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Beginner Tips - Guide For Starting Trainers

Beginner Tips - Guide For Starting Trainers | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Beginner Tips - Guide For Starting Trainers | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Read this Pokemon Sword and Shield guide for essential beginner tips when starting the game. Learn more about Pokemon training, catching, battle, gym leaders, Wild Area!!!

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Tips For Adventure

Tips For Battle & Training

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Tip #1 - Know Game's Story

Become Best Trainer In Galar Region

Become Best Trainer In Galar Region

Like most Pokemon games, players will take on the role of an aspiring Pokemon trainer based in the Galar Region. The goal is to become the best Pokemon trainer and participate and win in the Champions Cup.

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Contend With Several Rivals

Contend With Several Rivals

You have several rivals that you need to face - Hop (your childhood friend), Leon (the current champion & Hop's brother), Bede & Marnie (other aspiring trainers with their own motives), & Team Yell (Marnie's fan club).

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Tip #2 - Battle New Gym Leaders

Battle Gym Leaders In Every Major City

Battle Gym Leaders

As you go on your travels, you will enter major cities with gyms. These house powerful Pokemon trainers called Gym leaders that will challenge and test you and your team's skills and abilities.

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Gym Leaders Dynamax Their Pokemon

Gym Leaders Dynamax Their Pokemon

Gym leaders will use Pokemon that they can Dynamax during the battle. It is best to know which leader Dynamaxes which Pokemon so you can be prepared for battle.

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Tip #3 - Customize Your Character

Pick Your Character's Appearance!

Before heading out, pick your character's appearance! Remember that gender and skin color cannot be changed once picked, but everything else is customizable.

How To Customize Your Character

Pick Up New Outfits & Hairstyle

 Pick Up New Outfits & Hairstyle

Go to the Boutique and Salons in the game to get new outfits & hairstyle, then change into them! Can you make an eye-catching character?

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Set Up League Cards

Set Up League Cards

League Cards showcase your trainer's appearance. You can pick backgrounds, poses and other settings to make a fully special name card.

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Tip #4 - Explore To Pick Up Items

Check For Poke Balls & Shiny Spots

Check For Poke Balls & Shiny Spots

When exploring the different towns, cities, and routes, make sure to check every nook and cranny. Always keep an eye out for Poke Balls and shiny spots on the ground to get items.

Shake Trees To Get Berries For Curry

Shake Trees To Get Berries For Curry

When you come across any trees in your adventure, go near them and shake them. This can sometimes drop berries that you can use to cook curry in Pokemon Camp.

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Tip #5 - Use Flying Taxi To Fast Travel

Use Flying Taxi To Fast Travel

Access Flying Taxi From Chairman Rose

Right after you meet Chairman Rose, you'll leave the gym and will be gifted with access to the Flying Taxi. This allows you to fast travel from where you are to almost any point in the Galar Region.

Only Fast Travel To Areas You've Been To

The catch with the Flying Taxi is that you can only use it to fast travel to places you've already been to. If you're going to another city or town, you have to walk the way there.

Tip #6 - Stock Up & Heal Before Leaving Towns

Always Use Poke Centers Before Leaving

Always Use Poke Centers Before Leaving

Poke Centers will be hard to find once you leave town and adventure onto routes or Wild Areas. Make sure to heal your Pokemon party before leaving by visiting the city's Pokemon Center.

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Stock Up On Poke Balls At Poke Marts

You never know what kind of Pokemon you will encounter when you're traveling between routes and Wild Areas. Be sure to stop by a Poke Mart to purchase Poke Balls, Potions, and more!

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Tip #7 - Fight Trainers In Route

Fight Trainers In Route For EXP & Money

Fight Trainers In Route For EXP & Money

A great way to earn experience points and some cash is by facing off other Pokemon trainers you encounter along your route. This will help you level up Pokemon while boosting your monetary stash.

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Tip #8 - Catch Pokemon In Wild Area

Has Wide Variety Of Pokemon To Catch

Has Wide Variety Of Pokemon To Catch

The Wild Area is a vast expanse of land between towns and cities. These areas have all kinds of Pokemon and they're often the best places to catch Pokemon & fill up your Pokedex.

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Weather & Area Changes Appearing Pokemon

The Pokemon you spot in the Wild Area will change depending on the area's location and weather forecast. Make sure to come back often & catch as many different Pokemon as you can.

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Daytime And Nighttime Pokemon

Wild Area

Time cycles inside the Wild Area and it affects which Pokemon appear. Also, some Pokemon can only evolve at a certain time of the day.

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Encounter Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are variants of Pokemon that sport a different color scheme than their normal counterparts. These Pokemon are extremely rare and are highly sought after by trainers!

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Participate In Max Raid Battles

Participate In Max Raid Battles

In Wild Areas, you can participate in Max Raid Battles for a chance to capture Gigantmax or Dynamax Pokemon. Be sure to bring real friends to help you capture these powerful Pokemon.

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Camp Out & Meet Friends

Camp Out & Meet Friends

You'll also be able to camp out in the Wild Area. Here you can restore HP, interact with Pokemon & build friendships with them. You can also visit other online players' camp sites to cook curry with them!

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Tip #9 - Breed Powerful Pokemon

Hatch Eggs To get Powerful Pokemon

Hatch Eggs To get Powerful Pokemons

Breeding is the method of getting new Pokemons through eggs. Eggs inherited the strongest stats of their parents, making it a powerful tool. Breeding is done at the Nursery.

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Tip #10 - Access Multiplayer Features

Access Multiplayer Features

Remember that you are not alone in this journey! Use the game's multitude of Multiplayer features to play with other trainers cooperatively or competitively!

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Trade Pokemon With Other Players

Trade Pokemon with Other Players

You can also opt to trade Pokemon with other players! Trading can be done locally or online, and has a multitude of benefits! These include greater experience gain, evolutions, and more!

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Play Multiplayer Online Or Locally

You can choose to play multiplayer via online or locally! Keep in mind that online multiplayer features require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to use!

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Tip #11 - Learn Pokemon Strength & Weakness

Master Pokemon Elemental Chart

Master Pokemon Elemental Chart

Like with every Pokemon game, it's best to learn your Pokemon's type & weaknesses. The more you know about each Pokemon, the better you'll be prepared to battle them.

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Use Pokemon's Weakness Against Them

Always take note of the Pokemon type you're facing then you'll be able to use their weakness against them. Make sure to have strong Pokemon that can counter each type in your party or have Pokemon that have double element skills.

Tip #12 - Bring Full Pokemon Party

Pokemon Share EXP In One Party

Pokemon Share EXP In One Party

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, Pokemon in the same party will receive the same experience points as the Pokemon used for battle. Bring a full party of Pokemon you want to strengthen to make use of this feature.

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Tip #13 - Send Pokemon To Do Jobs

Pokemon Earn EXP When Working

Pokemon Earn EXP When Working

A new feature in Pokemon Sword & Shield, Pokemon can now be sent to do jobs via the Rotom Phone. Pokemon sent to a job will start working and earning experience points.

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Access Jobs In Rotom Phone

Access Jobs In Rotom Phone

You can find the list of jobs when you access the Rotom Phone in Pokemon Centers. Just interact with the phone to draw up the jobs menu.

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Choose Best Pokemon For Job

When sending Pokemon for jobs, make sure to fit the best Pokemon for the work. Pokemon that are best matched will earn more EXP than Pokemon that don't have an affinity for the job.

Tip #14 - Run If Pokemon Is Too Strong

Run Away To Avoid Party Knock Out

Run Away To Avoid Party Knock Out

If you feel like you can't defeat the Pokemon you're facing, you have the option to run away. If your Pokemon don't have any status effect, you'll have a higher chance of running away.

Can't Run From Pokemon Trainer Battles

Once you initiate a Pokemon trainer battle, you won't be able to run away from it. Make sure you're prepared & have Pokemon with full HP before diving headfirst into Pokemon battles.

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