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Up To 3rd Gym (vs. Gym Leader Kabu) - Story Walkthrough
Up To 3rd Gym (vs. Gym Leader Kabu)  - Story Walkthrough | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith

Pokemon Sword Shield
Up To 3rd Gym (vs. Gym Leader Kabu) - Story Walkthrough

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Check out this guide for a story walkthrough up to Gym Leader Kabu in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including trainer battle strategy, tips, item location and more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression

Previous PartCurrent PartNext Part
Nessa~ vs. Gym Leader Nessa Kabu~ vs. Gym Leader Kabu Bea
Allister ~ vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister
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Pass Through Galar Mine 2 - Walkthrough & Tips

Pass Through Galar Mine 2 Walkthrough

1Have Lunch With Chairman Rose
2Go To Galar Mine 2
3Battle VS Bede
4Battle VS Team Yell

2. Go To Galar Mine # 2 - Tips

Stock Up Before Going In Mine

Galar Mine 2

Head directly south to find the entrance of Galar Mine #2. Make sure to stock up on items before entering the cave. Healing Items are a must here!

3. Battle Vs. Bede - Tips

Bede's Pokemon Lineup

Solosis IconSolosis Psychic Icon
Lv. 21
bug Icon dark IconGhost Icon
Gothita IconGothitaPsychic Icon
Lv. 22
bug Icon dark IconGhost Icon
Psychic Icon
Lv. 22
bug Icon dark IconGhost Icon
HatennaHatennaPsychic Icon
Lv. 23
bug Icon dark IconGhost Icon

Dark Type Moves Are Recommended


Almost all of Bede's Pokemon are weak to Dark Type Moves. Even if the Pokemon is not a Dark Type, they can have a Dark Move.

Galarian Ponyta Is Psychic Type, Not Fire

Be careful, the new Ponyta that Bede brings out is not a Fire type, it is in fact Psychic! Dark moves will make quick work of it.

4. Battle Vs. Team Yell - Tips

Team Yell 2

Team Yell's Pokemon Lineup

Galarian Linoone IconLinoone
Normal Icondark Icon
Lv. 22
(x4)Fighting Icon
Fairy Iconbug Icon
ThievulThievul dark Icon
Lv. 21
Fighting IconFairy Iconbug Icon
Liepard IconLiepard dark Icon
Lv. 22
Fighting IconFairy Iconbug Icon
Pancham IconPancham Fighting Icon
Lv. 21
Flying IconPsychic IconFairy Icon

Bring A Fighting Type Move!

As usual, Team Yell uses mainly Dark type Pokemon. Fighting moves will take them down with very few problems! However, be careful, Pancham is not Dark type, it is Fighting!

Head To Motostoke - Walkthrough & Tips

Head To Motostoke Walkthrough

1Exit The Cave
2Battle VS Marnie

2. Battle Vs. Marnie - Tips


Marnie's Pokemon Lineup

Croagunk IconCroagunk Fighting IconPoison Icon
Lv. 24
(x4)Psychic Icon
Flying IconGround Icon
Scraggy IconScraggy dark IconFighting Icon
Lv. 24
(x4)Fairy Icon
Flying Icon Fighting Icon
Morpeko IconMorpeko electric Icon // dark Icon
Lv. 26
Ground Icon
Fairy Icon bug Icon Fighting Icon

Watch Out For Morpeko

Morpeko is a new Pokemon whose type changes every turn from Electric to Dark. Pay attention to what type it is & vary your moves accordingly!

Use Fighting And Flying Moves

For Morpeko and Scraggy, fighting moves work well. However, be careful when Morpeko changes forms as it will be less effective if it's Electric.

Take On Gym Leader Kabu - Walkthrough & Tips

Take On Gym Leader Kabu Walkthrough

1Challenge the Fire Gym
2Complete the Gym Mission
3Face Off Against Kabu
Check Out How to Beat Kabu Here!

2. Complete The Gym Mission - Walkthrough & Tips

Need to Capture / Fight Pokemon

In order to complete the Gym Mission here, you'll need to collect 5 points. You earn 2 points for catching and 1 point for defeating a Pokemon in the tall grass. However, you'll be facing off against other trainers trying to do the same.

Good Change to Get A Litwick


This is a good opportunity to catch a Litwick - this Pokemon can evolve into Chandelure, which has a very good special attack stat. It will really help for the Ice and Ghost Gyms later on (Pokemon Shield only).

2. TM 49 'Sand Tomb' Found In Galar Mine 2

TM 49

A TM 49 'Sand Tomb" can be found whie traveling across Galar Mine 2. Be sure to pick this up!

Check Out TM 49 Details Here!

3. Face Off Against Kabu - Tips

Face Off Against Kabu - Tips
Ninetales IconNinetalesfire Icon
Lv. 25
Ground IconRock Iconwater Icon
Arcanine IconArcaninefire Icon
Lv. 25
Ground IconRock Iconwater Icon
fire Iconbug Icon
Lv. 27
(x4)Rock Icon
Flying Iconwater Icon
Gym Leader Kabu - How To Beat

Watch Out For Centiskorch's Flash Fire!

You may think that because Centiskorch is half bug type, you could do normal damage using a fire move, however Centiskorch's ability Flash Fire makes it immune to fire damage.

Bring A Rock Type!

Carkol Dynamax

Dynamaxing a Rock type a turn or two before Sentiskorch comes out will almost certainly guarantee you an easy victory. Carkol is a good choice here. Gyarados is also a good choice here.

Check Out The Dynamax And Gigantamax Guide Here!

Get TM38 Will-O-Wisp

After defeating Kabu, you'll get the TM for Will-O-Wisp, which will burn opponents if it hits.

Check Out TM 38 Details Here!

Story Progression

Previous PartCurrent PartNext Part
Nessa~ vs. Gym Leader Nessa Kabu~ vs. Gym Leader Kabu Bea
Allister ~ vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister

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