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Watts - How To Farm Them And Their Uses
Pokemon Sword and Shield | Watts - How To Farm Them And Their Uses

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Watts - How To Farm Them And Their Uses

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Read this article to find out how to get Watts in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Learn the different ways to get them and what the most efficient method is!

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What Are Watts?

Currency Used In The Wild Area

watts is a currency in the wild area

Watts are a special currency used around the Wild Area. They can be obtained a number of ways & can also be spent in the shops found within the area.

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Ways To Get Watts

Collect Watts From Pokemon Dens


The main way to get Watts is to collect Watts by interacting with Pokemon Dens. Pokemon Dens are used to initiate Max Raid Battles, but even an empty Den can give you watts. Only dens glowing red will give you Watts! Dens will recharge after a certain amount of time passes.

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Amount of Watts Received

Amount of Watts After Beating Pokemon League

Do The Rotom Rally

Rotom Rally

Another way to earn Watts is to participate in the Rotom Rally. The longer the course, the more Watts you can get. For the most efficient way of earning Watts, participate in the 90-second & 120-second courses.

Rotom Rally Reward Table

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Defeat Pokemon with Brilliant Aura

Encounter Pokemon with Brilliant Aura

While exploring, there is a chance for a Pokemon with a Brilliant Aura to spawn. These are Pokemon that have a shiny yellow aura when they spawn. Defeating or capturing them will reward you with Watts!

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Best Watts Farming Method

Watts Farming With Pokemon Dens

Den Farming is definitely more lucrative than the Rotom Rally. Towards the endgame, you can easily get 1000-2000W within 5 minutes.

Farm Until All Dens Have Been Depleted

Riding around the Wild Area and collecting all the Den Watts until you've exhausted them, & then finally swapping to the Rotom Rally as a last resort seems to be the best way to earn Watts!

More Raid Star Means More Watts

Only 50W

The amount of Watts you get from Pokemon Dens differs with the number of raid stars. See the table below for more details.

No Star☆1☆2☆3☆4
50 / 200W300WTBD2000W2000W

How To Use Watts

Buy Items From Watt Traders

Watts Vendor

Items such as Pokeballs and TRs can be purchased from the various Watt traders around the Wild Area!

Inventory Changes Every Day

Watt Trader's inventory changes every day. Always check what they have for sale by going up to them daily, so you won't miss out on valuable items!

Watt Trader Locations

North Wild Area
South Wild Area

There are 7 main Watt Traders in the Wild Area. You can see them above on your map. Three of them are at flying destinations, so they are very easy to get to.

Buy TRs To Teach Your Pokemon New Moves

You can use the Watts that you have earned to purchase TRs, items that can teach your Pokemon new moves. Try to farm Watts so you can get rarer and more powerful TRs!

Use Wishing Pieces To Attract Wild Pokemon

Wishing Pieces (which are bought from Watt Traders) can be thrown into a Pokemon Den in order to bring a wild Dynamax Pokemon into it! This can force a Dynamax battle and is useful for grinding out experience as well.

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Upgrade Your Bike!

Upgrade Bike

For the price of 3000 Watts, you can upgrade your bike to reduce the cooldown on the turbo boost ability. This is very useful because it will allow you to travel around the Wild Area and collect Watts faster! This upgrade is highly recommended!

Bike Upgrade Table

Change Your Bike Outfit Color

Bike Outfit

Watt Traders allow you to change the color of the clothes you wear while riding your bike! The colors you can choose depend on the Pokemon at the front of your party!

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thelastshadow 4

The info about the raid watt gain is very very wrong.
Before being champion:
50 - no raid
300 - raid

Post game:
200 - no raid
2000 - raid

Star means nothing. Please update with right info.

Anonymous 3

This is wrong, they refresh every day.

Anonymous 2

I found that the none of these were correct. Quick balls were at the watt trader on giants cap and didn't have any of the other items listed

Anonymous 1

"East Lake Axewell Watt Trader" isnt listing any of those items. who sells quick balls?? i ran out and can't find who sells them!

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