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Best Crown Tundra Pokemon - 7 Pokemon To Watch Out For

Best Crown Tundra Pokemon - 7 Pokemon To Watch Out For | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Best Crown Tundra Pokemon - 7 Pokemon To Watch Out For | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Check out the best Pokemon added in the Crown Tundra expansion for Sword and Shield. Find out 7 Pokemon to watch out for in ranked battles, why they're strong, nerfs, and more!!!

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Landorus (Therian)

Landorus Therian Forme

Key Points

No More Hidden Power

The move Hidden Power which was so widely used in previous generations is no more! This means that Landorus no longer needs to fear Hidden Power Ice, allowing it to face off against Special Attackers with greater ease than before.

Excellent STAB Moves

Landorus gets STAB on one of the most powerful and useful moves added in Sword and Shield: Max Airstream. If it stacks up Swords Dance, it can deal lethal damage while also boosting your team's speed. This Pokemon will most likely become the most dangerous Ground type currently in the game, outperforming even Excadrill.

Choice Scarf + Stealth Rocks

Last generation, there were more than a few Landorus that ran Stealth Rock with a Choice Scarf, laying rocks at the start of the game and giving you a big advantage in matches with lots of switch outs. In Gen 8, given that Dynamaxing allows the use of non-locked in moves, it will be sure to see play!

Check Out Landorus Here


Moves Which It Lost

Removed MovesEffect of Removal
Knock Off Unable to knock off enemy items in key match ups, such as vs. Porygon2
Smack Down Can no longer remove the Flying type off certain pesky matchups like Celesteela.
ExplosionLosing this massive damage move is a bit of a blow to some builds that sacrificed it after laying Rocks.

The above are the most notable moves that were removed, but it is worth mentioning that Landorus gained Self-Destruct in place of Explosion, meaning it doesn't lose the ability to sacrifice itself, just that it has gotten slightly weaker.

Recovery Berry Nerf

Previously, Landorus was often used as a soaker. However, in Sword and Shield, the Figy Berry (which recovers HP when you drop below 50%) received a substantial nerf, which will no doubt affect some Landorus builds.

Thundurus (Incarnate)


Key Points

Bulky Prankster User

In SwSh, a popular combo is to use the ability Prankster (which lets status moves go first) along with Substitute to buy time during your opponent's Dynamax. This combo is usually done on Cottonee, which really can't hold a candle to Landorus in terms of overall bulk and stats! Watch out for this combo online.

Hidden Ability Defiant Is Also Strong

With the addition of the Ability Patch in Crown Tundra, you can now access Thundurus's Hidden Ability. "Defiant" raises your attack by 2 stages if your stats are lowered by your opponent. Be very careful when lowering the stats of Thundurus online, lest they sweep you.

Check Out Thundurus Here


Moves Which It Lost

Removed MovesEffect of Removal
Hidden PowerNow has a harder time dealing with Flying types that resist Electric moves.
Toxic The Toxic -> Substitute -> Protect combo is no longer usable.

Thundurus losing its Hidden Power Ice is quite a blow, as it worked really well with its kit in terms of type coverage. Also, Thundurus doesn't know any Special flying moves, making it somewhat difficult to pick good moves for.



Key Points

Left Mostly Untouched

Celesteela hasn't seen very many nerfs this time around, and is more or less the same as it was in generation 7!

Good Candidate For Dynamax

Given its high base defensive stats, Celesteela is a prime candidate for Dynamaxing if you're up against a particular tough opponent. Combining this with a Weakness Policy basically guarantees you'll be able to sweep after being hit with a super-effective attack.

Stall Until Time Runs Out

In Gen 8, each match has a predetermined maximum time. Since Celesteela is so bulky, it can be hard to take out if you don't hit it with a super-effective move. This means that one possible strategy is to use it to stall if you are certain you'll win the match in the event of a time out!

Check Out Celesteela Here


Moves Which It Lost

Removed MovesEffect of Removal
Toxic Makes its matchups slightly worse against Pokemon with a recovery and setup move.

Aside from the loss of Toxic, its moves are basically the same as last gen.



Key Points

Speedy & Powerful + Has Beast Boost

The ability Beast Boost, which is common to all Ultra Beasts, can be absolutely incredible, as it gives you a boost to your highest stat every time you knock out an enemy Pokemon. Given Naganadel's great Sp. Atk and Speed stats, it can easily sweep a team if left unchecked. It can also boost its Sp. Atk with Max Ooze!

Check Out Naganadel Here


Moves Which It Lost

Removed MovesEffect of Removal
Hidden PowerHas lost the ability to effectively deal with Heatran as a result.

The fact that Nagandel can no longer deal with Heatran by bringing out a Hidden Power Ground is somewhat disappointing, as it will have a much harder time with that matchup.

Somewhat Easier To Deal With Due To Dynamax

In previous generations, Naganadel was quite frustrating as it could sweep you if it got even one kill. This time around, players will be able to Dynamax their Pokemon to provide an HP cushion and survive attacks, allowing for counterattacks and stopping Naganadel's sweep.

Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini

Key Points

Extremely Bulky Water/Fairy Type

Tapu Fini fills a similar role to Primarina in the current meta, with the exception that its defensive stats are just simply superior. 115 Defense and 130 Sp. Def allow it to withstand more hits!

Ability "Misty Surge"

Tapu Fini's ability causes it to create Misty Terrain on the ground when it enters. This prevents status conditions, so it can get in the way of Hippowdon's Yawn, as well as other status moves! This terrain also halves the power of Dragon moves, which can be excellent in certain matchups.

Check Out Tapu Fini Here


Moves Which It Lost

Removed MovesEffect of Removal
Guardian of AlolaThis move did a % of the opponent's remaining HP, so it will now be harder to deal with tankier opponents.
Knock Off Lost the ability to knock off items in certain key matchups.

With the removal of Z Moves, Tapu Fini can no longer bring an opponent to 25% HP immediately - which, depending on who you ask, might be a good thing. However, it is still capable of using Taunt and Nature's Madness to halve the HP of opponents.

Scarf Builds Are Weaker

Tapu Fini's offensive stats aren't particularly high, so it won't be one-shotting many opponents. Given how Dynamax also increases opponents' HP, Choice Scarf builds are not likely to be very popular.



Key Points

Goes Great With Focus Sash

Blaziken is a powerful Fire/Fighting type that can act as a stopper to enemy sweeps by combing a Focus Sash with the two powerful moves Counter and Reversal.

Competes With Cinderace

Blaziken and Cinderace are very similar Pokemon in a lot of ways, so it might be difficult to find a place for both of them on the same time. It will be interesting to note how the meta shifts and which of them sees more play in the future.

Check Out Blaziken Here


Moves Which It Lost

Removed MovesEffect of Removal
High Jump Kick No significant drawbacks.

Blaziken has lost its move High Jump Kick this time around. Instead, it has learned Close Combat! This is generally a good trade, but it is worth noting that some Baton Pass builds that buffed accuracy will no longer be as desirable.



Key Points

Has 2 Excellent Abilities

Salamence has the abilities Intimidate and Moxie, exactly the same as Gyarados. Both of these are incredible, but Intimidate is particularly useful in matchups vs. Cinderace. Moxie could be run on sweeper, Dynamax builds, as Max Airstream + a Moxie buff is equivalent to a Dragon Dance!

Learned A New Move

Salamence has gained a new move this generation in the form of the flying type Dual Wingbeat. This deals damage twice, making it a good counter to Focus Sash using Fighting-types that tried to Reversal or Counter kill Salamence!

Check Out Salamence Here


Moves Which It Lost

Removed MovesEffect of Removal
Roost Lost the ability to sustain itself over long periods of time.

One unfortunate thing is that, like many other Pokemon this generation, Salamence has lost the ability to use the HP recovery move Roost.

Can't Mega Evolve

Although it goes without saying, Salamence of course will not be able to Mega Evolve in Sword and Shield. This was a major draw of using this Pokemon in Gen 7, so it remains to be seen whether Dynamaxing can fill the gap Megas left!

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