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Meta Report For Single Ranked Battles

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Read this to find out the current state of the Ranked Meta in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Find out which Pokemon are used the most & how to counter them in order to rank up!

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Best Pokemon Tier List for Ranked Battles

Sword and Shield Single Ranked Battles Meta Report

*This article will be updated regularly as the ranked battle meta develops.

Special Attackers On The Rise

Hydreigon Togekiss

As can be seen from the rise in rank of Togekiss & Hydreigon, the number of special attackers has markedly increased in recent days. Due to the relative lack of popular special tanks in the meta, teams that rely on switching in physical tanks are in for a rough time.

Counters To Rotom Emerge

Rotom has seen extremely high usage rates, especially in its Heat and Wash forms. However, Pokemon such as Dracozolt, Water Absorb Quagsire, and Storm Drain Gastrodon are being spotted more and more in response to the Rotom threat. Rotom users are reacting to this in turn by bringing out Mow Rotom.

Physical Dragapults Are On The Decline

Recently, Dragapults running physical attack builds are becoming less and less common in the single player Meta. It seems that Special Attack and Dual Screen variants comprise the majority of Dragapults, with the occasional Mixed Attacker popping up as well. However, it's best not to let your guard down, as a Dragon Dance + Dynamax Dragapult could still sweep you.

Dual Screen and Setup Moves Abound

Reflect Light Screen

It seems that the strategy of setting up Light Screen/Reflect with Dragapult, Grimmsnarl, and Duraludon, coupled with a Sweeper packing a self-buffing move (Swords Dance, Bulk Up, etc) is gaining more and more popularity recently. A Dynamaxed Pokemon with a barrier up is incredibly frustrating to fight against, so be careful!

Togekiss Gaining In Popularity

Dynamax + Weakness Policy Togekiss is currently experiencing somewhat of a boom. With Nasty Plot and Max Airstream, it's extremely easy to massively buff yourself and sweep all 3 of your opponent's Pokemon. However, it seems that people are catching on to the Weakness Policy variant, so running Togekiss might become more difficult in the coming days.

A Weakness Policy Is The Best Policy

Weakness Policy
Weakness PolicyWhen hit with a super-effective move, increases your Attack and Special Attack by two stages.

The addition of Dynamax has provided a massive HP cushion for Pokemon to take a super-effective attack without fainting. As such, the Weakness Policy is seeing far more use than ever before. You should expect to see this item on almost every team, so think carefully before firing off a super-effective move against certain Pokemon.

Check Out How To Get The Weakness Policy Here!

Pokemon Frequently Seen In Single Ranked Battles

Pokemon You Need To Counter
MimikyuMimikyu DragapultDragapult TogekissTogekiss Hydreigon IconHydreigon

Changes In Commonly Used Pokemon

Date Changes Made
12 / 11 [Very Common → Must Counter]
Togekiss Hydreigon Icon
[Very Common → Common]
Galarian Darmanitan Icon
[New To Meta]
Snorlax Sylveon Rotom-Mow Umbreon
Durant Fan Rotom Arcanine
See Previous Rank Changes

12 / 2 - Previous Changes

Date Changes Made
12 / 2 [Common → Very Common]
Tyranitar Excadrill Togekiss
[Very Common → Common]
Gyarados Galarian Corsola
[New To Meta]
Charizard Duraludon Durant Fan Rotom Greedent

Explanation Of Popular Pokemon

Pokemon You Need To Counter

MimikyuMimikyu・Disguise eats up 1 move
・Fairy/Ghost moves have good coverage
・Good base stat balance.
・Good candidate for Dynamax.
DragapultDragapult・One of the fastest Pokemon in the game
・Many abilities allow for a huge variety of builds
・600 base stats make it quite durable too.
Togekiss IconTogekiss・STAB Max Airstream boosts speed
・Can cause repeated flinching with Air Slash
・Very strong with Weakness Policy
Hydreigon IconHydreigon・600 total base stats, great overall
・Dark and Steel type moves provide excellent coverage
・Can buff up with Nasty Plot

Very Commonly Used Pokemon

Tyranitar IconTyranitar・Very high 600 base stats
・Great with Weakness Policy
・Strong against Focus Sash users
・Wide variety of available moves
・Amazing when paired with Sand Rush Excadrill
ExcadrillExcadrill・Mold Breaker + Steel moves can destroy Mimikyu
・Max Rockfall causes a Sandstorm, which triggers Sand Rush
Wash RotomWash Rotom・Electric type is useful in this meta
・Can swap efficiently with Volt Switch
・STAB Hydro Pump is rarely resisted
Heat Rotom IconHeat Rotom ・Electric type is useful in this meta
・Can swap efficiently with Volt Switch
・Fire moves are currently very strong
Corviknight IconCorviknight・Mirror Guard can reflect back stat decreasing effects
・Iron Defense and Roost make it very hard to take down
・Few weaknesses

Commonly Used Pokemon

Charizard Charizard ・STAB Max Airstream is quite strong
・Incredibly strong during Sunny Day
Galarian Corsola IconGalarian Corsola・Can hold Eviolite, making it very tanky
・Good healing and support moves
・Can catch unprepared opponents off guard
FerrothornFerrothorn・Defensively very strong
・Leech Seed and Protect is amazing
・Incredible STAB Moves, quite a good attacker
Gyarados IconGyarados・Intimidate and Moxie are both strong
・Max Airstream boosts speed
-Surprisingly bulky, few weaknesses
・Gained access to Power Whip
DuraludonDuraludon ・Steel & Dragon-type is excellent defensively
・Duraludon with Assault Vest are common
Galarian Darmanitan IconGalarian Darmanitan・Gorilla Tactics is basically a free Choice Band
・Very high base attack stat
・Fire and Ice provide good type coverage
Cloyster Icon Cloyster ・Access to the powerful move Shell Smash
・High defense, good against physical attackers
SylveonSylveon ・Pixelate + Hyper Voice damage is incredible
・Can learn Fire moves to deal with Steel types
・Has great support moves too
GreedentGreedent・Has high defense stats
・Defends well against Mimikyu & common physical attack dealers
Toxapex IconToxapex ・Very strong defensively
・Often seen alongside Galarian Corsola
・Hard to deal with due to Recover and its ability Regenerator
・Can cause burns with Scald
Grimmsnarl IconGrimmsnarl ・Strong STAB moves against Mimikyu and Dragapult
・Good type coverage
・Prankster allows it to get priority on status moves
UmbreonUmbreon ・STAB Foul Play is quite strong
・Yawn, Protect, and Wish work incredibly well together
・Often seen on the same team as Sylveon
SnorlaxSnorlax ・High Sp. Def and base stats
・Incredible healing with Recycle
・Can set up with Belly Drum and Curse
Rotom-MowMow Rotom ・Strong against Ground types
・Useful vs. Water Absorb/Storm Drain users

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