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Up To 5th Gym (vs. Gym Leader Opal) - Story Walkthrough

Up To 5th Gym (vs. Gym Leader Opal) - Story Walkthrough | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Up To 5th Gym (vs. Gym Leader Opal)  - Story Walkthrough | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Check out this guide for a story walkthrough up to Gym Leader Opal in Pokemon Sword & Shield, including trainer battle strategy, tips, item location & more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression

Previous PartCurrent PartNext Part
Allister ~ vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister
Opal~ vs. Gym Leader Opal Gordie
Melony~ vs. Gym Leader Gordie & Melony
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Leaving Stow-on-Side - Walkthrough & Tips

1Follow Sonia to the Ancient Mural
2Fight Bede

1. Follow Sonia To The Ancient Mural

Follow Sonia to the Ancient Mural

Upon exiting the gym, you will be greeted with a cutscene involving Sonia inviting you to investigate a nearby explosion. Follow Sonia up to the ancient mural located at the left side of the gym. Remember to pick up the Max Revive at the first landing!

2. Vs. Bede Battle Tips

Lv. 32
Bug Icon Ghost Icon Dark
Lv. 32
Bug Icon Ghost Icon Dark
HattremHattrem Psychic
Lv. 35
Bug Icon Ghost Icon Dark
Lv. 33
Bug Icon Ghost Icon Dark

*Attacks matching Weakness types deals 2x damage!!!

Bede Uses An All Psychic Line-up

Fighting Bede

Easily win the battle by bringing Bug, Ghost, or Dark-type Pokemon to take advantage of Bede's weakness. Do not bring any Fighting or Poison Pokemon as they are weak against Psychic.

Glimwood Tangle To Ballonlea - Walkthrough & Tips

1Exit Stow-on-Side and enter Glimwood Tangle
2Head north to exit Glimwood Tangle
3Upon entering Ballonlea, continue north to enter the Fairy Gym
4Talk to Marnie and get her League Card

1. The Path To Glimwood Tangle To Right Of Gym

Going To Glimwood Tangle

Follow the path at the right of the Stow-on-Side Gym to enter Glimwood Tangle.

2. Navigate Glimwood Tangle

Navigate Glimwood Tangle

Follow and use the bright green mushrooms as guides to exit Glimwood Tangle. Also, prepare yourself before entering this place as there are a lot of trainers and tall grass here.

3. Heal Up & Head To The Fairy Gym

Fairy Gym Is Located North Of Ballonlea

Greeting you at the entrance of Ballonlea is a Pokemon Center. Use this to heal up & stock up on healing items before you head over to the Fairy Gym!

4. Bump Into Marnie & Get League Card

Get Marnie

You will encounter Marnie upon entering the Fairy Gym. After a short conversation, she will give you her League Card.

Challenge The Fairy Gym - Walkthrough & Tips

1Talk to the Gym Attendant & change clothes
2Complete the 'Audition' by defeating the three Gym Trainers
2Defeat Gym Leader Opal
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1. Talk to the Gym Attendant

Talk to the Gym Attendant

Talking to the Gym Attendant standing in front of the arena door will prompt the game to start the Fairy Gym challenge. She will ask you to change into a uniform before you can enter.

2. Battle The Fairy Gym Trainers

Fairy Gym Questions and Answers

The mission before battling the Gym Leader is tasks you to win three consecutive battles. The twist is that each trainer will ask you a question. Answering it right will boost your Pokemons' stats, getting it wrong will inflict you with a debuff.

Fairy Gym - Questions & Answers

AnnetteDo you know about Fairy type's weaknesses?Steel Type
TeresaWhat was the previous Trainer's name?Annette
TheodoraWhat do I eat for breakfast every morning?Omelets

3. Defeat Gym Leader Opal

Defeat Gym Leader Opal
Lv. 36
Lv. 37
Poison Steel RockElectricIce
Mawile Mawile SteelFairy
Lv. 36
AlcremieAlcremie Fairy
Lv. 38

*Attacks matching Weakness types deals 2x damage!!!

Opal's Questions & Answers

Do you know my nickname?The wizard
What is my favorite color?Purple
How old am I?16 years old

Opal will ask you questions during your fight. Same as with the prior battles, you get stronger if you get the questions right. Get them wrong and your Pokemon will have their stats lowered.

Beware Of Togekiss' Ancient Power


Togekiss will likely use Ancient Power to damage you and raise its Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed. Try to beat it before it uses this move!

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Battling Gigantamax Alcremie

Battling Gigantamax Alcremie

Opal will use a Gigantamax Alcremie as her last Pokemon. Expect it often to use G-Max Finale, a move that hits hard and heals Alcremie. Survive for three rounds and defeat it after it reverts to its normal form.

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Defeat Opal To Get TM87 Draining Kiss

For defeating Bea, you will be rewarded with TM87 Draining Kiss. This move damages the target and heals the user with over half of the damage taken by the target.

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Story Progression

Previous PartCurrent PartNext Part
Allister ~ vs. Gym Leader Bea & Allister
Opal~ vs. Gym Leader Opal Gordie
Melony~ vs. Gym Leader Gordie & Melony
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