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Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles
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Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles

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Read this Pokemon Sword and Shield guide to know the best Pokemon to bring for Max Raid Battles! Includes Eternatus, Zacian, or Zamazenta, and other recommended max raid Pokemon!!!

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Best Pokemon For Max Raid Battles

DracovishDracovishPreferred Move: Fishious Rend
- Fishious Rend, especially when a weakness is targeted, can wreck quickly.
- Short animations
DracozoltDracozolt Preferred Move: Bolt Beak
- Bolt Beak can deal large amounts of damage fast, more if targeting a weakness.
- Short animations
DrampaDrampaLimited To Soloing
Preferred Move: Uproar
- Attacks automatically for 3 turns with Uproar.
- Gets a Sp. Atk boost when 1/2 HP thanks to Berserk.
- Short animations
PerrserkerPerrserkerBest If Used Within A Party
Preferred Move: Iron Head
- Hidden ability: Steely Spirit boost Steel move attacks for all allies.
- A 4-Perrserker Party can destroy a boss quickly with Steely Spirit synergies.
EternatusEternatusPreferred Move: Dynamax Cannon
- Easily acquired from story.
- Can easily spam Dynamax Cannon for damage.
ZacianZacianPreferred Move: Behemoth Blade
- Easily acquired from story (Sword).
- Can easily spam Behemoth Blade for damage vs Dynamax targets.
- Has higher Attack than Zamazenta.
ZamazentaZamazentaPreferred Move: Behemoth Bash
- Easily acquired from story (Shield).
- Can easily spam Behemoth Bash for damage vs Dynamax targets.

Moves With Short Animations Or Auto Control Are Preferred

In raids, the battle animations are always turned on and cannot be skipped. Pokemon with short move animations as well as moves that allow Pokemon to auto-attack (like Uproar), can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Get Eternatus First Before Doing Max Raid Battles

Get Eternatus First Before Doing Max Raid Battles

Endgame Max Raid Battles feature extremely powerful Pokemon that are difficult to defeat if your own Pokemon is underleveled. It is recommended to do endgame Max Raid Battles after you've captured Eternatus.

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Eternatus Is The Best Pokemon To Bring For Max Raids

Eternatus Is Best Pokemon To BringCheck Out How To Catch High IV Eternatus!

Why Is Eternatus Recommended?

  • Guaranteed capture in both Sword and Shield
  • Dynamax Cannon move does 2x damage to Dynamax Pokemon
  • Can increase Sp. Attack with Choice Specs

Guaranteed Capture In The Game

Eternatus is a guaranteed capture in both Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. This way, you do not need to capture any other Pokemon first before delving into the endgame Max Raid Battles.

Dynamax Cannon Deals 2x Damage

Eternatus has a very powerful Dynamax move called Dynamax Cannon. This move deals double damage to Dynamax Pokemon. Using this move repeatedly will allow you to bring down the opponent's HP quickly.

Increase Eternatus's Damage With Choice Specs

Eternatus's Dynamax Cannon is a special move so you want it to have high Sp. Attack. The Choice Specs limit you to only using one move, but they significantly increase Sp. Attack. They can be found near the stage in Spikemuth Stadium.

Eternatus Max Raid Build

Recommended Eternatus Leveling Procedure

1Buy 26 Calciums (+252 Sp.Atk EVs) in the Wyndon shop and use it on Eternatus
2Buy a Modest Mint from the Battle Tower & change Eternatus's nature
*Unnecessary if current nature is already Modest
3Pick up the Choice Specs near the stage in the Spikemuth Stadium
4Fight in Max Raid Battles & use EXP Candies to get Eternatus to Level 100

When using Eternatus, make sure to adjust its nature to the ones recommended below. It's also best to get its Sp.Attack stat to 252, making its Dynamax Cannon more damaging with the Choice Specs.

Recommended Nature For Eternatus

Nature Change To Stats
Modest Sp. Attack ↑ / Attack ↓
Timid Speed ↑ / Attack ↓

Good To Bring Zacian / Zamazenta

Why Are Zacian Or Zamazenta Recommended?

  • Recommended for Pokemon that are strong to Dragon-types
  • Have dedicated moves that deal double damage to Dynamax Pokemon
  • nature can easily be selected

Best For Pokemon Strong Against Dragon Types

If you're facing a Pokemon that is strong against Dragon Pokemon, bring Zacian or Zamazenta. They are powerful Pokemon that can substitute for Eternatus.

Special Moves Do 2x Damage To Dynamax Pokemon

Zacian & Zamazenta have special Steel-type moves called Behemoth Blade & Behemoth Bash. These have the same effect as Eternatus's Dynamax Cannon & deal double damage to Dynamaxed Pokemon.

Nature Can Be Easily Selected

Unlike Eternatus, it's easier to get the Zacian & Zamazenta with the recommended nature. You can easily save before capturing them, allowing you to reset if you don't get the recommended nature.

Zacian / Zamazenta Max Raid Build

Recommended Zacian / Zamazenta Leveling Procedure

1Buy 26 Proteins (+252 Atk. EVs) in the Wyndon shop and use it on Zacian / Zamazenta
2Buy Mint from the Battle Tower & change the Pokemon's nature
*Unnecessary if current nature is already recommended nature
4Fight in Max Raid Battles & use EXP Candies to get Zacian / Zamazenta to Level 100

When using Zacian or Zamazenta, you don't need to make them hold any special items. You can focus on attacking the Dynamax Pokemon and winning the Max Raid Battle.

Recommended Nature For Zacian

Nature Change To Stats
Adamant Attack ↑ / Sp. Attack ↓
Jolly Speed ↑ / Sp. Attack↓

Recommended Nature For Zamazenta

Nature Change To Stats
Impish Defense ↑ / Sp. Attack ↓
Careful Sp. Defense ↑ / Sp. Attack↓

Bring Pokemon For Ranked Battles

Fight With Pokemon Bred For Ranked Battles

Once you reach endgame, you can focus on breeding and EV training the strongest Pokemon in the game for Ranked Battles. These are also viable Pokemon to use in Max Raid Battles, especially if they have a type advantage.

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Anonymous 1

Can you do a list of non legendaries for max raid battles? Like something for each typing with best item equiped, move set, and what not. Please and thanks!

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