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How to Trade Pokemon | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Read this Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH) guide to learn how to trade Pokemon! Includes how to trade with friends, how to trade locally, or online, and all trading methods!!!

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How to Trade Pokemon Online

Step 1: Open the Y-Comm Menu

Open the Y Comm Menu

While exploring, press the Y Button to open the Y-Comm menu. This will bring up the menu with a list of features.

Step 2: Connect Online

Connect Online

Before selecting Link Trades, make sure to Connect Online by hitting the + button. Once you're connected online, you will be able to make Link Trades.

Online Trading Requires NSO Subscription

Online Trading Requires NSO Subscription

Keep in mind that in order for you to trade online, you will need to have an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

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Step 3: Select Link Trade

Select Link Trade

Once you're connected online, select the Link Trades option from the menu. The game will automatically start looking for a trade partner for you, & will notify you once a trade partner has been found!

Use a Link Code To Trade With A Certain Person

Set A Link Code To Trade With A Specific Person

You can set a Link Code if you want to trade with a specific person. This is a 4-digit pin number that will ensure that you and the person with the same Link Code will be trading Pokemon!

Step 4: Trade Away

Trade Away

After finding a trade partner, select the Pokemon you want to trade to the other player. Wait for their selection, then the trade should commence!

Optional: Use Surprise Trade for Random Trades

Opt to Use Surprise Trades

Surprise Trade is another way of trading Pokemon in Sword and Shield! Register a Pokemon you want to trade, then wait for another person to trade with you! You never know what you will get with Surprise Trades!

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How to Trade Pokemon Locally

Step 1: Open the Y-Comm Menu

Open the Y Comm Menu

Just like with online trades, open the Y-Comm menu using the Y button while exploring.

Step 2: Select Link Trade

Select Link Trade

Select the Link Trades option and wait for the game to find another player that is willing to trade.

Send a Link Code to Trade With A Specific Person

Set A Link Code To Trade With A Specific Person

If you want to trade with a specific person, it would be best to set a Link Code! Make sure that both you and the other player enter the same Link Code to ensure that both of you get matched up!

Step 3: Trade Away

Trade Away

Once you are matched with another player, select the Pokemon you want to trade. Once both of you have selected a Pokemon to be traded, the trade will start!

What Is Pokemon Trade?

Trade Pokemon With Other Trainers

Trades allow you to swap Pokemon with other trainers from across the world! You will be able to use this feature while traveling the Galar region via the Y-Comm feature!

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Trade Online or Locally

You will be able to trade Pokemon with other trainers over the internet or through local networks using your Nintendo Switch! Keep in mind that for online trades, you will need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription!

Benefits of Trading Pokemon

Complete Your Pokedex

Complete Your Pokedex

Certain Pokemon will only be available for certain versions of the game. Trading Pokemon with players of the opposite version will allow you collect all Pokemon and complete your Pokedex!

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Earn Exp Faster

Traded Pokemon will earn Exp much faster than normal Pokemon! If you are aiming to quickly and efficiently train Pokemon, you can train a traded Pokemon to quickly reach the max level!

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Certain Pokemon Evolve After Trades

Certain Pokemon will only evolve after being traded to another player. Below is a list of Pokemon that evolve via trades.

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PokemonEvolve Conditions
AccelgorAccelgor- Evolves from a Shelmet that's traded for a Karrablast
AromatisseAromatisse- Evolves by trading a Spritzee while holding a sachet
ConkeldurrConkeldurr- Evolves by trading a Gundurr
DusknoirDusknoir- Evolves by trading a Dusclops with a Reaper Cloth
EscavalierEscavalier- Evolves from a Karrablast that's traded for a Shelmet
GengarGengar- Evolves by trading a Haunter
GigalithGigalith- Evolves by trading a Boldore
GourgeistGourgeist- Evolves by trading a Pumpkaboo
MachampMachamp- Evolves by trading a Machoke
MiloticMilotic- Evolves by trading a Feebas while holding a Prism Scale
RhyperiorRhyperior- Evolves by trading a Rhydon while holding a Protector
SlurpuffSlurpuff- Evolves by trading a Swirlix while holding a Whipped Dream
SteelixSteelix- Evolves by trading an Onix while holding a Metal Coat
TrevenantTrevenant- Evolves by trading a Phantump

Trade Pokemon Guide

Traded Pokemon With High Levels May Not Listen To You

If your traded Pokemon starts to goof off mid battle, or doesn't listen to your commands, you may need to get more gym badges! Gym badges show that you are a strong trainer, and will prove to Pokemon that you are a strong enough trainer to handle them!

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Traded Pokemon's Nicknames Are Permanent

If you acquired a Pokemon with a nickname via a trade, you will not be able to change that Pokemon's nickname.

Why Can't I Trade or Connect?

Check if Nintendo Switch is in Airplane Mode

Y-Comm features will be inaccessible when your Nintendo Switch is on Airplane mode. Be sure to turn this feature off from the Quick Menu accessible by holding the Switch's Home Button.

Try Connecting on Internet When Local Trade Fails

Local connection will only be able to connect with players in your close vicinity. If you are having trouble connecting with your trade partner, double check you are using the proper connection method.

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Anonymous 57

Hello i need a Cursola with the cursed body ability i trade my shiny Dugtrio or Venasaur for it as reward

Anonymous 56

I'm trading a lv 1 Charmander for a lv 1 bulbasaur. code is 0000 7305.

Anonymous 55

Has anyone get a shiny buneary Decidous or Goodra there willing two trade ?

Seirafeine 54

Would like a ponyta for a farfetch'd. 0007203

Mgee 53

Can someone swap haunter for haunter please trade code 00007101

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