves

The Pokemon Center now also has several additional functions aside from healing your Pokemon. You can also have Pokemon nicknames criticized or relearn forgotten moves!

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New Rotomi Machine

New Rotomi Machine

The Rotomi machine in the Pokemon Center has a lot of functions that can serve you well. You can check your Pokemon storage, edit your League Card, find Pokemon Jobs, and even play the Loto-Id!

Rotomi Function List

Function Description


Checks your Pokemon storage boxes

Poke Jobs

Shows what Pokemon jobs are available and what jobs you've accepted

Card Maker

Edit and print out your Pokemon League Card


Pulls random number and gives prizes if it matches any of your Pokemon

New Titles and Ribbons

Earn New Titles For Some Pokemon


Some Wild Pokemon you catch will have a "mark" on their ribbon page. If you choose to activate it, your Pokemon will now have a title that appears every time it enters battle!

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Other Fun Features

New Abilities Introduced

Mirror Armor of Corviknight

There will be quite a few new abilities introduced in Sword and Shield. For example, Corviknight's ability Mirror Armor reflects any stat-lowering effect to the opponent.

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Fight Other Players In Battle Stadium

battle stadium

Battle Stadium lets you fight with other trainers online. Become No.1 in the world and participate in the Pokemon Sword and Shield World Championships!

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Dynamax Camera App

Dynamax Gengar

There is also a new phone and tablet application linked to Sword and Shield called the Dynamax Camera App which lets you see Dynamax Pokemon in the real world!

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