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False Swipe Method - Catch Any Pokemon

False Swipe Method - Catch Any Pokemon | Pokemon Sword Shield

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False Swipe Method - Catch Any Pokemon | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Read this Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH) guide to learn more about the False Swipe method to catch Pokemon! Find out how to catch any Pokemon using TM94 & more!!!

Table of Contents

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How to Catch Any Pokemon

How to Use False Swipe Method

1Find Pokemon you want to catch
2Use False Swipe on Pokemon
3Apply Status Effect on Pokemon
4Catch the Pokemon

2. Using False Swipe - Tips

False Swipe Brings Pokemon HP to 1

The move False Swipe will bring the enemy Pokemon's HP to 1 instead of KO-ing it. This will weaken the Pokemon enough for you to catch it with a Poke Ball!

3. Apply Status Effect - Tips

Increase Chances of Capturing Pokemon

Increase Chances of Capturing Pokemon

Applying a status effect on the Pokemon will allow you to increase the chances of capturing the Pokemon since it will have a harder time moving around when trying to break out of the Poke Ball!

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List of Recommended Status Effects

  • Paralysis
  • Sleep
  • Frozen

It is recommended to use the Status Effects listed above as they do not continuously damage the Pokemon. This will prevent accidentally KO-ing the Pokemon when you are trying to catch it!

4. Catching the Pokemon - Tips

Increase Chances Using Better Poke Balls

Variants of the Poke Ball such as Great Balls & Ultra Balls are recommended to maximize the chances of catching the Pokemon! Higher-tiered Poke Balls have a higher catch rate than normal Poke Balls.

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When to Use the False Swipe Method

When Catching Underleveled Pokemon

This method is recommended for catching Pokemon way under your current party's level. This is to avoid accidentally KO-ing the wild Pokemon with a strong move from your party!

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Catch Shiny Pokemon

Catch Shiny Pokemon

This method is also useful for catching Shiny Pokemon! Ensure that you catch the very rare variant of Pokemon as the chances of these type of Pokemon appearing are very low!

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Catch Legendary Pokemon

Catch Legendary Pokemon

The False Swipe method will help you increase your chances of capturing Legendary Pokemon! Since these Pokemon are very powerful, it would be best to lower their HP as low as possible to ensure their capture!

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Cannot Catch During First Encounter

You will not be able to catch the Legendary Pokemon Zacian or Zamazenta during your first encounter with them in the game. You will only be able to catch them later on when you have grown stronger!

Pokemon You Cannot Catch

Pokemon of Other Trainers

Keep in mind that you will not be able to catch the Pokemon of another trainer. That's stealing! You will only be able to capture Pokemon that you encounter in the Wild.

Strong-Looking Pokemon

Strong Looking Pokemon

You will not be able to capture strong-looking Pokemon. In order to capture these Pokemon, you will need to earn different Gym Badges. The more Gym Badges you earn, the more strong-looking Pokemon you will be able to catch!

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Badges Needed to Catch Strong-Looking Pokemon

Number of BadgesCatch Up to Level

False Swipe (TM94) Overview

Basic Information

MoveFalse Swipe
TM Num94
DescriptionMove that will leave at lease 1 hit point instead of knocking out a Pokemon
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How to Get False Swipe

Buy In Motostoke Pokecenter


You will be able to purchase the False Swipe TM in the Pokemon Center to the left of the Budew Drop Inn. It will be for P10,000 so make sure to have enough money to buy this move!

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Pokemon That Can Learn False Swipe

※Can be searched with Pokemon name!!!

Galar Region Pokedex
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Anonymous 1

Gallade can also learn Hypnosis so is great for using False Swipe and then putting them to sleep.

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