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Pokemon Trading Forum

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Come here to trade Pokemon with other players of Pokemon Sword and Shield! Find people to trade with & get new Pokemon!

A Present From Gamewith

Congratulations To User Pingwin


Last weekend we gave away a rare event-only Japanese Marshadow. Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to user Pingwin, who received the Marshadow!

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Pokemon Trading: Forum Rules

We ask all users to please follow these rules in order to create a friendly environment.

Terms Of Use

Please do not...

  • Posts any off-topic content
  • Post profanity or other offensive content
  • Post commercial advertisements of other third-party sites and/or applications
  • Post requests for commercial transactions

In the event you find a post that violates our terms of conduct, click on the Report button.

*Any post in violation of the User Conduct will be deleted and may result in a forum ban*

Trading Online

Trade With Trainers From Abroad!海外のトレーナーとポケモンを交換しよう!

By breeding two Pokemon with different country origin, you have a higher chance of getting Shiny Pokemon. You can also fill the Pokedex in each language. See the translation table below to trade with trainers all over the world!


Pokemon Sword and Shield - Related Trading Forum

Pokemon Trading Forum Best IV Ditto
Pokerus Rental Team ID

Requires A NSO Subscription

Please note that in order to trade online, you will need to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, which is a paid service.

Learn How To Trade Here!

IV Checks Are Not Possible

Please note that it is currently not possible to check IVs during a trade. As tradebacks are not guaranteed, we ask that you exercise caution when trading for IVs.

Summary Check

On the summary screen check thoroughly for the following:

  • Country of Origin
  • Ability
  • Shiny Status
  • Gigantamax or not
  • Held Items

Max. 300 Characters

By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.
*Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction.
To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time.

Show Latest Topic
Anonymous 184936

[Pokemon You Want:] shiny gmax grimmsnarl
[Pokemon You're Offering:] rusted shield

Anonymous 184935

LF: Non shiny Mewtwo, Non shiny Celebi

Rusted Sword
Shiny Gmax Gengar
Shiny snorlax

Anonymous 184934

One Apri for Terrakion?

Anonymous 184933

[Pokemon You Want:] 6iv Ditto different country
[Pokemon You're Offering:] 6iv Ditto Germany
[Comments:] 1:1 trade

Anonymous 184932

[Pokemon You Want:] shiny offers
[Pokemon You're Offering:] apriballs
[Country of Origin:]

Anonymous 184931

Sure! One apriball for each?

Anonymous 184930

[Pokemon You Want:] masterball, event legendaries
[Pokemon You're Offering:] shiny GMAX charizard / garbador

GermanChari 184929

If someone is interested I can send you starter out of breeding.. They’re all 5 or 4 iv and level 1 from Germany.

Litten, Rowlet, Scorbunny, Sobble for now, soon more

Just send me back what you think is worth it.. An offer especially for new guys like me :)

Melocem 184928

Thank you very much!

Anonymous 184927

thanks for the scorbunny, and enjoy the ditto! =)

Melocem 184926

OK. I will trade.

Anonymous 184925

alright! if you're interested in trading I'll be in code 2941, IGN Grace ^^

Melocem 184924

yes, it hatched from an egg.

Anonymous 184923

I have a 6IV ENG ditto, legit caught by me in a den. IS the shint scorbunny legit? If so I'll trade for that. =)

Melocem 184922

[Pokemon You Want:] Ditto 6 IV or 5 IV bad attack
[Pokemon You're Offering:] Eternatus, Eevee 6 IV, Shiny Eevee/Scorbunny, Darmanitan 6 IV
[Country of Origin:] ENG

Zodia 184921

LF: Kyurem, Keldeo

FT: Rusted Sword, Eternatus, Type Null

The following are all G-Max - No Shiny:

Charmander x2 (not evolved to charizard yet but still shows G-max icon)
Snorlax x2

Anonymous 184920

Sure. Code 2672

Anonymous 184919

[Pokemon You Want:] shiny gmax grimmsnarl
[Pokemon You're Offering:] rusted shield

Anonymous 184918

Friend Ball for cobalion?

Anonymous 184917

[Pokemon You Want:] shiny gmax sandaconda, shiny gmax flapple

[Pokemon You're Offering:] all shiny gmax: duraludon (HA), charizard (HA), garbodor, copperajah

[Comments:] will also consider MB offers

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