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Up To 4th Gym (vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister) - Story Walkthrough
Up To 4th Gym (vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister)  - Story Walkthrough | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith

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Up To 4th Gym (vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister) - Story Walkthrough

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Check out this guide for a story walkthrough up to Gym Leader Bea & Allister in Pokemon Sword and Shield, including trainer battle strategy, tips, item location and more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression

Previous PartCurrent PartNext Part
Kabu~ vs. Gym Leader Kabu Bea
Allister ~ vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister
Opal~ vs. Gym Leader Opal
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Head To Hammerlocke - Walkthrough & Tips

Head To Hammerlocke Walkthrough

1Head North Through the Wild Area
2Meet Up With Chairman Rose In Town

1. Head North Through The Wild Area

Opportunity To Farm Exp

If your Pokemon are underleveled, this can be a good chance to fight against them. Try to find an area that works to the advantage of the Pokemon you're using and keep fighting wild Pokemon.

Check Out How To Farm EXP Fast!

Find Sun Stone In The Dusty Bowl

Sun Stone

If you head to the Dusty Bowl part of the Wild Area, you can find a Sun Stone lying on the ground! This can be used to evolve several Pokemon, such as Gloom and Helioptile.

2. Meet Up With Chairman Rose In Town

Head To The Vault

Vault LOcation

Eventually, you'll be told to head to the Vault. When you enter Hammerlocke, keep heading left, past a bridge & Pokemon center. Eventually you will come across Raihan, the 8th Gym Leader.

On The Road To Stow-On-Side - Walkthrough & Tips

On The Road To Stow-On-Side Walkthrough

1Battle With Team Yell On Route 6
2 Battle With Hop

1. Battle With Team Yell On Route 6

Use Fighting & Ground Moves


Team Yell will block your path once again. This team, they'll bring out a Stunky, which is Poison/Dark, meaning it is only weak to Ground type moves. Aside from that, they'll bring out a Zigzagoon and Liepard, so Fighting moves should dispatch them easily.

Catch A Galarian Yamask


This area features wild Yamask, which have a different form in Galar. Galarian Yamask is Ghost/Ground, so it may come in handy against the Ghost Gym (Shield only).

2. Battle With Hop - Tips


Hop's Pokemon Lineup

Cramorant IconCramorant water IconFlying Icon
Lv. 29
(x4)electric Icon
Rock Icon
ToxelToxel electric IconPoison Icon
Lv. 29
(x4)Ground Icon
Psychic Icon
SilicobraSilicobraGround Icon
Lv. 30
Ice Icon water Icon Grass Icon
(If you chose Scorbunny)
Grass Icon
Lv. 33
fire Icon Flying Icon bug Icon Ice IconPoison Icon
(If you chose Sobble)
fire Icon
Lv. 33
Ground IconRock Icon water Icon
(If you chose Grookey)
water Icon
Lv. 33
electric Icon Grass Icon

Hop's Team Is Quite Diverse

The type diversity of Hop's team has improved signficantly. You'll have to either rely on strong STAB moves that deal normal damage, or switch out each time to a Pokemon with a super-effective move.

Watch Out For Toxel's Static


Toxel's static ability can cause it to paralyze Pokemon which make direct contact. Try to avoid using Physical moves against it!

Challenge The Fighting Gym (Sword Only) - Walkthrough & Tips

The Fighting Gym is exclusive to Pokemon Sword

1Take On The Gym Mission
2Defeat Gym Leader Bea

1. Take On The Gym Mission - Tips

Requires Solving Puzzle & Moving Downards

Gym Mission

For this Mission, you'll have to maneuver the circular platform to the bottom. As you continue further down, the stage will become more and more complicated.

Use Red Boxing Gloves To Boost Yourself


Use the red gloves to push yourself up and gain access to different parts of the puzzle.

2. Defeat Gym Leader Bea - Tips

Defeat Gym Leader Bea - Tips
Hitmontop IconHitmontop Fighting Icon
Lv. 34
Psychic IconFlying Icon Fairy Icon
Pangoro IconPangoroFighting Icondark Icon
Lv. 34
(x4)Fairy Icon
Flying Icon Fighting Icon
 IconSirfetch'd Fighting Icon
Lv. 35
Psychic IconFlying Icon Fairy Icon
Machamp IconMachamp Fighting Icon
Lv. 36
Psychic IconFlying Icon Fairy Icon
Check Out How To Beat Gym Leader Bea!

Bring A Flying or Fairy Type

All of Bea's Pokemon are weak to Flying and Fairy type moves. Pangoro in particular will take 4x damage from Fairy moves.

Sirfetch'd Uses Detect

Sirfetch'd has the ability Detect, which can prevent your next move from dealing damage. Be careful and plan your moves wisely.

Save Dynamax For The Last Two Pokemon

Dynamax Machamp

Save Dynamax for a Flying or Fairy type Pokemon on the second to last Pokemon. Bea's final Pokemon will be her Machamp, which will Dynamax and hit your team for a lot of damage. Be careful bringing Psychic Pokemon, Bea's Machamp can use Max Darkness and take out Psychic types.

Get TM42 Revenge

For defeating Bea, you will be rewarded with TM42: Revenge. This move does more damage if you were hit by an ability before using it.

Challenge The Ghost Gym (Shield Only) - Walkthrough & Tips

The Ghost Gym is exclusive to Pokemon Shield

1Take On The Gym Mission
2Defeat Gym Leader Allister

1. Take On The Gym Mission - Tips

Move Down To Proceed

Allister Gym Mission

The goal of this mission is to navigate your circular platform to the bottom part of the map. Use right stick to steer and nudge your platform. The technique lies in how you control and manage your speed.

Use Green Hands To Propel

Use The Green Hands in Allister

As you advance further, you will encounter green hands attached to the walls. Coming in contact with them will proper you to the direction they are facing. Use these mechanisms to gain speed and progress.

2. Defeat Gym Leader Allister - Tips

Beat Allister
Yamask Galar Icon Yamask
Ghost IconGround Icon
Lv. 34
Ghost IconWater IconIce IconGrass IconDark Icon
Mimikyu IconMimikyu Ghost IconFairy Icon
Lv. 34
Ghost IconSteel Icon
Cursola Galar IconCursolaGhost Icon
Lv. 35
Ghost IconDark Icon
Gengar IconGengar
Ghost IconPoison Icon
Lv. 36
GroundIconPsychic IconDark IconGhost Icon
Check Out How To Beat Gym Leader Allister!

Bring Lv. 35 ~ 38 Pokemon

Allister will field Ghost Pokemon that are of Lv. 34 to 36. Try to bring Pokemon that can match or exceed his team's level.

Aim For Damaging Attacks

As Allister can inflict status ailments, it is recommended to quickly eliminate his Pokemon by bringing in Pokemon with high Atk. or Sp. Atk.

Bring Items To Counter Sleep


Gengar can slow down your momentum with Hypnosis, putting your Pokemon to sleep. Prepare items such as Awakening and Full Heal to counter its effects.

Story Progression

Previous PartCurrent PartNext Part
Kabu~ vs. Gym Leader Kabu Bea
Allister ~ vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister
Opal~ vs. Gym Leader Opal
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