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Recommended Items For Breeding & Their Locations
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Recommended Items For Breeding & Their Locations

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Check out this list of all items useful for breeding in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Includes info on their effect, abilities, location of all items such as Destiny Knot, and Lucky Egg!!!

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Recommended Breeding Items

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▼Destiny KnotPokemon Center In Hammerlocke
▼Power ItemPokemon Center In Hammerlocke
▼EverstonePicked Up At Turffield
▼VitaminsPokemon Center In Wyndon(Located Near In The Plaza)
▼Gold & Silver Bottle CapDigging Duo
▼Ability CapsuleBP Shop At Battle Tower
▼MintsBP Shop At Battle Tower
▼Lucky EggSeafood Restaurant At Hulbury
▼Dynamax CandiesReward Of Max Raid Battle
▼TMsGet In The Storyline Or Buy Them
▼TRsWatts Store & Reward Of Max Raid Battle
▼Soothe BellHouse In The Hammerlocke
▼Oval CharmDefeat Morimoto After Beating The Game
▼Wishing PiecePurchase At Watt Store

Destiny Knot

EffectCharms opponent when you are charmed.
When parent pokemon hold this, egg breeded inherits 5 random IVs from its parents.

When a Pokemon holding the Destiny Knot is bred, the egg will randomly inherit 5 IVs from both of its parents. If you are planning to do any breeding, this item is much needed.

Check Out the Destiny Knot Item Here

Buy At BP Store In Hammerlocke

BP Store At Hammerlocke

You can purchase the Destiny Knot at the Pokemon Center in Hammerlocke. It only costs 10BP, but you can only access the Battle Tower by beating the game in order to start earning BP.

BP Farming - Guide & Shop List Here

"Power" Item

EffectLowers a Pokemon's speed, but the Base Points (EVs) it gets during battle increase by 8 when holding this item.
When the parent Pokemon holds this & creates an egg, a specific IV will be inherited.

Increases Base Point Of 1 Stat

There are 6 "Power~" items, which, when held by a Pokemon, increase the Base Stats (EVs) it gains in battle by 8. For example, the Power Lens increases the base point acquisition of the holder's Sp. Atk.

Inherits IVs Of A Certain Stat

Additionally, when a parent Pokemon holds this item and breeds, the IV of that particular stat will be passed down to the egg. For example, when the parent Pokemon holds a Power Lens, the egg will inherit the parent's Sp. Atk IV.

"Power" Items & Corresponding Stats

Buy At The BP Store In Hammerlocke

BP Store At Hammerlocke

You can purchase all "Power" items at the Pokemon Center in Hammerlocke. They only cost 10BP, but you'll need to unlock Battle Tower by beating the game first.

BP Farming - Guide & Shop List Here


EffectPokemon holding Everstone won't evolve.
When parent pokemon holded Everstone, its nature inherits to the egg.

If you want to choose the nature of your egg, use an Everstone. You can also purchase Mints, but you might as well save your hard-earned BP and use it on something more valuable.

Check Out How To Get Everstone Here!

Get It In Turffield

Everstone Location

The Everstone can be found in Turffield. Look for a flashing star on the ground near the rocks.

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HP UpHP's Base Point +10
ProteinAttack's Base Point +10
IronDefense's Base Point +10
CalciumSp. Atk's Base Point +10
ZincSp. Def's Base Point +10
CarbosSpeed's Base Point +10

Vitamins increase the Base Points (EVs) of one stat by 10. Unlike previous generations, you can actually reach the Base Point maximum solely by using Vitamins.

Learn What's Base Point(EVs) From Here

Purchase At Pokemon Center In Wyndon

Buy Vitamins At Wyndon

You can purchase vitamins at the Pokemon Center in Wyndon. One vitamin costs 10,000 gold, so make sure to save up before purchasing.

Read This Guide On Money Farming▲Go Back To The List Of Breeding Items

Gold Bottle Caps & Bottle Caps

EffectUse Bottle Cap to do hyper training which max out all IVs. You need to raise the pokemon to Lv.100 to use Hyper Training.

Gold Bottle Cap & Silver Bottle Cap will be used to maximize a Lv.100 Pokemon's IVs. You can initiate hyper training by talking to the NPC at the rightmost counter in the Battle Tower.

Learn How To Get Bottle Caps Efficiently From Here

Digging Duo Gives You Bottle Caps

Digging Duo

If you are lucky, you can get Bottle Caps from the Digging Duo in the Wild Area. You can also get Bottle Caps from the BP Store or as a reward from Max Raid Battles.

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Ability Capsules

EffectYou can change the ability of a Pokemon if that Pokemon has two ability options to choose from.

This item allows you to change a Pokemon's ability. Use it when you've hatched an egg with high IVs but not an ideal ability. Note that you can't get Hidden Abilities with this item.

Learn About Abilities & Hidden Abilities From Here

Purchase From BP Store In The Battle Tower

An Ability Capsule can be purchased at the Battle Tower. It costs 50BP, so think carefully when purchasing it.

Check Out How To Get Ability Capsule!


EffectYou can change the nature of a Pokemon.

By using mints, you can change the nature of your Pokemon. Use mints if you can't breed an egg to get ideal nature, or if you want to change the nature of a Legendary Pokemon.

Check Out How To Get Mints Here!

Purchase At The BP Store In the Battle Tower

Mints can be purchased at the BP Store In the Battle Tower. Each mint costs a hefty 50BP, so we recommend breeding for a nature rather than using a mint.

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Lucky Egg

EffectIncreases the EXP the holder Pokemon gets

The Lucky Egg increases the EXP your Pokemon get as a result of battle. If you want to speed up the leveling process, use this item. Note that the Lucky Egg will not increase the EXP gained from EXP Candies.

Get At The Seafood Restaurant In Hulbury

Lucky Egg

The Lucky Egg can be acquired by clearing a delivery mission at the Seafood Restaurant In Hulbury. There are several required steps to finish the mission so read the following guide for details.

Learn How To Get Lucky Egg From Here

Dynamax Candy

EffectDynamax Level Increases By 1.

Dynamax Candy increases the Dynamax level of your Pokemon by 1. By increasing the Dynamax level, your Pokemon's HP increases while Dynamaxed.

Learn More About Dynamax Level From Here

Get As A Max Raid Battle Reward

dynamax candy

Dynamax Candy is a reward from Max Raid Battles.

Check Out How to Get Dynamax Candies Here


EffectThe Pokemon learns a new move.

Use a TM to learn a new move. Each Pokemon has a different set of moves they can learn.

Check Our List Of All TMs & Their Locations From Here

Unlimited Uses

Unlike TRs, TMs will not disappear after being used. You will be able to use the TM as many times as you want!

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EffectThe Pokemon learns a new move.

Pokemon can learn a new move by using TRs. Note that TRs can only be used once.

Check Our List Of All TRs & Their Locations From Here

Soothe Bell

EffectYou build friendship faster with your Pokemon.

The holder of the Soothe Bell builds Friendship with you faster. Use this item if Friendship is an evolution requirement for your Pokemon.

Get In Hammerlocke


A woman who lives in the house next to the Hammerlocke stadium gives you the Soothe Bell.

Check Out How To Get Soothe Bell!▲Go Back To The List Of Breeding Items

Oval Charm

EffectEggs can be found more easily from the Pokemon Nursery.

The Oval Charm helps you find eggs from the Pokemon Nursery faster. This dramatically increases the efficiency of egg breeding so make sure you get it!

Read This Guide To Understand How To Do Egg Breeding

Defeat Morimoto After Finishing The Game


After beating the game, go to the second floor of the hotel in Circhester and talk to the policeman named Morimoto. You can get the Oval Charm by defeating him.

Check Out How to Get the Oval Charm Here

Wishing Piece

EffectThrow Wishing Pieces in Pokemon Dens to start a Max Raid Battle.

Throwing a Wishing Piece into a Pokemon Den without any light will spawn a Max Raid Battle.

Learn More About Max Raid Battle From Here

Get Wishing Pieces From Watt Traders

You can purchase Wishing Pieces from Watt Stores for 3000W.

Learn Other Ways To Get Wishing Piece From Here▲Go Back To The List Of Breeding Items

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