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Cram o matic Item Recipes Guide

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Check out Cram o matic in Pokemon Sword and Shield The Isle Of Armor (Expansion Pass DLC). Learn what is Cram-o-matic, recipes, how to use, items you can get, and more!!!

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What Is Cram-o-matic?

Recycles Unwanted Items To New Item


Cram-o-matic is new feature introduced from the Isle of Armor expansion. By inputting unwanted items, Cram-o-matic will give you 1 new item.

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How To Unlock Cram-o-matic

Complete Master Dojo 2nd Trial

Complete Master Dojo 2nd Trial

In order to unlock the Cram-o-matic, you must complete the dojo's 2nd trial. After that, go back to the dojo and inspect Hyde's machine.

Give Hyde 500 Watts To Activate

Give Hyde 500 Watts To Activate

Hyde will need 500 Watts to activate his Cram-o-matic. Doing so will allow you to use it once it's powered on.

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How To Get Cram-o-matic Recipes

Give 100 Watts To Hyde

Give 100 Watts To Hyde

You can learn recipes for the Cram-o-matic if you give Hyde 100 Watts. These are given to you at random so you need to keep giving him Watts to get the item recipe you want.

Write Down Recipe

It is best to keep a pen and paper or notepad next to you when you ask for a recipe from Hyde. This will make it easier to keep track of the recipes he's already given you and the proper combination of items.

How To Use Cram-o-matic

Give 4 Items For 1 New Item


Cram-o-matic gives you 1 new item by inputting 4 items of yours. Example of the items it gives are such as Poke Ball and PP Up.

Get Rare Item From Cram-o-matic

Get Rare Item From Cram-o-matic

You should note that Cram-o-matic reward you rare item by giving certain combination of 4 items. Try many combinations and get rare items from Cram-o-matic.

Cram-o-matic Recipes & Items List

Random Items Depending On Points

Items you get from the Cram-o-matic machine are determined by the points of the first item and the total points of the entire set. Check the list below to know available items you can get & items needed to get them.

Cram-o-matic Item Recipes

*Followings include recipe posted by our users.
*By using Apricorn, you have low chance of getting Rare Pokeball

Resulting ItemItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4
Ice MemoryRusted SwordRusted ShieldSacred AshGalarica Cuff
Blue ApricornLuminous MossUltra BallFast BallLife Orb
UpgradePecha BerryPecha BerryPP UpPP Up
Dubious DiscLight BallWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Strawberry SweetSweetSweetSweetSweet
Life OrbDynamax CandyPP UpDynamax CandyPP Up
Life OrbDragon FangExpert BeltAir BalloonTwisted Spoon
Electric SeedYellow ApricornAspear BerrySitrus BerryLapapa Berry
Electric SeedWacan BerryWacan BerryWacan BerryWacan Berry
King's RockDragon FangWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Big MushroomGrepa BerryPearlKee BerryBig Mushroom
Big MushroomTiny MushroomTiny MushroomTiny MushroomTiny Mushroom
Pearl StringBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Shell BellFossilized FishFossilized FishFossilized DrakeFossilized Drake
Shell BellWater StoneOran BerrySachetEnigma Berry
Flame OrbIce StoneIce StoneIce StoneIce Stone
Flame OrbSun StoneFocus BandMuscle FeatherShiny Stone
Flame OrbSun StoneMuscle FeatherShiny StoneFocus Sash
Flame OrbSun StoneSun StoneSun StoneSun Stone
Flame OrbSun StoneMoon StoneShiny StoneDusk Stone
Flame OrbSun StoneFire StoneShiny StoneDawn Stone
Flame OrbFigy BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Balm MushroomBig MushroomBig MushroomBig MushroomBig Mushroom
Balm MushroomRing TargetToxic OrbBright PowderPower Bracer
Balm MushroomReaper ClothResist FeatherLuminous MossProtector
Blunder PolicySharp BeakMetal CoatLight ClaySilver Powder
Blunder PolicyGenius FeatherProtective PadsTwisted SpoonCharcoal
Blunder PolicyResist FeatherNuggetChoice SpecsLeftovers
EverstoneHard StoneDusk StoneWater StoneFlower Sweet
Prism ScalePearl StringRare BoneHard StoneEverstone
Gold Bottle CapSilver Bottle CapSilver Bottle CapSilver Bottle CapSilver Bottle Cap
Silver Bottle CapBig NuggetComet ShardComet ShardBig Nugget
Silver Bottle CapBig NuggetComet ShardBig NuggetBig Nugget
Quick BallYellow ApricornYellow ApricornYellow ApricornYellow Apricorn
Grassy SeedRawst BerryRawst BerryRawst BerryRawst Berry
Terrain ExtenderChipped PotCracked PotSun StoneMoon Stone
Black SludgeOran BerryOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
Black SludgeOran BerryOran BerryOran BerryDynamax Candy
Zoom LensLapapa BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Luxury BallBlue ApricornBlue ApricornBlue ApricornBlue Apricorn
Luxury BallBlack ApricornBlack ApricornBlack ApricornBlack Apricorn
Rocky HelmetEverstoneEverstoneEverstoneEverstone
Rocky HelmetEverstoneSoft SandHard StoneDragon Fang
MagnetCell BatteryNormal GemChilan BerryRibbon Sweet
Cell BatteryFossilized BirdFossilized FishFossilized DrakeFossilized Dino
White HerbNormal GemIron BallBlack GlassesShiny Stone
White HerbLeaf StoneStar PieceMoon StoneIce Stone
EvioliteRocky HelmetRocky HelmetRocky HelmetRocky Helmet
EvioliteProtectorSweet AppleProtectorSweet Apple
EvioliteProtectorSour AppleProtectorSour Apple
EvioliteStar PieceStar PieceComet ShardComet Shard
Comet ShardStar PieceStar PieceStar PieceStar Piece
Great BallRed ApricornPink ApricornPink ApricornWhite Apricorn
Great BallBlack ApricornYellow ApricornGreen ApricornPink Apricorn
Sharp BeakPretty FeatherPretty FeatherPretty FeatherPretty Feather
Sharp BeakMuscle FeatherSwift FeatherHasty MintOran Berry
Dusk BallWhite ApricornBlack ApricornBlack ApricornBlack Apricorn
Dive BallBlue ApricornYellow ApricornGreen ApricornBlack Apricorn
Timer BallWhite ApricornWhite ApricornYellow ApricornYellow Apricorn
Timer BallWhite ApricornWhite ApricornWhite ApricornWhite Apricorn
Timer BallPink ApricornWhite ApricornPink ApricornWhite Apricorn
Muscle BandZincKelpsy BerryPower AnkletNormal Gem
Big NuggetNuggetNuggetNuggetNugget
Light BallCell BatteryMetal CoatMetal CoatMetal Coat
Ability CapsuleRare CandyRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
Toxic OrbBlack SludgeBlack SludgeOran BerryOran Berry
Toxic OrbBlack SludgeBlack SludgeMax RepelMax Repel
Toxic OrbQualot BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Toxic OrbQualot BerryQualot BerryQualot BerryQualot Berry
Toxic OrbKebia BerryRelaxed MintRowap BerryWacan Berry
Never Melt IceFossilized DinoFossilized DinoFossilized BirdFossilized Bird
Drill RunSoft SandSoft SandSoft SandSoft Sand
SachetDusk StoneShiny StoneMetal CoatBig Nugget
Wishing PieceRare BoneRare BoneRare BoneRare Bone
Wishing PieceDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDragon FangDragon Fang
Wishing PieceSun StoneBig MushroomMoon StoneRelaxed Mint
Wishing PieceEject PackWhite HerbColbur BerryPetaya Berry
Wishing PieceMetronomeHoneyHeat RockPomeg Berry
Nest BallRed ApricornBlue ApricornYellow ApricornGreen Apricorn
Ultra BallRed ApricornPink ApricornPink ApricornWhite Apricorn
Ultra BallYellow ApricornYellow ApricornYellow ApricornYellow Apricorn
Ultra BallWhite ApricornYellow ApricornWhite ApricornYellow Apricorn
Utility UmbrellaIron BallIron BallLagging TailLagging Tail
Utility UmbrellaEject ButtonMiracle SeedMetal CoatOdd Incense
Bright PowderTanga BerryBlack BeltSalac BerryPecha Berry
Adrenaline OrbMago BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Air BalloonCoba BerrySour AppleGentle MintPassho Berry
Rare CandyComet ShardComet ShardComet ShardComet Shard
Premier BallWhite ApricornWhite ApricornWhite ApricornWhite Apricorn
ProtectorRock IncensePearl StringGrip ClawSafety Goggles
PP UpBig NuggetBig NuggetBig NuggetBig Nugget
Oval StoneWiki BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Misty SeedKee BerryKee BerryKee BerryKee Berry
Misty SeedKee BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Misty SeedMoon StoneMoon StoneMoon StoneMoon Stone
Misty SeedBright PowderKee BerryWave IncenseWater Stone
Misty SeedRoseli BerryDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Moon BallBlue ApricornYellow ApricornBlue ApricornYellow Apricorn
Moon BallRed ApricornBlue ApricornYellow ApricornGreen Apricorn
Moon BallRed ApricornYellow ApricornRed ApricornYellow Apricorn
Metal CoatMetal CoatSmooth RockAir BalloonTerrain Extender
Metal PowderSoothe BellZincWave IncenseGanlon Berry
Poke BallRed ApricornRed ApricornRed ApricornRed Apricorn
Armorite OrePearl StringRare BoneHard StoneEverstone
Love BallRed ApricornPink ApricornPink ApricornWhite Apricorn
Dragon ScaleDragon FangDragon FangDragon FangDragon Fang
Dragon FangDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Dragon FangDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Lure BallBlue ApricornYellow ApricornBlue ApricornYellow Apricorn
Room ServiceStar SweetSuper RepelLife OrbImpish Mint
Room ServiceShiny StoneAguav BerryGrip ClawStrawberry Sweet
Reaper ClothSpell TagSpell TagSpell TagSpell Tag
Level BallRed ApricornYellow ApricornRed ApricornYellow Apricorn
Level BallRed ApricornPink ApricornPink ApricornWhite Apricorn
TR01Normal GemWishing PieceWishing PieceNormal Gem
TR04Big PearlShiny StoneShiny StoneShiny Stone
TR04Wave IncenseStar PieceYache BerryRoseli Berry
TR04Water StoneFire StoneDusk StoneDawn Stone
TR07Kelpsy BerryChesto BerryCheri BerryCheri Berry
TR12Sitrus BerrySitrus BerrySitrus BerrySitrus Berry
TR14EXP Candy SEXP Candy SEXP Candy SEXP Candy S
TR23Hondew BerryHondew BerryHondew BerryHondew Berry
TR25Light ClayLight ClayLight ClayLight Clay
TR26Luck IncenseModest MintMuscle BandFigy Berry
TR26Normal GemNormal GemNormal GemNormal Gem
TR27Safety GogglesBlack SludgePayapa BerryPearl String
TR31Metal CoatMetal CoatMetal CoatMetal Coat
TR31Babiri BerryBabiri BerryBabiri BerryBabiri Berry
TR31Rusted SwordRusted SwordRusted SwordRusted Sword
TR34EXP Candy MEXP Candy MEXP Candy MEXP Candy M
TR34Tamato BerryTamato BerryTamato BerryTamato Berry
TR34Dawn StoneShiny StoneFire StoneSun Stone
TR34Dawn StoneDawn StoneDawn StoneDawn Stone
TR37Lapapa BerryLapapa BerryLapapa BerryLapapa Berry
TR40EXP Candy LEXP Candy LEXP Candy LEXP Candy L
TR44Light ClayToxic OrbFlame OrbLagging Tail
TR46Babiri BerryRoseli BerryChilan BerryLiechi Berry
TR48Power AnkletBig PearlCalm MintScope Lens
TR50LeftoversEXP Candy XLModest MintDragon Fang
TR50Serious MintEverstoneHard StoneLight Clay
TR56ProteinLeaf StoneSuper RepelNaive Mint
TR59Tiny MushroomResist FeatherMax RepelRing Target
TR59Power HerbFull IncenseWiki BerryPower Herb
TR59Green ApricornWhite ApricornWhite ApricornArmorite Ore
TR59Naughty MintFigy BerryRindo BerryKelpsy Berry
TR63Micle BerryAmulet CoinCleanse TagBold Mint
TR77Sweet AppleFigy BerryHeavy Duty BootsEXP Candy L
TR77Relaxed MintRazor ClawFossilized FishFloat Stone
TR78Wishing PieceWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
TR79Assault VestRocky HelmetProtectorCleanse Tag
TR82EXP Candy LBalm MushroomFossilized BirdDynamax Candy
TR83EXP Candy LCleanse TagSachetPower Herb
TR84Pearl StringPearl StringPearl StringPearl String
TR86Cell BatteryMetronomeSweet AppleLeppa Berry
TR88Red ApricornCheri BerryCheri BerryCheri Berry
TR88Cheri BerryCheri BerryCheri BerryCheri Berry
TR88Figy BerryFigy BerryFigy BerryFigy Berry
TR94Big NuggetBig NuggetNuggetNugget
TR99Red ApricornRed ApricornBlue ApricornBlue Apricorn

Rare Balls

You can feed Apricorns to the Cram-o-matic machine to get a variety of Poke Balls. Rare balls have a low probability of showing up and other Poke Balls can be redeemed using any Apricorn.

Check Out How To Get Apricorns!

Example Of Apricorns & Poke Balls

Apricorn 1
Apricorn 2
Apricorn 3
Apricorn 4
Poke Ball
(Receive 1 Poke Ball)
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
- Poke Ball
- Great Ball
- Ultra Ball
- Safari Ball
- Sport Ball
- Friend Ball
- Nest Ball
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn
- Poke Ball
- Great Ball
- Ultra Ball
- Safari Ball
- Sport Ball
- Friend Ball
- Nest Ball
- Moon Ball
- Quick Ball

Rare Ball Probability

We ran tests on the Cram-o-matic a total of 350 times and received a mere 6 rare Poke Balls. Though still under verification, the rate of getting rare Poke Balls appears to be somewhere around 1-2%.

Recipe Poke Balls Times Used
Green Apricorn
Green Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn
Yellow Apricorn
Moon Ball x 3
Friend Ball x 3
350 times

Get Gold Bottle Caps With 4 Bottle Caps

Get Gold Bottle Caps With 4 Bottle Caps

You can get a Gold Bottle Cap by recycling 4 Bottle Caps in the Cram-o-matic machine. This is because the overall points of the Bottle Cap add up to give you a Gold Bottle Cap.

Check Out How To Get Bottle Caps!

Get PP Up With 4 Gold Bottle Caps

If you exchange 4 Gold Bottle Caps in the Cram-o-matic, it'll give you a PP Up in return! Since this can be quite expensive, make sure to think before using your Gold Bottle Caps.

Use Cram-o-matic To Farm Money

Use Cram-o-matic To Farm Money

Feeding the Cram-o-matic with a specific set of items will garner you a TM worth 3,000 P. You can purchase these items from a lady outside the Master Dojo.

Check Out How To Farm Money Fast!

TR Example 1

TR88 (Sell Price: 3000)
Item 1 Cherri Berry or Red Apricorn
Item 2 Cherri Berry
Item 3 Cherri Berry
Item 4 Cherri Berry

Cherri Berries can be bought for only 80 P, if you use 4 of them, you'll only spend 320 P. Selling the TR88 you receive will give you more than 100% profit!

TR Example 2

TR07 (Sell Price: 3000)
Item 1 Kelpsy Berry
Item 2 Chesto Berry
Item 3 Cherri Berry
Item 4 Cherri Berry

This 2nd recipe can also be used to get a TR you can sell for 3,000 P. However, Kelpsy Berry needs to be shaken down from trees or received from Max Raids so it may be harder to find.

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Shadow Dropper 9

4 Dynamax Candies=1 Dragon Fang X 4=1 Dragon Scale.

Anonymous 8

1 bottle cap, any item, 2 bottle caps-gold bottle cap
1 rare candy, any item, 2 rare candies-ability capsule
4 oran berry-black sludge
2 pearl, 2 big pearl-shell bell
1 iapapa berry, 3 dynamax candy-wide lens

Anonymous 7

1 star piece, 3 wishing pieces-eviolite.
1 babiri berry, 3 wishing pieces-***ault vest
4 qualot berries-toxic orb
figy,grepa,hondew,kelpsy-flame orb
1 dynamax candy, 3 wishing pieces-life orb

Darkojin 6

Recipe for Sachet gave me Cleanse Tag instead.

Anonymous 5

4 jars of honey gives you x-scissor. done it several times, every time i've gotten x-scissor

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