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Battle Tower - Best Team & Rewards | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Battle Tower - Best Team & Rewards | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Read Pokemon Sword and Shield guide on the Battle Tower. Including battle tower team, battle tower best team, battle tower rewards, battle tower guide, BP Farming, & location!!!

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Battle Tower - Location Guide

Battle Tower Unlocks After Beating The Game

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower lets trainers push their Pokemon's abilities in battle. The tower is located on the northern part of the map.

Check Out What To Do After The Game!

Battle Tower Location

Battle Tower Location

The Battle Tower is located in the Northernmost part of the map. If you've been there once, you will be able to use the Flying Taxi to fast travel to it.

Battle Tower Best Team For Single Battle

Single Battle System

Battle Tower

Single Battles involve bringing three Pokemon from your party into the fight. They will fight 1-on-1, and you will not be given the opportunity to switch Pokemon like you could in your story playthrough.

Use Best Tier Pokemon For Single Battle To Win

Best Tier Pokemon For Single Battle

Since the Battle Tower is a level playing field, you cannot simply defeat opponents by over-leveling. Organize a good team in order to win! Though the provided link is for ranked battle, they are the best among all Pokemon!

Best Pokemon Tier For Single Battle

Legendary Pokemon & Starter Pokemon Are Options

Our team of writers were able to reach the last rank using just Legendaries and starter Pokemon! They are also viable team options too!

Check Out How To Get Legendaries Here

Breed Strong Pokemon

Breeding Pokemon is a good way to smoothly navigate the Battle Tower. By breeding, you will be able to ensure your Pokemon have the right nature & individual strengths to thrive.

Base Points (EVs) Count

You will get a massive advantage by properly EV training your Pokemon before taking them to the Battle Tower - this is highly recommended.

Have Wide Move Coverage

To be able to counter various types of Pokemon, it is recommended to bring moves of many types. You can use TM/TR's to greatly improve your overall coverage.

Battle Tower Best Team For Double Battle

Double Battle System

Double Battle

Double Battles require you to bring 4 Pokemon!. This format will require you to think about how your Pokemon can synergize with each other more. You'll need to pay attention to Area of Effect moves that hit all Pokemon!

Use Best Tier Pokemon For Double Battle To Win

Best Tier Pokemon For Double

Since Double Battle requires proper choices of Pokemon, their Types, their Moves etc, check our double battle tier list to know which Pokemon You should bring out.

Best Pokemon Tier For Double Battle

Use Legendary Pokemon & Starter Pokemon

Our team was able to reach the final tier by using Legendaries & starter Pokemon!

Check Out How To Get Legendaries

All-Field Attack Moves Are Effective

In Double Battle, All-Field type moves (aka AoE moves) are extremely effective. However, some AoE moves (like Earthquake) will damage your teammates, so plan carefully!

Recommended All-Field Moves

BlizzardA howling blizzard is summoned to strike opposing Pokemon. This may also leave the opposing Pokemon frozen
Sludge WaveThe user strikes everything around it by swamping the area with a giant sludge wave. This may also poison those hit
Rock SlideLearge boulders are hurled at opposing Pokemon to inflict damage. This may also make the opposing Pokemon flinch
Breaking SwipeThe user swings its tough tail wildly and attacks opposing Pokemon. This also lowers their Attack stats

Have Wide Move Coverage

Just like singles, being able to counter various types of Pokemon is key, so bring moves of many types. You can use TM/TR's to greatly improve your overall coverage.

Rental Team List & Best Rental Team In Battle Tower

Best Rental Team Is Tough Team

Gyarados Moves

All of these teams have some use in different situations. However, if you're just starting out, you will find the tough team is composed by strong set of Pokemon.

[Best] Tough Team

Other Teams

Skill Team

Basic Team

Rain Team

Slow Team

What Are Rental Teams?

What Are Rental Teams

Rental Teams can be borrowed from a man at the counter in the Battle Tower. They can be used only in the Battle Tower and are intended for people who haven't raised up their own Pokemon yet. There are 5 different teams which each fulfill a different function.

How To Reach & Beat Leon

Level Cap is 50

Level Cap is 50

Level 50 is the limit of Battle Tower Battles. This means even if your Pokemon are over 50, they will scale back down to 50 in the Battle Tower. However, if your Pokemon is below level 50, they will not be boosted up. Level up your Pokemon to 50 first!

>> Check Out Our EXP Farming & Leveling Guide

Battle Tower Ranks Go Up To 11 (Master Ball Tier)

Master Ball Tier

The max Rank for both Single & Double Battles is 11, and it is called Master Ball Tier. After reaching Master Ball Tier, only repeating the Master Ball Tier is possible & there will be no rank up rewards.

Leon Battle Before Ranking Up To The Next Ball Tier

Leon Battle Before Ranking Up

Ranks are given a number, but they are also classified by Ball names, like Great Ball Rank, Ultra Ball Rank, etc. Before ranking up to the next tier, you'll need to face off against Leon.

Try Over And Over To Win

As your opponents will use entirely random Pokemon, it can be hard to predict what will happen. The best method to climb the ranks is to simply keep battling. Don't give up & rank up to the Master Ball Tier!

Bring Your Own Pokemon Or Rent!

Rent Pokemon

You can use the Pokemon you've raised yourself along your journey, or you can rent a team from the Battle Tower. Check out the full list of Rental Teams from below link.

>> Check Out Details Of Rental Team Here

Battle Tower Rewards List

Reward - Rank Up


The following reward list is based on our gameplay experience. More rewards could exist, & it is possible that they are random.

Reward List By Rank

2- Rare Candy
- 3 BP
3- Rare Candy
- 3 BP
4- 2 Rare Candies
- Bottle Cap
- sprig of Timid Mint
- 5 BP
5- 2 Rare Candies
- Sprig of Timid Mint
- 5 BP
6- 2 Rare Candies
- Sprig of Lonely Mint
- 5 BP
7- 3 Rare Candies
- Bottle Cap
- Sprig of Timid Mint
- 10 BP
8- 3 Rare Candies
- Sprig of Timid Mint
- 10 BP
9- 3 Rare Candies
- Sprig of Impish Mint
- 10 BP
10- 5 Rare Candies
- 2 Bottle Caps
- Ability Capsule
- Sprig of Serious Mint
- 20 BP
- Battle Tower Uniform
11- 10 Rare Candies
- 3 Bottle Caps
- Ability Capsule
- Gold Bottle Cap
- Sprig of Jolly Mint
- 50 BP
- Tower Master Ribon

One Time Reward For Single/Double Battle

Although Rank Up Rewards are excellent, they cannot be earned repeatedly. This means you need to use them wisely. One of the best ways is to buy Power Items which will help you when training Base Points (EVs).

Check Out What Base Points (EVs) Are Here!

Memorial Uniform & Ribbon Rewarded

Memorial Uniform

When you defeat Leon in higher ranks, you'll be rewarded with a unique Uniform, as well as a special Ribbon for your Pokemon.

Check Out All Uniforms & Other Clothes Here

Reward - Beating Trainers

Beating each trainer rewards you a fixed 2BP and can randomly give you additional rewards.

>> Check Out Our Efficient BP Farming Guide Here

Random Rewards List - Beating Trainers

Random Rewards List

The following reward list is created based on our gameplay - other rewards could exist.

  • Mint
  • Bottle Cap
  • Gold Bottle Cap
  • Bottle of PP Max

Mints are extremely important items for breeding - make sure to stock up on as many of them as possible.

Check Out Other Items For Breeding Here

BP Farming & What Can You Buy With BP (Battle Points)?

Efficient BP Farming Method

  • Raise Single & Double Battle Rank
  • Repeatedly Beat Trainers in Single Battles

The above 2 methods are the most efficient way to farm BP! Check out the below link to do efficient BP farming!

Check Out BP Farming Method Here

What You Can Buy With BP?

From Battle items to breeding items, you can buy key items with BP. Check out BP shop list and sold items in our guide!

Check Out BP Shop & Item

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Anonymous 6

Use the left stick to (drag left/right) to change music whist you select team.

Le pure 5

I didn’t get the uniform and I got to tier 10, male avatar if it helps

Anonymous 4

The rewards aren’t random. They are based on your total wins.

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How do you change battle tower music? I've looked everywhere and I can't find anything.

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how do you find rental teams to use online?

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