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Mewtwo Raid Battle Guide & Rewards

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Read this guide on the Mewtwo Max Raid Battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Learn the best Pokemon against it, how to beat Mewtwo, rewards, weakness, event info, & more!!

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Mewtwo Raid Battle Event Info

Mewtwo Max Raid Event Duration

PeriodFebruary 27th to March 3rd, 2020

Mewtwo will be appearing in Max Raid Battles across the wild area for the the period noted above! The encounter is quite difficult, so make sure to bring your best if you want to come out successful!

Check Out The Latest News For More Updates Here!

Get Rewards For Defeating It

This Mewtwo cannot be caught after being defeated, but it will give you valuable rewards. Keep in mind that these items are not guaranteed drops every time, so there might be a need to farm this encounter repeatedly.

Mewtwo Uses Random Moves

The moves which Mewtwo brings to the fight are not fixed and will be random for each fight. As such, it tends to have a very wide move pool and can easily hit you with a super-effective move, one-shotting you. Carefully selecting the Pokemon you bring will be crucial here.

Mewtwo Raid Rewards

Drops Tons Of Exp Candy

If you can defeat Mewtwo, you'll be able to get a large amount of M/L/XL Exp Candies. This method is significantly faster than any other for leveling, so we recommend it.

Drops Bottle Caps And Leveling Items

Mewtwo will sometimes drop Bottle Caps when defeated. Addition, the rather hard-to-obtain PP Up and PP Max are both rewards from it!

Check Out What Bottle Caps Are Used For Here

Example of Possible Loot Drops

Leveling/Training Items

  • Exp Candy M x2
  • Exp Candy L x20
  • Exp Candy XL x10
  • Dynamax Candy x5
  • Bottle Cap x2
  • PP Max x1
  • PP Up x2
  • Rare Candy x1

Treasure Items (Sold For Money)

  • Comet Shard x1
  • Big Nugget x1
  • Balm Mushroom x1

Mewtwo Fight Battle Tips

Taunt Doesn't Work Through Its Barrier

When Mewtwo has its barrier up, Taunt will not work at all! Prioritize breaking down its barrier as fast as possible and get a Taunt off!

Watch Out For Buff Moves

Mewtwo can use the moves Calm Mind and Bulk Up, meaning it can become incredibly strong and just overwhelm your party. Prevent this by using Taunt as soon as you can. Timing is key here.

Set Up Walls First

At least one Pokemon on the team should be prepared to set up walls. Grimmsnarl is good at this due to Prankster giving it priority!

Manage Moongeist Beam PP Carefully

Mewtwo has the ability Pressure, causing you to use 2 PP per attack. You need to be careful with Dusk Wing Necrozma's PP, so either increase its PP or don't use Moongeist Beam to break down its Barrier.

Best Pokemon To Bring Against Mewtwo

This section will be updated continuously as we discover new Pokemon that work well for this fight.


NatureBold or Impish (Defense Up)
Calm or Careful (Sp.Def Up)
EVsHP 252, Def or Sp. Def 252, A4
ItemLight Clay
Light Screen
Foul PlayTauntSpirit Break

Dark and Fairy is a good combination versus Mewtwo. It works well as a Dynamaxer to take out Mewtwo's barrier, but it can also play a supportive role and set up Light Screen. It's worth using Taunt first before setting up Light Screen!

Check Out More Info On Grimmsnarl Here!

Dawn Wings Necrozma

Dawn Wings Necrozma
NatureModest (Sp.Atk Up)
EVsHP 252, Sp.Atk 252, Defense 4
ItemLife Orb
Assault Vest
Spell Tag
・Moongeist Beam
Dark Pulse
Shadow Claw

This is probably one of the best attackers for the Mewtwo raid battle. Staying alive is extremely important here, so max your EVs in HP and a defensive item like the Assault Vest is recommended here.


NatureJolly (Speed Up)
EVsAtk 252, Speed 252 HP 4
ItemLife Orb
Spell Tag
・Spectral Thief

Marshadow's Spectral Thief move steals the buffs of the enemy Pokemon! This is not prevented by Mewtwo's barrier, making it incredibly useful. However, just like with Necrozma, watch your move PP very carefully!

(Important!) Don't Use Eternatus


Unfortunately, Eternatus is weak to Psychic moves due to its Poison typing, meaning it will be easily wiped out by Mewtwo. It can deal great damage, but is simply too risky. Bring another Pokemon instead!

Check Out More Info On Eternatus Here!

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Anonymous 1

just to note when fighting mewtwo do NOT use taunt at all whatsoever as the move is blocked "by the power of dynamax" wasting a turn.

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