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Leon - Team Lineup & Battle Guide

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Check out this guide on how to beat Champion Leon in a battle of Pokemon Sword and Shield. This includes his Pokemon team, weaknesses, best Pokemon type and moves, & more!!!

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Champion Leon Pokemon Team & Weakness

Champion Leon
Pokemon Type/Level Weakness
AegislashAegislash GhostIconSteel Icon
Lv. 62
Ground IconGhost IconFire IconDark Icon
HaxorusHaxorus Dragon Icon
Lv. 63
Ice IconDragon IconFairy Icon
DragapultDragapult Dragon IconGhost Icon
Lv. 62
Ice IconDragon IconFairy IconGhost IconDark Icon
[Gigantamax]CharizardCharizard Fire IconFlying Icon
Lv. 65
Rock Icon
Electric IconWaterIcon
If You Chose Scorbunny Type/Level Weakness
InteleonInteleon Water Icon
Lv. 64
Electric IconGrass Icon
Mr. RimeMr. Rime Psychic IconIce Icon
Lv. 64
Rock IconBug IconGhost IconSteel IconFire IconDark Icon
If You Chose Grookey Type/Level Weakness
CinderaceCinderace fire Icon
Lv. 64
water IconGround IconRock Icon
SeismitoadSeismitoad water IconGround Icon
Lv. 64
Grass Icon
If You Chose Sobble Type/Level Weakness
RillaboomRillaboom Grass Icon
Lv. 64
fire IconIce IconPoison IconFlying Iconbug Icon
RhyperiorRhyperior Ground IconRock Icon
Lv. 64
water IconGrass Icon
Ice IconFighting IconGround IconSteel Icon

*Attacks matching Weakness types deal 2x damage!!!

Best Pokemon Type For Leon Battle

Bring Strong Dark & Fairy Pokemon

The majority of Leon's team is weak against Dark or Fairy type Pokemon. This includes Aegislash, Dragapult, Mr. Rime, and Haxorus. Bring along Pokemon with Dark or Fairy moves to take down his team!

Recommended Pokemon To Bring

PokemonTypeCatch Location
GrimmsnarlGrimmsnarlDarkIconFairyLv.42: Evolves From Morgrem
CoalossalCoalossalRockfireLv.34: Evolves From Carkol
WhiscashWhiscash water IconGround IconLv. 30: Evolves From Barboach

Grimmsnarl's Fairy typing allows him to effectively deal with Haxorus, Dragapult, & even Aegislash. Coalossal can also match up against Aegislash & take Charizard's attacks while dealing massive STAB 4x Rock damage back at it. Whiscash is a useful alternative if you chose Grookey for dealing with Cinderace.

How to Beat Champion Leon

Recommended Level: 70

It is recommended to train your Pokemon up to level 70 before challenging the Champion Leon. Having Pokemon with lower levels may make the battle difficult for you.

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Dynamax A Pokemon With Rock Type Moves

Dynamax A Pokemon With Rock Type Moves

Leon's Gigantamax Charizard packs a punch & has a large pool of health to get through. However, in most cases, you should be able to take it out with a STAB Max Rockfall. Aim to Dynamax a Rock-type Pokemon around the time Leon sends out Charizard.

Find A Counter To Leon's Starter Pokemon

At the beginning of the game, Leon will pick the Pokemon with Type advantage over yours. Before fighting him, make sure to bring a Pokemon that can counter his "starter's" Type advantage.

Use Tons Of Items

Consider bringing some Max Revives and Max Potions, as well as Full Heals in order to get rid of possible status conditions that you may receive during the fight. Having a lot of recovery items will allow you to survive longer during this battle!

Leon - Gym Leader Overview

LeonLeon is the current Champion of the Galar region and has never been defeated in an official Pokémon battle. His personality, together with his peerless skill, has made him extremely popular. He truly deserves the title of "the greatest Trainer in all of Galar."

Rewards Gained When Beating Leon

Rewards Gained When Beating Leon
Money 15,600
Badge n/a
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Defeat Leon To Beat The Game

Other Activities To Do After The Game

Other Activities To Do After The Game

After beating Leon, the ending credits will roll, meaning you have beaten the main story of the game! There are other activities to do such as capturing the new Legendaries, breeding strong Pokemon, & more!

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How To Rematch With Leon

Beat Leon Again At Battle Tower

Battle Tower

After beating the game, you will unlock the Battle Tower. Every time you are about to rank up in the Battle Tower, you will rematch with Leon. His Gigantamax Charizard's speed is quite high so use Max Wall to endure or use Heat Rotom to counter.

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How To Get Leon's Outfit With DLC

Early-Purchase Expansion Pass

Availability PeriodPurchase Expansion Pass until August 31st 7:59AM PDT

If you purchase the Expansion Pass before August 31st 7:59AM PDT, you will be able to get in-game Leon's outfit. Once you've purchased the DLC, open the menu in your game and select Mystery Gift to receive it.

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Anonymous 17

I just got some of the strongest fighting type Pokemon and I'm currently leveling then up so each on is max level. I have yet to fight him but a level 100 machoke and level 60 mudsdale singlehandedly defeated the dragon type fight, so I would say this is a valid strategy. Wish me luck on the fight!

Anonymous 16

use inteleon for charzard and the rest normal weaknessis

Anonymous 15

skill issue

Anonymous 14

did everything this guide said and all my stuff still got one shot. thanks for wasting my time

Anonymous 13

Use Dragapult or Polteageist

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