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Fossils Guide - Location & Combos | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Read this Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor guide to learn more about the fossil Pokemon! Includes how to get & where to find fossils, combination, exclusives, fusion, breeding, professor and more!!!

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Fossil Pokemon In Crown Tundra

Fossil Pokemon Newly Added In Crown Tundra

※ Only final evolutions are shown here!!!

Quite a few Fossil Pokemon were added in the most recent expansion, the Crown Tundra. These Pokemon can be caught not only in the wild, but also in Pokemon Dens! Read the guide below to learn Pokemon den locations and get fossil Pokemon with hidden abilities!

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All Fossils List & Exclusive

Four Kinds Of Fossilized Parts

Fossilized Fish
water Icon
Fossilized Drake
Dragon Icon
Fossilized Dino
Ice Icon
Fossilized Bird
electric Icon

There are 4 types of Fossils you can get in Sword and Shield. By combining these fossils in different ways, you can produce 4 different Pokemon!

May Get Version Exclusive Fossils From Digging Duo

The Digging Duo has a low chance to dig up Fossils that's mutually exclusive from your game versions. It might get you the fossilized parts you were locked out from.

Digging Duo Guide - Items & Locations

Fossil Combination List (Fusion)

List of Fossil Pokemon Fusion Combos

Fossil Combinations
Dracozolt Dracozolt
- Volt Absorb
- Hustle
Fossilized Bird + Fossilized Drake
Arcozolt Arctozolt
- Volt Absorb
- Static
Fossilized Dino + Fossilized Bird
Dracovish Dracovish
- Water Absorb
- Strong Jaw
Fossilized Fish + Fossilized Drake
- Water Absorb
- Ice Body
Fossilized Fish + Fossilized Dino

Recommended Fossil Pokemon Fusions

Dragon types have few weaknesses and are overall more powerful Pokemon types. It's recommended to get Dracozolt and Dracovish since they're both Dragon Types. Dracovish in particular has a great typing, being weak only to Fairy and Dragon moves.

Shiny Fossil Pokemon - How To Get

Low Chance Of Shiny Fossil Pokemon When Fusing

When you combine fossils to get Fossil Pokemon, there's a small chance that you'll get the shiny version of that Pokemon, which has different appearance than the standard one. However, shiny Pokemon chance is pretty slim based on our testing.

Save & Reload Until You Get A Shiny Fossil Pokemon

To get a shiny Fossil Pokemon, you can try the Save/Load method as the game will not save when you combined your fossils. Save beforehand and load when fusion results were unsatisfactory.

Shiny Fossil Pokemon Reset Guide

1Go to Route 6 and find the fossil professor.
2Save your game before talking to the professor.
3Talk to the professor and fuse fossils.
4Close the game if no shiny Fossil Pokemon appears.
5Restart the game, load, and repeat step 3
6Rinse & Repeat until success.

Fossil Professor - Where to Find & Use

Find Fossil Professor At Route 6

Talk to the Professor to Fuse Fossils

Once you have the required fossils, head to the Fossil Professor found on Route 6. Talking to her will make her ask you if you want to fuse the fossils.

Use Professor For Fusing Fossils

Choose Which Fossils to Combine

You will then be asked two questions by the Professor. Answer these questions using the two fossils you want to fuse. Once you have chosen your two fossils, the Pokemon will be resurrected.

Two Different Fossils are Required

Two Different Fossils Are Required

Before heading to the Professor, make sure that you have two fossils with you- a top half, and a bottom half. Not having the required fossils will not trigger the Professor to ask you if you want to resurrect these fossils.

How to Get Fossils

Get Fossils Near Professor (One-Time)

Get Fossils Near the Professor

You will encounter a Professor researching fossils while exploring Route 6. There will be fossils near her that you can pick up. The nearby Pokemon Center will also have an NPC that will give you fossils when you talk to them.

Get 2 Fossils In Stow-on-Side (One-Time)


There is a man in the Stow-on-Side Pokemon center who will give you two fossils when you talk to him!

Fossils You Can Get

SwordFossilized Bird
ShieldFossilized Drake

Use the Digging Duo to Get Fossils

Digging Duo Location

Alternatively, you will be able to hire the Digging Duo in the Wild Area to dig up fossils for you! They can be found in the Bridge Field area.

Digging Duo Guide - Items & Locations

Use Watts to Hire the Digging Duo

Digging Duo

Keep in mind that asking the Digging Duo to dig up items for you costs 500 Watts. You should also note that getting a fossil is not guaranteed since the items that the Digging Duo get are random.

Watts - How To Farm Them And Their Uses

Use The Skilled Brother

Each of the two brothers has a particular specialty. One will be high in skill, the other high in stamina. We recommend the skilled brother, because the quality of the items he gives you will be higher!

Acquire Fossils From a Trade

Acquire Fossils From a Trade

You can also fossils via a trade! Players can send you a Pokemon holding a fossil and vice versa!

Look For Fossils in the Wild Area

Look For Fossils in the Wild Area

Exploring the Dusty Bowl portion of the Wild Area can also lead you to discovering some fossils!

Check Out the Wild Area Here!

Breeding Pokemon Fossils

Cannot Breed Fossil Pokemon

Unfortunately, you will not be able to breed Fossil Pokemon in the game. Instead you will need to dig up fossils and speaking to the Professor. Alternatively, you can get Fossil Pokemon from trades!

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Save Game Before Making Fossil Pokemon

It is recommended to save the game before talking to the professor. This way, you can reload the save if you get a Fossil Pokemon with stats that you do not like.

What Are Fossils?

Preserved Pokemon Remains

Preserved Pokemon Remains

Fossils are the preserved remains of Pokemon that once roamed the land! Thanks to technology, these fossils can be revived into Pokemon!

Can Be Found While Exploring Galar

Galar Region

These fossils can be found while exploring the Galar region. Though a few can be found on Route 6, they are most commonly found in the Wild Area. You can also hire the Digging Duo to unearth some fossils for you!

Check Out the Galar Region Here!
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You have the fossil exclusive list in reverse, dino and bird are sword only and drake and fish are shield exclusive.

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