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EV Training - Reset & Check | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Learn more about EV in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Raise the strongest Pokemon by learning how to train, reset, & check EVs efficiently. This also includes EV items, Poke Jobs and berries!!!

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What Are EVs Training?

Base Points Are Hidden Parameters Which Improve Stats

Base Points, which are also known as "Effort Values" or "EVs", are one of the main ways you can customize your Pokemon's stats. Every Pokemon can add a total of 510 points to their Base Stats. A maximum of 252 points can be put into one individual Pokemon stat.

EVs Make Huge Difference

Merits of EV Training

Compare the two level 100 Pikachu above. The one on the left has no Base Point training, while the one on the right has the maximum of 252 in Speed.

Earn EVs By Defeating Pokemon

Every Pokemon you defeat gives Base Points to one specific stat. Note that all Pokemon in your team gets same amount of EV.

Each Pokemon Gives A Specific Base Point

The type of Base Point a Pokemon gives when you defeat is determined by that Pokemon's species!

Example: Diglett


When you defeat any Diglett, regardless of level, your Pokemon will gain 1 Speed Base Point. This means, if you take down 252 Diglett, you will give the maximum number of bonus points to your Speed stat!

Check Our Pokedex To Know Which Pokemon Gives Which Base Point

How To Check EVs - EV Checker

Check Summary To See EVs


You can check EVs by selecting "Check Summary" & pressing the X button on the radar chart. You can't see the exact amount of EVs but you can get a grasp of how your EVs have been allocated.

How To Look At EV Radar

Light Yellow & Dark YellowStars & Light Blue
not max ev
max ev
Radar ChartMeaning
Light YellowYour Pokemon's stats
Dark YellowAmount of EVs allocated. The total amount of EVs allocated has not reached its maximum of 510 EVs.
StarsEVs on that stats reached maximum of 252 EVs.
Light BlueAmount of EVs allocated. The total amount of EVs allocated has reached its maximum of 510 EVs.

How To Train EVs - Items & Pokerus

Use Vitamins To Raise EV

BP Shop

Use Vitamins (Calcium, Carbos, Protein & others) to get 10 Base Points on one specific stat. Unlike previous generation, you can reach max EVs with Vitamin only. You can purchase vitamins at the BP Shop in Hammerlocke or purchase with money at the Pokemon center in Wyndon.

More Efficient To Buy With Money Than BP

More Efficient To Buy With Money Than BP

Though Vitamins can be bought with a low price of 2 BP, it's far more efficient to buy them using money (10000 each) at Pokemon center in Wyndon, as BP is harder to acquire and can be used for other more pressuring things.

Check Out How to Earn Money Fast Here!

Use Feathers To Earn EVs

health Feather

You can also use Feather Items such as the Clever Feather and Health Feather to increase EVs. Feathers are often found while walking on the bridge.

Power Items Increase EV You Get

There are in-game held items which, when given to a Pokemon, increase the amount of Base Points it receives after every battle. These can really speed up your training! You can also purchase Power Items in the Hammerlocke BP Shop.

Read About Breeding and the Power Items Here!

Pokerus Status Boosts EV


When your Pokemon is infected with Pokerus, that Pokemon gets double the EVs. You get infected by Pokerus on very rare occasions, so try finding a friend who already has a Pokerus infected Pokemon. Once you've got one, Pokerus will be passed down as long as the Pokerus infected Pokemon is in your team.

Find Partners To Trade Pokerus With In This Forum!

Earn EV With Poke Jobs

Poke Jobs

Pokemon will be able to earn EXP and Base Points when sent out on Poke Jobs. Your Pokemon will get more exp. and Base Points the longer the mission is, so this might be an efficient way to raise the Base Points of your Pokemon!

Check Out Pokemon Jobs Here!

Passively Farm EV Fast With Items

"Seminar" category Poke Jobs increase relevant EV by 4 per hour. "Power" items like Power Belt held increase EV gain by 8 per hour, meaning you can passively increase a Pokemon's EV quickly if you stack these two options.

How to Reset EVs - Use of Berry

Eat Berries Of Corresponding Types

Eat Berries Of Corresponding Types

EVs can be "reset" (or simply put, lowered) by eating berries corresponding to each stat. For example, you can lower Defense by feeding your Pokemon Qualot Berry.

Lowering Effort Values With Berries

Click the links to find out how to get them!!!

EVWhich Berry Lowers It
HPPomeg Berry
AttackKelpsy Berry
DefenseQualot Berry
Sp. AtkHondew Berry
Sp.DefGrepa Berry
SpeedTamato Berry
Check Out Our In-Depth Berry Guide Here!

"Use" Berries Instead Of "Giving"

Use Berries

To lower your Pokemon's EVs with berries, remember to use the "Use this item" command in inventory. If you use"Give to a Pokemon", the Pokemon will hold it instead of consuming it.

Maxed EVs - Get A Ribbon

Talk To The Lady In Hammerlocke

effort ribbon

Bring your Pokemon with max EVs and talk to the lady in Hammerlocke Town, to the right of the central Pokemon Center. She will give you the Best Effort Ribbon as a reward.

Check out New Ribbons & Marks Guide here

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