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Ditto - Farming Locations & High IVs For Breeding
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Ditto - Farming Locations & High IVs For Breeding

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Know how to catch Ditto with high individual values (IVs) in Pokemon Sword and Shield; including its spawn location, farming ditto from dens & raid, high IVs for breeding and more!!!

Ditto Farming

High IV Ditto

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How To Farm Ditto

2 Methods To Farm Ditto

There are two ways to catch a Ditto with High IVs. One way is to catch a wild Ditto with a brilliant aura. The other method is to catch a Ditto in a Max Raid Battle. See the table below for the merits and demerits of the two methods.

Comparison of the 2 Methods

Catch A Wild Ditto With Brilliant Aura【Merit】
- At least 2 max IVs
- Easy To Catch
- You need to search for wild Ditto
Click Here For Information on Brilliant Aura
Catch By Raid Battle【Merit】
- At least 3 max IVs
・You can identify how many IVs are highest before catching
- Cooperate with your friends to increase efficiency
- You need lot of Watts
Click Here For Information on Max Raid Battles

Ditto Location & Farming

Ditto Location At Lake Of Outrage - Farming Guide:

1Go to the Lake Of Outrage
2Look for a Ditto in the grass & defeat all wild Ditto without an aura
3Once a Ditto with an aura spawns, catch it!

Required Preparation

Step 1: Go to the Lake Of Outrage

The Lake Of Outrage is located in the northwest of the Wild Area. Cross the lake with your bike to find the grassy place.

Lake of Outrage (Wild Area) - Den & Location

Step 2: Defeat All Non-Aura Ditto


Look for a Ditto by circling the 3 grassy places in the Lake of Outrage. Defeat all non-aura Ditto you've found.

Ditto Is Hiding In The Grass

Ditto Hiding

Ditto is often hiding in the grass & hard to see. Look closely or press the L Stick to spot it. You can also put on headphoens to listen to Ditto's cry.

Step 3: Catch A Ditto With An Aura


A yellow aura around a Ditto means at least 2 stats have the best IVs. Once captured, check the IVs with the Judge Function.

Check Out the Brilliant Aura Here!

Make Ditto Transform Into Magikarp

When you encounter a Ditto with an aura, switch your Pokemon to Magikarp. Ditto transforms into Magikarp, making it easier to capture it. Use a Repeat ball to increase your chance to catch it.

Use False Swipe to Lower Ditto HP to 1

You can also maximize your chances of catching a Ditto with Brilliant Aura using the move "False Swipe". This attack can lower the Ditto's HP to 1 in order to greatly increase the chances of catching it!

Check Out False Swipe (TM94) Here!

How To Farm Ditto From Raid & Den

6 Steps To Catch Ditto From Den

1Register Ditto in your Pokedex
2Train a Legendary Pokemon (Eternatus/Zacian/Zamazenta) to win Max Raid Battles
3Exchange Wishing Piece with your Watts
4Go to a specific Pokemon den in the Stony Wilderness
5Use a Wishing Piece to spawn a raid battle
6Repeat from step 3 until you get a Dynamax Ditto

Required Preparation

  • A Trained Legendary Pokemon
  • Register Ditto in your Pokedex
  • Wishing Pieces: As Many As You Can Get
  • Repeat Ball: 10
  • (Optional) Friends To Do Max Raid Battles With: 3

How To Get Many Wishing Pieces

In order to repeatedly take on Max Raid Battles, you will need an item called a Wishing Piece. Since 1 Wishing Piece costs 3000 Watts, it's better to ask your friends to help you gather Wishing Pieces.

Check Out Wishing Pieces Here!

Step 1: Register Ditto In Your Pokedex

We recommend to record Ditto in your Pokedex because it will increase the catch chance of the Repeat Ball. Wild Ditto spawn in the Lake of Outrage.

All Pokeball List - Where To Get & Best

Step 2: Train Legendary Pokemon

To easily win raid battles, train up one legendary Pokemon. We recommend leveling Eternatus.

Check Out Eternatus Here!

How To Train Eternatus

The following steps will maximize the power of Dynamax Cannon.

1Purchase 26 Calcium in Hammerlocke and use it on Eternatus
2Purchase a Modest Mint at the Battle Tower and use it on Eternatus
3Go to Spikemuth Stadium and pick up the Choice Spec near the stage and have Eternatus hold it
4Raise Eternatus' level to 100 with EXP Candy by grinding raid battles.
Learn More About Eternatus From Here

Do NOT Bring Dyna/ Gigamax Pokemon To Fight Ditto!

Ditto can copy its opponents, meaning that if you bring a Dyna/ Gigamax Pokemon to fight him, it might let Ditto copy these stronger Pokemon & wipe your team! Instead, focus on these as your main roster:

Recommended Pokemon For Max Raid Ditto

Step 3: Exchange Wishing Piece

You can exchange your Watts for Wishing Pieces at the Watt Trader in the Wild Area. Read the guide below to learn how to farm Watts.

Watts - How To Farm Them And Their Uses

Step 4: Go to a Specific Den in the Stony Wilderness

There is a specific Pokemon den we recommend you to use to spawn Dynamax Ditto. See the pictures below for its location.

Directions to the Ditto's Pokemon Den


▲Take a Flying Taxi To Bridge Field & proceed between the two trees!!!


▲Go through the 2 trees and move forward!!!


▲The den you see on your right is where Ditto spawns!!!

Step 5: Use A Wishing Piece

wishing piece

The Pokemon Den will shoot out red light once you've thrown a Wishing Piece into the den. If you want to do the raid with other players, press "+" and set password & share it with your friends.

Step 6: Catch Ditto In A Max Raid Battle

If a Ditto didn't spawn in the raid battle, defeat the Pokemon which did & repeat the previous steps.

Check Out Max Raid Battles Here!

The Number of Stars Determines Its Strength

The number of stars which shows the difficulty of the raid battle is equal to how many IVs are the highest. 5 stars means you will get a Ditto with at least 4 Max IVs for sure.

Join Max Raid Battle Online

Raid Battle

Sometimes, other players are posting Max Raid Battle with Ditto online. You can join the raid by simply opening the Y-Comm & press "+" to connect with internet and find the post of Max Raid With Ditto. This method does not require Wishing Piece and if you are lucky, you can find Ditto with high IVs quickly.

High IV (5, 6 IV) Ditto For Breeding

What Are IVs?

Individual Strength or Individual Value (IV) is highly correlated with the stats of your Pokemon. Higher IVs mean higher stats. Click the link below to learn more about IVs & stats!

Read Guide On What IVs Are

Why A High IV Ditto For Breeding?


When you leave any Pokemon with a Ditto, you can get an Egg of the non-Ditto Pokemon. To inherit high IVs, you want to have a Ditto with 4 ~ 6 max IVs.

Check out Breeding Guide For Perfect Pokemon

Max HP IV For Competitive Ditto Use

As Ditto's Imposter (Hidden Ability) will change it into the opposing Pokemon, copying all of the opponent's stats except HP when it enters battle, it is important to catch one with max HP IV for competitive use.

Ditto - Best Competitive Build Guide

How To Check Ditto IV

Unlock Judge Function

Judge Function

In order for you to find out the Individual Values of a Pokemon, you must unlock the Judge Function. Unlock the Judge Function by beating the game and heading to the Battle Tower. Once you've ranked up to the Poke Ball Tier, you will be able to see your Pokemon's IVs.

Check Out The All Story Walkthrough List!

Trade For A High IV Ditto!

Ditto trading forum

Need a High IV Ditto fast? Got spare Dittos to share? Why not trade them! Get in touch with trainers around the globe and find the perfect Ditto trade over at the Ditto Trading Forums!

Best IV Ditto Trading Forum

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Tkphlosion 2

Change the weather first with sunny day or rain dance. Then false swipe and catch.

Anonymous 1

If you use False Swipe agains a Magikarp Ditto, it will die to Hailstorm >_>

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