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Check out the new Dynamax Adventures introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra. Find out what Legendary Pokemon you can catch, mechanics, healing, endless mode, and more!!!

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What Are Dynamax Adventures

Defeat Dynamax Pokemon & Get Legendaries


The new Dynamax Adventures mode is a new feature introduced in the Crown Tundra. In this mode, 4 trainers work together to defeat 4 consecutive battles with Dynamax Pokemon. Reach the end of the den and catch legendary Pokemon!

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Endless Dynamax Adventures Mode

Endless Mode

If you want to challenge yourself, there will be an extra challenging mode called "Endless Dynamax Adventures Mode". This mode will let you keep going until you lose a battle.

Clear Regular Mode 5 Times

In order to unlock Endless Mode, you'll have to first clear 5 regular Dynamax Adventures. After doing so, you can talk to the man dressed in medical clothing to the left of the scientist.

Cannot Catch Pokemon

One major stipulation of this mode is that you cannot keep any Pokemon you catch during it. In exchange for this, you will get more Dynite Ore than usual! We recommend doing this mode only after you've obtained all of the legendary Pokemon available in the game so far.

Dynamax Adventures Rewards

Get Dynite Ore


The main currency rewarded by Dynamax Adventures is known as Dynite Ore. It is awarded to you for meeting certain conditions during an Adventure. In general, you should expect to get 9-11 pieces per run.

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Conditions To Get Dynite Ore

ConditionOre Received
Investigate the den4
Reach the innermost area (the Legendary Pokemon)2
Catch the Legendary Pokemon3
Complete the adventure without your Pokemon dying2
Finish the Adventure with other players online2

※ There may be more available reward conditions. We will update this as we progress with our testing!!!

Get Ability Patch With Dynite Ore

Dynite Ore

This currency can be used to buy the brand new Ability Patch, which gives your Pokemon its hidden ability! Ore can also be used to buy EV and EXP boosting items.

Get Past Legendary Pokemon


The main draw of Dynamax Adventures is the fact that you'll be able to obtain legendary Pokemon from previous games in the franchise! The deepest part of the cave will contain such legendaries, so you'll have to make it all the way to the end.

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Legendary Pokemon Catch Rate Is 100%

The legendary Pokemon that appear in Dynamax Adventures will have a catch rate of 100%! If you're able to clear all the raid battles and get to the Legendary Pokemon, you're guaranteed to capture it. If you want your Legendary to have a special ball, this means you can do so without worrying about if you can catch it or not!

You Can't Re-Catch Legendary Pokemon

The legendary Pokemon appearing in Dynamax Adventures can only be caught once. However, if you catch and choose not to add to your party, you can challenge the same legendary Pokemon again. This allows you to choose the legendary Pokemon with the best stats.

Challenging The Den With Legendary Pokemon You've Already Caught

When you challenge the Pokemon den with the legendary Pokemon you've already caught by online multiplayer mode, you won't be able to catch that legendary Pokemon. However, you can get Dynite Ore and non-legendary Pokemon you've caught along the adventure.

How To Get All Legendary Pokemon Efficiently

Peonia Tells You Locations Of Pokemon


By talking to Peonia in the left part of the cave, you can gain access to Lairs which contain certain Legendary Pokemon. However, you'll have to pay her 5 Dynite Ore for this. After you've purchased this information, talk to the scientist to access a menu and go to the lair!

Save Legendary Pokemon's Locations To Retry

If you fail to catch a Legendary Pokemon or choose not to add the legendary Pokemon to your party permanently in the Adventure, you can actually try to challenge that same Pokemon again later. A drop down menu will appear. If you want to get the shiny version of a certain Legendary, this might be a good option for you! Note, you can only save up to 3 locations of the legendary Pokemon.

Version Exclusivity Applies

In standard Pokemon fashion, you won't be able to obtain all the legendaries with just one game. You will need both Sword and Shield to get them all, so make sure to coordinate with friends!

Learn More On Version Differences Between Sword & Shield Here

Ultra Beasts Appear After Clearing Crown Tundra

Ultra Beasts

After you fully clear all 3 paths of the Crown Tundra story, you'll get a "Legendary Memo" which will allow you to start fighting against Ultra Beasts in Dynamax Adventures. Once you get this from Peony, talk to the Scientist and they will automatically unlock!

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Ultra Beasts Available In Adventures

Catch 5 Ultra Beasts To Get Poipole


Naganadel, which is evolutionary form of Poipole won't appear in the Dynamax Adventure. To get Poipole, you need to catch 5 Ultra Beasts and unlock the event.

Alolan Form Pokemon Appear As Well


Among the Pokemon that appear on the way to the Legendary, you can also catch Alolan form Pokemon in Dynamax Adventures.

Dynamax Adventures Mechanics

Difference From Raid Battles In Wild Area


In Dynamax Adventures mode, you can't use your own Pokemon. Instead, you have to use rental Pokemon. If you win the max raid battle, you'll have a chance to catch that Pokemon and one trainer on the team can swap the newly caught Pokemon in for the Pokemon they had before.

Use Pokemon You Caught


▲Swap Pokemon as you explore deeper in the den

You can choose to swap out your current Pokemon with one you caught during the adventure! Only one of the players on your team can do this, and priority is determined by the order on the left (top down). If you don't get a Pokemon, there's a chance one of your teammates will.

4 Heart System

Heart System

Your team will have a total of 4 hearts available per Adventure. Every time a Pokemon on your team faints, you will lose one heart. Losing all 4 hearts will kick you out of the raid. There does not appear to be a way to regenerate hearts, so you'll have to be very careful.

Pokemon Don't Heal After Battle

Your Pokemon's HP and PP will carry over after the battle, meaning they won't heal after every fight. There are items you can find that will heal you however. Other than that, you'll have to swap with the Pokemon you've caught along the way to keep your HP up.

Items and Trainers

BerriesHeal your Pokemon
BackpackerGives one item for your Pokemon to hold
ScientistSwaps your Pokemon with another Pokemon randomly


Dynamax Adventures

The only way to restore the HP of your Pokemon (except for in-battle moves, that is) is to walk into Berries on the map! These will restore some of your HP.


Scientists will trade your Pokemon for a random one! We're not sure what determines the type of Pokemon you're given, so you'll have to tread carefully. Only do this if you're unsatisfied with your current pick, or it's nearly fainted!


Dynamax Adventures

Backpackers will let you choose from five possible held items for your Pokemon. These seem to be random. Choosing wisely here will be important when it comes to taking out the final Legendary Pokemon.

How To Get Best Pokemon In Dynamax Adventures

You Can't Use Judge Function


You can check the stats of the legendary Pokemon you've caught before adding to your party permanently. However, you can't use Judge function when doing so. Because of this, you need to calculate IV from its actual stats.

Learn More About IVs & Judge Function From Here

100% Catch Rate With Rare Pokeball

Since the catch rate of Dynamax Adventures is 100%, you can use your favorite rare Pokeball to catch legendary without wasting any of them. It's also notable that Dynamax Adventures is the only way to catch legendary Pokemon with Sport Ball and Safari Ball.

How To Catch Best Pokemon

1Defeat and catch the legendary Pokemon in Dynamax Adventure
2When choosing which Pokemon to keep, check the summary for their stats
3Calculate individual values from its actual stats
4If you didn't get the legendary Pokemon with best stats, don't keep it and repeat the same steps

If you didn't keep the legendary Pokemon you've caught, you can retry the same den over and over until you get the best stats.

Reset Penalty

Get A Penalty If You Reset 3 Times

Dynamax Adventures will save two times: once prior to entering and once when leaving the adventure. Resetting your game at any point in-between will toggle a penalty flag. Resetting three times will cause the scientist to scold you. At this point, you won't be able to do any further adventures until you pay the penalty fee!

Reset Penalties

Number of ResetsOre Penalty
33 pieces
44 pieces
55 pieces

The amount of Dynite Ore you have to pay as a penalty will increase depending on how many times you reset. Since the penalty keeps going up, you'll want to refrain from resetting as much as possible!

Penalty Incurred When Solo As Well

This penalty will be incurred by all players who reset, regardless if they're doing it during online or solo play!

How To Clear The Penalty

If you complete a Dynamax Adventure all the way to the very end, your penalty counter is reset! This means that it is possible to reset twice before even incurring any penalty whatsoever.

Merits Of Resetting

Does Not Consume Pokeball

In order to check IVs and whether the Pokemon you've caught is shiny or not, you need to consume Pokeball. The game will automatically be saved after the Dynamax Adventures and your rare Pokeball will be consumed even if you decide not to add the Pokemon you've caught permanently.

Save Rare Pokeball By Resetting

If you are using rare Pokeball to catch the legendary Pokemon with best stats and don't want to waste them, you can reset and get penalty instead.

Tips & Strategy On Dynamax Adventures

Choose Your Starting Pokemon Wisely


If you know the Legendary you're up against, obviously pick something that works well against it. If you don't know, try going off Base Stats - although not always the case, generally the higher the base stats, the better the Pokemon.

Don't Be Afraid To Swap Pokemon

Losing even a single heart on the way to a Legendary can be run-ending. As such, you should feel free to swap out Pokemon that are low on health. If your team does not have any healing moves, this is often the best way of effectively healing your Pokemon, although there is an element of randomness to it.

Check The Type & Shadow Of Opponents


You can tell which Pokemon you'll be facing from the type and shadow in the purple fog. Move the map with the right arrow stick to see what Pokemon types are coming up and plan accordingly. The final battle will be the most difficult, so try to prepare for that!

Choose The Path With Berries & NPCs


Paths with Berries can help you recover your HP if you're getting low. We strongly recommend going for a Backpacker, however, as the item they provide you can often times be quite strong and help you in your final battle with the legendary. The backpacker will give 1 item to each Pokemon on your team, which is also nice.

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Being that you can do offline play on the dynamax adventure. My problem is which legendary Pokémon will go to what game?. Since only certain Pokémon will be in one game

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